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Sound Levels of Accra Ghana

Sound Levels of Accra Ghana
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, August 16, 2007

Lying in bed in a Hotel in Accra, Ghana.

1:51 AM
There is music in the distance coming from a bar or a car stereo.
54-56 Decibels and when a car goes by, up to 64.

10:00 PM
My Radio Shack Digital Sound Meter was not reading sufficient sound level to read.
0- 50 Decibels, my guess is about 45.

2:00 PM
I turned on the overhead fan, the person below me had the same type of fan on, and the floors are made of wood.
75-77 Decibels

2:28 AM
The music in the distance has stopped.
0- 50 Decibels, my guess is about 40

A man yesterday in the Internet Café used a cell phone as a music player and the whole Internet Café also listened to his music.

The World Loves music, sports, religions, TV and many other sound making activities.

Decibels Typical sound
0 --- Threshold of hearing
10 --- Rustle of leaves in gentle breeze
10 --- Quiet whisper
20 --- Average whisper
20-50 --- Quiet conversation
40-45 --- Hotel; theater (between performances)
50-65 --- Loud conversation
65-70 --- Traffic on busy street
65-90 --- Train
75-80 --- Factory (light/medium work)
90 --- Heavy traffic
90-100 --- Thunder
110-140 --- Jet aircraft at takeoff
130 --- Threshold of pain
140-190 --- Space rocket at takeoff

I think yesterday was my first experience with the Cell Phone being used as a Music Player. I was not amused, and prevision of the future.

This Radio Shack Sound Meter is great, a wonderful device and a way to say to myself, yes, this is annoyingly loud and know I am not being over-sensitive.

Sound Levels of Accra Ghana

Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes

Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Thursday, August 16, 2007

The internet speeds were fast, I was able to use, the FTP worked, there was Air Conditioning in the Café, all was great.

I must write emails Online.

I had only one strange problem, the SMTP or the sending using and email client appeared blocked. Either Yahoo or the local internet provider is blocking it, I am not sure, it may be possible to go to another café and have access. Dial up internet access often has this block, however not normal on has this, I am not sure I have ever seen on high speed access. Togo did not seem to have this SMTP block.

Nigeria appears to be the King of Scam, I am sure Ghana is not far behind, so maybe all the ISP are slowing down spam and scam the easy way, just block the country. Writing emails online is a slow and tiresome, however I can easily understand the world wanting to slow down the spam and scams of Anglophone West Africa.

I was able to put up another video, so this made me happy. Hard to get enthused about making videos when you need to wait five weeks to publish.

Accra Ghana has Great Internet Cafes

Ghana I am OK Give me a Book

Ghana I am OK Give me a Book
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I can feel myself recharging, I am gaining strength again, not because of Ghana, but because my happiness formula has more fuel. I could have moved to any new city, however leaving the country of Togo gave me the travel rush I needed, I have my fix.

Give me an English book to read and I will be good to go, when I need a fix, I can walk outside to the new streets of Accra and feel the sensations, smells, and noises of fresh chaos, waiting to be experienced. I can then return to my room and hide in the English book.

Normally in there is some Travelers or Tourist to sit around with and exchange stories, this helps to relieve the chaos stress. This is why West Africa needs designated rest homes, places specifically catering to people looking for other travelers.

I walk into hotels, looking for groups, small clusters of travelers, the
- Traveler get-together -
When I see these groups, I know I have a travelers home, when I see nothing, I am weak, I know there is no travelers information to be found, the next best option in Africa is a Expat sitting on the corner of the bar. He will know the city, not much on traveling down the road.

PS I am on day three in Accra, no English books yet, think I have to go to Accra Central with Taxi.

Ghana I am OK Give me a Book

West Africa Pump Toilet

West Africa Pump Toilet
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who to blame it on, the French or the English, maybe the Dutch, I am sure hoping it is not the Germans, I keep using them as the example of strict in the world. I wish I could blame it on the Africans, however, as best I can figure few inventions or new gadgets come from West Africa, maybe down in South Africa.

The Pump Toilet

Thank you to an Accra Ghana Hotel for the opportunity to take a photo of a Pump Toilet. This is not a normal push and it flushes toilet, it is better if you give it about five pumps and it works better.

Intermittently in West Africa, I have had this type of flush system in the toilets of the countries of West Africa. I am not above taking off the top of a toilet to make the sucker work, I make them work. Which is a real benefit here in this shared toilet hotel in Accra, Ghana. I do not work to take photos of toilets, they just expose themselves too often and I am in the right place at the right time. This toilet is in a shared toilet, and there is NO top on the toilet, it took zero work, the lighting was good, the situation was there, so I took the photo.

I am a mechanical whiz kid, which is real benefit in a world where 95 percent of hotels do not have maintenance men. When I see a maintenance woman, I will use the politically correct expression.

What you need to know, is if one push doe not work, try pumping repeatedly and it will flush. Elaine a Togo Hotel cleaning girl showed me how to pump by pulling a wire in Lome, I wanted to give her bran a nudge and say,
- Toilets should not need instructors after age five -

West Africa Pump Toilet

Is Accra a Clean Delhi

Is Accra a Clean Delhi
Accra, Ghana West Africa
Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I said Bonjour to the man in the toilet, and then adjusted my comment to Hello. I am in an Anglophone country, stop thinking in French Andy… It would be arrogant of me to say I have any idea where I am, if I woke up wrong today, I could have easily been in Delhi, India, however so far Ghana is cleaner and has worst traffic. (I went for a ride in Taxi, I hit a glitch coming into the city)

Do I know Accra, I do not know Accra, and I have been here for about 15 hours and slept the whole time. People continually ask, do you know, do you know, do you know this or that, I do not know Accra, and now the debate is… no the fight is


Slowly, gently Andy, relax, do not turn tail and run for Cape Coast, Ghana.

1-2 nights in a city, and you know nothing. 5 days in a city with a few friends and you know nothing. 10 days alone, and you may begin to figure out the public transportation. On a no budget, pay any amount of money taxi fare brain trip, you can learn a city, but not know the culture.

Slowly, I am saying to myself, you came here to get Visas to Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. I need to get myself to relax… Aagh, as I type the word relax a car alarm goes off outside my room. I am glad I am not a superstitious person or this ironic coincidence would have meaning.

I could be in Delhi, or maybe in some Black Ghetto in Chicago as the music starts in the car, I have to say Black because I think most are now Mexican.

I have test ran two hotels so far, and I have seen one white person walking on the streets, not in the Hotel. I so far am the whole Tourist in Ghana, not a good sign. I will go today to try to get a Liberia Visa, I hope, I need to keep up the strength, it may be a better idea to go find English books so I can hide.

Is Accra a Clean Delhi

Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming

Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming
Kpalime, Togo West Africa
July 29, 2007

This girl or woman wanted me to take her photo, she was using this Hoe to clean the front of her home in Kpalime, Togo. There is a photo showing the use of this Hoe here in Togo.

Hoe Farming is maybe the step in a the development of a culture just above Hunters and Gatherer societies. This video is not about farming, it about a common tool made in Togo on small forges and sold in all the local markets. This is a tool of the Togo culture.

The girls are cleaning the land in front of their homes, there is a daily tending to the front of the homes. The normal process is to sweep the sand clean of debris, today they decide to weed the front yard and make free of any plants.

Togo Africa Girl Hoe Farming

Are There World Nomads

Are There World Nomads
Lome, Togo West Africa
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My answer is no.

Some I would say are so disorganized they are resemble Nomads. They will enter a continent and just follow around anyone or any groups of people that says this is the way to go. They travel until they run out of money and they go home, not really ever leaving one continent or region of his planet. I call them cling ons, a person who follows or clings so they have a path.

Characteristics of a Nomad

1. No Fixed Home
2. No planned destinations
3. Search for food or in today world money.
4. Do not need a house, they carry their hotel on their backs, can more or less stop and sleep where they wish.
5. Live or advantage from the resources available at present location.
6. Does not have pre-knowledge of the destination, must arrange all the living, food, shelter on his or her own without prior preparation.
7. Weather, move in accordance with the weather or seasons.
8. The travel plans change daily.
9. They return to good resource areas.
10. They do not leave on rain days or travel in bad weather.

I would say the pivotal phrase, needed to hear, is probably no fixed home.

The money, get me the money, the money is the problem, how can a traveler be a Nomad unless they have never ending source of money. I suppose I am moving technically more from a Hobo to a Nomad.

I do know a few close to Nomadic world dwellers, or people who go from place to place and establish fixed home for times between six months and two years. I met one in Lome, he more or less travels from Teaching position to Teaching position around the planet.

The greatest travel challenge I could envision would be to grab my passport, leave all the money behind, walk out the door with only the clothes on my back, and try to travel around the planet using no prior friendships or relationships to find help.

I am sure the Nomad conditions above, haphazardly listed is lacking, however, again, I will say, I do not know any Nomadic world Travelers. There are probably a few Nomadic wonderers in some countries, however even in Mongolia with their Ger or the Tuaregs of Niger transform and utilize a tent for a fixed home.

I tend to think their be Hobo more, people who travel from place in search of work. I am 100 percent sure there tramps and bums are very easy to find.

Are There World Nomads

Andy in Togo

I am in Togo, all is great, except I have missed the internet two days.

The think comes to a stop after 12 noon, I arrived too late the first day, and this day I talked with an American girl in the Peace Corps until noon.

I will post all the updates tomorrow, early in the day.

Andy of in the beach city of Lome Togo

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