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Bmobile Cell Phone

Bmobile Cell Phone

I have no idea if this will really work, however I hope it works, I now have a cell phone telephone number that is suppose to work in a few of the Caribbean Islands north of here including Grenada.

I went in and said,

- Do you have a list of countries? -

They said at the Cable and Wireless office here in St. Georges, Grenada, very close to my Guesthouse of Mitchell�s. I was waiting until 10:00 AM so the internet would open, and thought I would give the cell phone a try again.

They said YES,

But could not find the list, the one smart girl started outlining all the countries, French This, windward that, excluding that, so I then said,

- Tell me the countries it does work in?-

Barbados is on the list and so if the next country north, called St Vincent and the Grenadines, I am sure will know the small world, geography of small countries, not ones anyone knows very well, very well here soon.

In the end, I got the SIM card and a 25 Dollar card for 40, up the anti to 75 card, paid 115 EC or East Caribbean Dollars or about 50 Dollars U.S. to have card that is not suppose to expire for one year. The expiration of the pre-paid is a bid deal. Ok, so I go the card, I have a number, I walk out, and the internet is still closed, go buy some bread rolls for a snack.

I realize, there is a area code for the telephone, I went back in and the extra-large size girl says,

1473 is the code.

She really said,

One Four Seven TREE

Nonetheless, maybe my telephone number for a month is:

1473 - -- 449-4650

I think the 1 is from the USA

1 (473) 449-4650, however for sure some lucky countries have the +, or the other maze of numbers to use to call me.

I am lost, maybe this is from the USA as I requested, I said, what does my mother dial to a call me, she said very slow, which I appreciated greatly.

One Four Seven TREE

I tried to wind her, but she did not bite.

I said,

- One Four Seven THREE OR TREE?

She repeated TREE.

This is an English speaking country, hard to know, however for sure the person in the Cable and Wireless were nice, helpful, and clueless as to whether this phone will really work in the other countries.

I asked aloud,

- Then I am set, this will work in Barbados -

She had set it on roam already, the price should be 1.99 for roam and 1.25 for locals; however what is local after I leave Grenada. I am not going to use this phone, incoming calls are free, however when the taxi is 25 U.S. I will call some hotels and hope. I am even thinking, maybe I can email them and tell them to call me as incoming calls are free, I hope, on roam, I know there is no cell telephone God and it is really a conspiracy to make my life expensive

I did learn the code to check the balance of minutes

Tree Seven Tree Tree


That may be a pound sign #

I am not sure, I asked Crispin the man if I dial the PLUS sign to get out, he said now, so the + sign is not in effect. Rats, this + sign give me the outgoing codes to get out of the country in some country, not all country and it a lottery. Strange, the Caribbean seems to be like part of the USA, I dial a 1 to call the USA, then the number; however, this is still hearsay, as I have not checked any of this information. The more complicated something is, normally the more expensive, sort of theft by confusion.

I had some fun, got my phone working, life is mobile, I asked the one skinny quiet girl if she would call me, she used the wrong excuse, she said, I do not have the number, it was on the screen in front of her.

In the end.


Most person are lucky if they know how to use a cell phone for their own country, they will say with an absolute tone in their voice, yes it will work anywhere, I asked have you been to anywhere, they have not, but it works.

As I was talking about BARBADOS a man walked over, I was packing to leave, he said,

- You are having the same problem as me-

- They said it was no problem in Barbados and would work here in Grenada -

Just the noise I do not want to hear, let me get the pain on my own, I do not believe for a second they got this figured out for anywhere farther than a bus ride away. That is as far as someone could come easily to complain.

But, there is always hope, I do know there is no telephone that will work in all countries, there is no such thing as worldwide coverage. 100 percent sure, you must do as I, just did, buy SIM card, hope life goes fast enough, and try not to understand, you do not want to know.

Great, I hope the internet is open.

This will all work, it is the same as the Guesthouse, she said,
- Yes, you have hot water, I have yet to figure out how or when? -

Caribbean Ferry

Caribbean Ferry

Sunday February 12, 2006, 7:10 AM

I am driving myself crazy, trying to figure out how to go from country to country here in the Caribbean Islands.

I think for sure the best way to see all the island could be by a yacht, however than you have to spend all your time protecting the yacht, hard to jump on a bus and go to the other side of the island when you know you yacht is unprotected. If I have crew, than I am responsible for the crew, if I am a passenger on a yacht than there appears to be lots of rules and regulations.

Cruise ships see less than a snapshot of the islands.

Ferries or small flights, there is a jump of about 100 miles between Trinidad and Tobago to Grenada, then after this, the jumps are very small, I am trying to study all the transportation to see if there is a way to take ferries between each of the islands. Being crew on a boat severely limits my travel I see, as the Captain is going to spend most of his or her time protecting the boat, or just not being happy that a crew person is roaming around and not coming back to the boat.

Craig is hedging his bets, living on the boat to save money, however he has to return to the boat. I saw and - Limed - with him, this is still the phrase I guess, it means to hang around together. Well, he wanted to go to this club last night, I am not sure if he made it or not, however I have no idea how he would get back to the boat at night.

There is a good network of small red vans that travel around inside of Grenada, however hard to suss out the exact paths. What is more complicated is to find a hotel in the land of gouge priced hotels. The only ones around long enough to know the prices are the locals, however they do not live in the cheaper hotels or guesthouse, therefore do not know. I am going to hit up the USA Peace Corp persons here; she may know how to get around better than anyone may.

I think I could take Ferries from here to the north, maybe all the way to Puerto Rico, however I am not sure I can get to Barbados without flying, however this is airline hub or gate so it seems easy to make the jump there from about any island. Price is always the consideration; however, I can see that hotels are the land mines. I was telling Craig or recommending to Craig, do not think about cities, think how you can jump from Hotel to Hotel, and not city to city. The hotels are more important than the cities; you first have to sleep somewhere, than you can explore the cities.

Travel Stress

Travel Stress

I am in St Georges, Grenada, I am planning on going on a 7-10 day schedule for Island Countries, I will not move when bored, I am stressed out, and I need a vacation from the vacation. I am not on holiday, I am living traveling. I do not have a daily routine that is steady, everyday changes. The last few weeks have been shared with Craig, this is ok, however sharing the boat the Odessa with Captain Bill and the ever stupid selfish Jakob made me want to strangle Jakob, I will let Bill off the hook, he is more or less the passive aggressive damaged good, co-dependant been divorced for 20 years, cannot forget type. He will only be shot.

Craig is cool, I wonder if he is going to blog, he should have been in an internet caf� yesterday if the trip went well, if not today than there is a problem, or they skipped Grenada and went for the Grenadine Islands. I see the Captain of the Odessa as not really wanting to go lay on beaches, he wants to get his boat to Canada and probably lose money trying to sell it closer to home.

Stress is interesting when traveling; it always has something to do with change. Uncontrolled and too quick of days. Too many days in a row of constant, new environments and I get a little crazy. My friend German in Bogot� said it correct, stay longer in places.

The Caribbean so far is like a place I want to escape, I suppose it the lack of people, and there is not the normal backpacker set, not many people who are generally interested in normal a conversations. Mostly tourist, they have an agenda, do as much as possible in as short of time as possible.

7-10 days says, I do not leave until I give the place the fool anchor. I stay even though I wish to leave. Normally it is natural for me to leave when the price of a Hotel is too much for the value. I have no idea how to find a better value; I can get a cheaper Hotel for the money.

Prince Philippe

Prince Philippe

Prince Philippe lives in my hotel, the owner�s son is by the name of Philippe and he said this to help me remember his name. He speaks a perfect mixture of some type of British English with a Caribbean accent. I am under the impression if I can extract or pull him out more, he could explain the Caribbean in a balanced way to me. Yesterday morning as I said or talked with him, he explained where Cinnamon was grown, and possibly how to go and find and estate on the road to Grenville.

I was not able to learn the word - Estate - however maybe this is what I would think of as a slave plantation. I think the word is British in use; however, there are many undercurrents here. I am finally getting away from the Bob Marley overbearing part and seeing the old real cultures.

Cracking up, I went into the Lazy Lagoon, the white Frenchie pay a lot to be in something place the author recommends from the Lonely Planet. It is a stereotypical hotel you would expect in the Caribbean with a huge tribute to Bob Marley on the walls. I do like the pastel colors or bright colors of yellows and blues associated with the color of the knitted hats you will see that bundle up the dreads. They have painted the completely concrete rooms this blue, yellow pastel like colors.

I got the blue screen on my computer, this is getting redundant.

Nevertheless, they were probably playing white music in the black bar, and black music in the white bar here in St Georges, Grenada. Is not the world great?

Computer Problems in Grenada

Computer Problems in Grenada

Saturday February 11, 2006, 7:15 AM

I am having computer problems in Grenada. I am not sure what is happening, it feels like the same problem as when I was in Khon Kaen and a man from Florida fixed it by reseating all the RAM memory, hard drives etc.

I just opened the back of my computer and reseated all of the connections. I removed all of them and reconnected them to the computer. I first unplugged the computer, and then I removed the battery. Then I use a small Philips screwdriver I carry in my pack for just this reason. I was getting a blue screen sometimes, with the corrupt signs, sometime it would start to disk not connected, click enter to open, however would not open, and then many I I I I I I on the screen one time. This same problem occurred before, I took it to the Bangkok Hewlett Packard maintenance place, and they did something. However, it could be just connections. I HOPE.

It was just connections before; presently it appears to be running good. Funny how just a small connection can cause it to just randomly stop or go whacked. It feels much better now. I was worried

- Taxi Drivers Throw Bags-

When I got in the Van or shared a Taxi with the couple from Canada to St Georges I put my small backpack with the computer in the rear of the Van, not a good idea, however I was not thinking. In the end in the bag, it feels like a backpack and not a computer. Well, he jumped out and unloaded the bags of the Canadian couple first. I think he gave my bag a small through. Taxi drivers are one-step above a used car salesman, somewhere around a travel writer status. The ones in the Airports are gougers, they are the worst, and they will do anything for money. Nonetheless culturally, and taxi wise this is the tropics person do not work hard, plus the backpack does look like you could throw it. I believe he gave it a throw, I am hoping it was only this that loosened the connection. If it more serious than I am in trouble. I also did a system restore to January 2, 2006, as this is way before the man in the Internet Caf� was trying to install some WIFI connecter, special. I am getting tired of fighting the good fight to protect my computer. People will just do anything to the computer, I have to be very diligent and never allow or trust anyone to make changes. Taxi drivers should never touch the bag that has my computer inside of it.

I was stressed, the trip with the Odessa had made me upset, not happy, not wanting to be patient. I had tried so long to be patient with the nuts on the boat, I was in need of some freethinking area, free from trying to watch and care for everything.

Creole Shack Karaoke in Grenada

Creole Shack Karaoke in Grenada

I fell asleep too early by accident and work up at 11:30 PM and could not sleep, being it was Friday night I decided to walk around and see what bars were opened. I had seen this something social club that was unisex, however looked like a second floor bars on the side of the hill just down the street. It was closed, and then I walked to the Tout Babay and it was closing, the women at the place did not know of any place. Luckily, I was walking around towards the Tropicana Hotel and the Creole Shack was open, there were people singing to the Karaoke machine.

(I found out they are calling hair cutting places - Bars)

What an interesting time, I am in a bar with many fashions, from the long braided similar to dread look, however not dreads. The football jersey with the backwards hat, the very fat woman that waddles around in long dresses. The very tight wrapped girls, think, slinking and what make life good. Formal looking men with great Hawaiian type shirts, however with much more taste. I would like one of them shirts.

Everyone was a black person, except me and this one something person, I think she would be maybe white, however physically she has a wide butt and who knows, she could be a little black, a lot white, even some Indian in her, I suppose there were a few Indian type looks.

Everyone stopped and looked, not a lot of reaction, not many big smile, more the normal look you over, however everyone was great. No USA anti-white problem going on here, more of the - what do you want - more curious and not aggressive like I might encounter in the USA.


I was amazed here I am in a bar, many person are choosing songs to sing a long with the words on the screen and they are singing close to western music, sort of pop, not Bob Marley or the Soul Train type, only a mixture of Billy Joel, Kenny Rogers, and few love song where two person sang. I do not know the names of the singers, however here I am in a very large Karaoke bar and they are singing what I would expect to hear in a white only, country and western bar. One man did have on a cowboy hat and cowboy boots; however, most were dressed in sort of urban wear.

I sat around for about one hour, listened to the singers and watch; it was great, a very comfortable and culturally interesting place. I am happy, the ever-present Bob Marley world is too much, the hip-hop, and reggae is too much, there was no balance here in the Caribbean until last night. I now can feel or see there is not just one brand of music culture, I like this as I am feeling very old and not in touch with the persons.


I found a place called the Lazy Lagoon, the - Authors Choice - for guesthouses in the Lonely Planet Guidebook I have, it is ok, but what it is for sure is a Bob Marley Tribute. I was cracking up; I knew if I walked over to the what you may say is the - White - Guesthouse I would expect to find many French White People and a few Black guys trying to score, I was hoping a few black girls. However, nonetheless I was sure to be in a - Bob Marley - world, hard to avoid so far in the Caribbean. Music is everywhere on the planet, however some genres of music overwhelm areas.

Bob Marley Tribute on the wall of the Lazy Lagoon

Creative wash sink in the showers of the Lazy Lagoon, this is pretty much as cheap as you can make something, the lever below the coffee pot is a normal inline valve, works, however for sure saves on buying the expensive fixtures of a normal toilets. This is a completely concrete room, reminds me of Mexico where they make a lot of furniture out of concrete. The colors are great, distract from the fact it has very few normal fixtures, more just a concrete-and-go world. A cheap, attractive way of making primitive looks sophisticated, however in reality still primitive. It does have hot water and a small hot plate, seems to be a Frenchie place, trying to change.

I believe these would be about all the colors in one of them Bob Marley Knitted stocking caps, I do not know of the toilets are part of the decorations or they are doing repairs. It reminds me of the Earnest Hemingway house in Key West where he said he had used the one in Sloppy Joes enough that he felt he owned the toilet, so had one in the front yard. Kind of a be tacky enought to be fashionable look.

Whatever the case, I came closer to understanding the culture of Grenada yesterday. I also sat on the porch of the Mitchell�s guesthouse last night before sunset and said hello to the persons walking by. I am making friends with the girl next door with a couple of children, she live in one room shack, I think her house was destroyed in Hurricane Ivan and never rebuilt properly. However, she says hello, I say hello and we are working through the process of figuring out how to be friends. on New York Times Site said a nice thing about the Hobo and then this guy Joe Sharkey put in a page on the New York Times web site. in Grenada in Grenada

This is a photo of the cruise ship as tied to the dock here in the bay or harbor of St Georges Grenada. I was told by that I could if I wanted maybe write to them and get a free cruise. I am not big on cruise or being nice to get free trips so thought it was better, I avoid this idea. However, a good idea and not a bad suggestion, I was lucky to be in a location when one of the ship was docked. I use the airlines in Europe and feel they are top notch, much better than the Ryan one, however presently these low cost carriers are becoming very numerous in Europe.

I am going to get on the site and see what it says. the one that told me about

This is a small lighthouse I believe on top of a high point, when I was walking over the top of this hill I spied both the ship and this lighthouse. There are some interesting buildings on the top of the higher points or some great old homes. Most of the older buildings are gone, very little colonial type architecture, more of the more recent square type concrete construction popular or common in the world. However, there are some real beat up buildings, I am taking photos of a few.

A Pelican I think relaxing on the buoy in harbor next to the ship.

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