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Berlin Architecture and Recycling

Photos of Berlin Architecture, the beauty of the streets is emphasized by these tall building with balconies facing the streets. I am not positive however; most seem to have some form of courtyard in the middle. Quite nice however in this area the people concentration is very high. I was in some small city in South Germany called Seitingen and there was more space, Berlin is concentrated living. This type of building is everywhere as best I can tell in Berlin.


I believe this is the best way to recycle on the planet, I saw the same system in Spain. They have different containers for plastic, glass, etc. and people carry the items to the corner to dump. Then a big truck come, hooks on the top and the bottom opens to relieve the contents into a dumpster. The plastic crate systems are labor intensive and silly.

Travel 220 Electricity

Photos of Travel 220 Electricity solutions, it is not a problem.

This is a little device you can buy anywhere they have 220 Electricity, this idea or thought about the problem with 110 and 220 is not a new problem in the world. In the past, it was really a problem, a person with a 110 device could not plug a 110 device into a 220 device, not this is obsolete, and however some are still buying inverters or converters. Yes, there are times when this is needed, however for most cameras, battery chargers, and such they are 220-110 ready, read on the back and you will see your video camera will work in both.

Now the problem is the slotted USA versus the Germany / Europe round prong problem. Here is the simple solution.

You put on the above adapter and tape it to the plug, now you are good go and not problem, easy, like you it in Europe. Note in England you can take a pencil and push the small third hole and it will allow you to use the 220 German type plugs in the weird English square version of something.

Berlin Bums

Photos of Berlin Bums in the Park in Germany.

As best I can tell, this man lives in the park next to the Lett’em Sleep Hostel in Berlin, Germany. He has a voice like a toad and screams a lot, he drink constantly and it amazing he has the money. This photo was taken at about 9:00 AM in the morning.

I have experienced thousands of bums along the path, and these boys are dangerous. Not that I care, however there is a misconceived concept that Europe is safe, or the USA is safe. The violence level is higher in Europe and the USA than in South America and Asia, however Mexico could be similar.

My gut feels there is some sort of disillusioned Hippie revolution going on in Germany, there are too many people sitting around in extreme dreads, tattoos, and drinking in the streets. They do not seem nonchalant or not interested in the world. These adults, people over 25 are sitting everywhere in this area of Berlin. However, there are also many mothers with babies and this is good.

However, the percentage of deviation from any norm is very high, as if 25 percent of the population is dressing and behaving radically. This is fine, and student always feel a need to be different, however these people are burning their bridges, getting tattoos or becoming impossible to employ. Germany has a 10 plus unemployment status, however this may not be true because I do not know if this includes the temporary companies that employ so many in Europe.

However, my instinct tells me this new young country of 15 years is not on the best of terms with themselves. The USA and most countries on the planet have people like this; however, they are only interested in being different. Hard to put my finger on this feeling of mine, however Germany need to think and do some sort of social changes, get these people all the free money called the Dole and get these people a life.

Those with no future.

This is I think the name of the park, or at least the sign at the entrance. Note the area down by the tourist attractions are very beautiful and clean, this is typical type area I think, and they do not keep up the grass or clean the park. Graffiti is everywhere, it like someone gave up on parts of life.

Webby Awards

Webby Awards, what is supposed to be the best websites.

I was watching BBC News here in the Berlin Hostel of Lett/em Sleep.
/ is supposed to be an apostrophe, however I cannot find it on this German keyboard.

Well, nonetheless as I am watching it peaked my interest, I really am not on the internet very much and really unaware of what is the latest and greatest. Therefore I went and looked, did not find much of interest for me, however like I said, I do not have much time. I look for what pops up in my searches. Which by the way this great encyclopedia like source has entered my vision.

I want to know where fun sites are and sometimes I have the shame of knowing my huge website and the blog are very so so in design.

So looking for ideas, I am going to do some small changes in the Blog design, if you would please enter in the comment area below what you like, or what you do not like, or any thoughts.

I am looking for functionality and design comments, if you want to write how I have bad grammar is, or I am ignorant, egotistical or all that, please forget it, I will just delete. I know all this, and it has nothing to do with me that you hate your father and mother and are looking for payback.

Ok serious please give me seme feedback, so I can make this blog easier to read.

Comments please, do not reply to email if you subscribe.

NOTEÖ I could tzpe better if the y and the z were in the correct place for mz fingers on this German Kezboard.


I go to Estonia on Wednesday the 22nd of June with

The cost of bus was 70 Euros and 20 plus hours, the plane is about 95 Euros however arrives very late. The cost of going to the airports is of EXTREME importance and should be figured out before purchasing a discount ticket. This cost can be more than the cost of the plane ticket because they use weird airports. I think the cost of the train would have been maybe 150 Euros, I should check, however the trains are very expensive for international travel, and definitely not Hobo Barefoot Travel, more Mama Money Travel.

I coordinated with to find a Hostels with a Kitchen available, I have found I need to avoid moving during the weekends because the weekend party people use up all the rooms.

I am not a big fan of Hostelworld, because their setup is only about making money, however they presently are the main player. is interesting however the same format.

I will find the name of the Hostel on a site, then go do a good search to see if there is a way to bypass the booking engines. These are not guaranteed reservations, there is a five percent or more in my opinion chance you will not have a room.

Let's Go

Let's Go - Photos of Guidebook Writer for Lets Go or Let's go

Candace a writer for Let's Go or Lets Go came into the Lett'em Sleep Hostel here in Berlin a day ago. She popped in, I took photos fast, and she left really fast. She had no idea why I was taking photos, I had to be quick, she was there at most only 5 minutes.

Let's Go

Too much serious, glad I am not a travel writer.

Eastern Europe

Photo of Eastern Europe Route
I am trying to figure out a good path or route, this is one of the ideas, I jump to Estonia then move with the arrows down.

Please put suggestions in the comments below

Where to Run

Where to Run?
I am feeling trapped here in Berlin, Germany, I am not sure why, however I feel like I am in a box and need to run somewhere. There is no clear path. No that is not right, there are only clear path, however there is No wander the world paths.

People leave here and go to Prague, Czech Republic, or they go to any major city name in Europe. This is much like India, everyone went to the same large cities, I finally had to jump on the buses and avoid the trains. This could be the answer for me here, I need to find the bus lines, stay away from the Typical Trail, I need to find the path less followed. Wow that sounds like a book I know, oh well. Who was it Robert Frost?

I found it in the Encarta Encyclopedia.

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost (1874 - 1963)
U.S. poet.

Mountain Interval, "The Road Not Taken"

Maybe this is the insight that makes these boys famous, they say in a subtle way what we all want, and somehow he was able to explain in a couple phrases what I need in life.
I was getting the settle down lecture last night from an Australian girl, who family is a refugee from some Eastern Europe country.

She wants me to go and settle down in one place and I would attain all my goals. This is really her telling me her goals, there is a belief in almost 99 percent of travelers that you need to go home and get a job, and this will make their life better. I am amiss to understand why people really think they are ok, just because you have a job, does not mean you are ok and you are happy. Happiness is never steady and certain; it is not an event that will happen.

All I really said to start this was to say that it would be nice to have a girl to travel with me.

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