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American Stereotypes

Photos of American Girls

A couple of USA girls with an Australian guy in the Lette'm Sleep Hostel in Berlin Germany.

Amazing how I learn about my own culture in another country, this is for sure the MTV-
X Generation with a mix of Oprah and People Magazine.

Very safe persons and knowelegeable on many subject, in quick and loud way, I have not had to listen so fast in years.

What fun...

Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie

Photos of Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie Walking Tour

I went on a free tour yesterday that cost me Five Euros; it was very good because the little guy born in Winnipeg, Canada with three passports, Canadian, Ireland, and England however claiming in his use of language Germany as his country was extremely passionate.

However you do it, he told a great story of Berlin Wall, very interesting in a demagoguery sort of way. The facts were adapted as necessary in the normal touristy fashion.

The Berlin Wall though was a symbol of anger to me, your side again my side and I am very grateful it came down.

My idea of Anger, as I took this photo just across the street.

This seems angry to me, whether on to of a wall, or as a Tattoo.

Free Walking Tour Guide

I would say this guide is great at what he does, full of passion. It is great to see a person with energy. It was an experience to watch. I felt like our guide was a hung over tree hugger, injected caffeine, fuzzily dreaming the story, not sure, if he was awake from today or yesterday.

There is a passion to behold when you would tell an Irish boy he won’t be getting a pint tonight until he tell the perfect story, thus we go a great story. They work for donations so he spun the story.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was a real and imaginary line around the planet. One side was Russia and China, the other side was the USA, England and France. A line was drawn, the symbol was the wall, and Check Point Charlie was the door. As long as the wall and the door existed, the imaginary wall of fuzzy misguided anger could and would exist between Russia and the USA.

November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall Falls

Checkpoint Charlie

There are three Soldiers at this spot, American, British, and French, three brothers who worked together to fight the people of Germany. They are still here waving the flags, and still form a solid wall again any future problems. Checkpoint Charlie was a checkpoint for people allowed to travel between East and West Germany, or more clearly between Russia and the USA, between what represent repression to what represents freedom. Like leaving the jail and seeing the Statue of Liberty as your first view. This was the gate.
The gate is no longer needed and Russia is allies thanks to people like Ronald Reagan and The Bushes, father and son.

To me this is clear, there are some bad guys on the planet, and a very few will stand up and say no, not on my watch.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin Germany
The Germans People Killed 6-7 Million Jewish People.

This a memorial to that Genocide or Holocaust, the German People have constructed in the middle their city a monument with 2711 stone like caskets. Bleak, sad, and dramatic, each a different height, very organized, very cut and clear. A perfect box like representation of the death of the Jewish people in concentration camps. The shame of the German People for trying to in German like manner, organized, precise and cold, they tried to exterminate anyone different then them. This I hope serves as sufficient reminder.

Not on My Watch - About 4000 bodies buried here in Iraq.

This is my witness of Iraq as seen north of Hila or Babylon, a Mass Grave made by a man that is almost identical in behavior to Adolph Hitler; they could have been Brother, Sadaam Hussein. Extremely difficult for me to fathom that anyone would allow this monster to exist in their world.

However, a few will always say, no matter the person consequences or the cost.

Not on my Watch.

Too Clever

Service is what make a Westernized country better than a developed, overdeveloped manners and service, basically respect for people.

However I am slowly noticing a major problem in the ability for Western countries to compete, they have stopped trying to sell or service what people want.

The Germans here are too clever with the internet, they have multiple blocks, stops, ways of making sure they have no problems. The same is true for the USA, and really bad in France, England is strangely very good for internet.

However I cannot use my laptop or my thumbdrive in the Hostel and two of the German ran Internet Cafes close.

I walk into one managed from a man from Turkey and instantly he make and tried hard to provide service with a smile and make my life easy. I was able to connect my laptop.

The western world seems to be so narrow sometimes, and only will provide or sell what is easy and guaranteed to not make them work, however make the most money.

Wal-Mart is on the other end, large stores try to sell everything for extremely cheap prices. The small Mom and Pop stores often deserve to be put out of business. Here I think the guy from Turkey is beating the Germans.

Everyone is too clever to listen.

What I want

I had a great Wifi or Wireless internet connection for two days in the Hostel, now it is very difficult to even blog. The German computer have these too clever blocks on thumb drives and all the ways I work in Internet Cafes, therefore I almost have to have a direct connection to the internet.

It would be so nice to have a connection all the time and just be a tourist.

I have no idea what happened to the connection in the Hostel, it just stopped, now I am thinking, and trying and just too much trying.

Oh well, life goes on, today I hope to find the Check Point Charlie, or a place where there is the Belin Wall. I am in a hostel with about 30 percent Americans, this is maybe the first time in eight years of travel it has went above 5 percent. Normally I am the only American, however for sure I do not know or understand Europe, pay a lot, live in cramp dorms, work very hard, and be confused.

Berlin in Spring

Berlin in Spring

I am still lost here in Berlin, however I am starting to figure out the system. I never rush or try to never rush the first few days on a continent, never seems to make life better rushing under any circumstance, however with a different language, different streets, unfamiliar everything rushing is like running in the dark, hoping to not trip over things.

The art of travel resides in patience, committed to fact you live on the road and there is nothing new to see, that cannot wait.

Berlin is very beautiful now, and not one person has bumped me in the street, like civilization took five steps up the ladder. People are nice providing I do not talk with anyone that works to help tourist. Or maybe it is only 50/50, some of the tourist people are great and the other half do not want to talk.

I learned to NOT ask,
"Do you speak English?"

Germans are blunt and just say,

This totally removes the workers in the Airport from any responsibility to help, now I just go head long into talking short English, because I do not want them holding to their guns and not trying to listen. Asking them if they speak English is too easy for them.

I think of all the negative people in the Greyhound Stations across the USA, this is what the world sees, a bunch of angry people being extremely abrupt with them. The whole USA to the world is probably a person working in a Greyhound Station or a manager of some Hostel in New York City. This is very sad that these people are not nice people and represent my country.

This is why there is no hurry, otherwise I force the unwilling to help, better to be patient and allow the interested to help the interested.

I am trying to keep the Pretzels to only two per day.

Jet Lag from Chicago to Berlin

I have avoided Jet Lag somehow by accident.

I left Chicago at 7:00 PM or in the late afternoon and arrived in Berlin around 3:00 in the afternoon. (Note I can never remember AM or PM.)

I left at 7 and then watched a movie, fell asleep on the plane, more or less wake up in Frankfurt, transfer planes and arrive in Berlin later. Stayed up till around midnight and I woke this morning or Berlin Morning at 8:00 AM. I hope this sort of synchronizes my times, however for sure I will take a nap, or hopefully avoid a nap.

Jet Lag is no fun

Belin Hostel

Berlin Hostel Photos of Berlin Hostel and the Area.

My bag, with new cart, they big bag did not make the tranfer, and arrived later in the night, very good because I did not have to carry it in the Underground, (Subway or Metro)

Lette'm Sleep Hostel in Berlin, Germany, cost is about 20 dollars per night and 18 dollars more than I like to pay, however I must accept living with seven other people and paying this much is normal in Europe…. Aagh, and to think I can live in a private room in Katmandu, look at mountains and flirt with Hindu like girls with color TV for 5, hmm.. Something is amiss.

This Hostel though is a proper Hostel, with Kitchen, Common area, color TV, Cable etc, so no problem to say it is ok, even has four lockers in my room for seven people.

I am on pub block or something, I really am clueless as to where I am living, the description of the Hostel was good in the lonely planet for me, and the person is High Tech contrary to what the guide says, I have Free Wireless connection in my room.

This is a water pump, has a little dragon animal face on the front, I gave it about 10 pumps, the local says it works, very interesting.

Empty Budweiser Beer bottle in my dorm room, they seem to have given it the German shape of bottles and style so they can sell better here. Packaging sells in the world and not what is inside.


Berlin Germany
I am in Berlin Germany and all is great, interesting world I am in full of tall building, wide streets and German words.

Still adjusting however the world is good.

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