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Fear of Writing

I make many page for the internet, this is easy and difficult, I am always laughing at what causes me problems, we are making a web site for the Hobo home that will be for only for Hotels and Hostels, etc.

There is needed introductions, explaining the site, about the Countries, Continents and just a general 200 word introductions. Everyone thinks they are a writer, however I find this the most difficult type of writing or type of writer that does not exist. Of course they have to understand what to write, however I gave instructions. PUT 200 words of anything in the pages and I will correct, it is not important, nobody is on the site.

I just need some content, well my techie in India sends me an email today that he will need to employ a person to do this. I guess there is a big fear of typing anything. That seems pretty easy to me.

Oh, well, I type up a small paragraph and sent. INSERT in all pages, hope it happens.

People that have blog are always working to hard, I just type, and click on publish, this is what is on my mind in this second.

How to buy a Van in Europe

How to buy a Van in Europe
I have been prodding and pushing a little with Sabine to help me buy a Van in Europe, I have learned a very good thing and that is a web site where I can buy or look at cars online. They are by country and cover most of the bigger ones, however you will need a translator to help you, then a mobile phone and a car to go look at them. The hope though now is I could come and visit Sabine, I pick out a couple of vans, we call and I go and buy one.

Insurance and License Plates
It is not clean still how I will by the plates, however AAA says to Sabine that I can buy a transport plate and insurance for 168 Euros per month, however I cannot bring the car back to Germany, it is only a plate for transportation, however it is good for all of Europe and even good for going into Africa.

I am loss though for the title, and making sure it is in my name, my gut tells me that I should just come and buy the van, find a place to store it, then when I buy it there will be more problems then I expect. Everyone keeps giving me this excuse that I am not a citizen here and I cannot buy a car.

I keep saying,
"If I purchased a factory here in Europe, (Germany) and I purchased a Home to live in for a few months a year, they would let me buy a Car. This has to have something to do with getting a work permit, I am going to go to the American Embassy or find people living in Europe from America that have purchased a car, this is not a strange problem, even some of the legal people from Turkey have the same problem

Sites to buy cars.

Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by Train

Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by Train

Today I travel from Tuttlingen to Frankfurt by train, I will leave around 8:00 AM and arrive in Frankfurt around 12:00, it is really not very far, however the cost is 60 Euros, or about 70 Dollars U.S. This is a great amount of money to me; I have trouble spending this amount of money for transportation when in 80 percent of the planet it would cost me 6 Euros, hard to feel I am getting any value for my money. Now with the plane I can fly to England or go a long distance for this amount of money. I am learning to understand why people like the trains; they are quiet, comfortable and painless. I do not see as much or the culture as I do in a bus, however they are the most comfortable way of traveling I know of, and I can read on the train because I do not get motion sickness as I do on the bus. However, I still want a van or motor home desperately to travel in Europe.

Germany is a good feeling for me; it does feel like home many times, the only strange part is the beggars, people from Turkey and the number of drunks in the park. If they did not have these people, stop talking German and gave up the sausage, I would be home. I suppose the homes are different, however all I feel is the cultures of the world, I feel as though I am now able to ignore most distractions like buildings, road, dirt etc.

Sabine and I went to a German Birthday party last night last night for her sister’s boyfriend; he was turning about 37 years old. I was impressed at the manners; all the persons that entered shook my hand, told me their names, and made me feel a part of the group. This is unusual on the planet, I do not think this is a rich group, this is a normal run of the mill level of people, and in fact, most of them ride motorcycles like many of my friends in my home town of Orland. The remind me of my friend Scott and Sheldon, Brad etc.

The were drinking beer, making joke, teasing each other and laughing, all were married or had a mate so more or less all were adults and responsible people. All were having fun and feeding me sausages.

Sausage, Hot Dogs wrapped in Bacon, some type of Pork Steak I think, Sour Kraut, Lettuce and I think she called it Grilled Pita Cheese, a big loaf of French bread and we had a cook out. They have mustard that is sold in a tube that looks the same as a toothpaste tube. I enjoyed listening to them speak in German, the intonation, the happiness, the friends who know each other and know how to make fun and enjoy life as good friends.

The longhair Rock Singer, type Motorcycle person who had a birthday was fun, he teased the more money-orientated man all the night and they were friends. They all were laughing about my pictures of Seitingen from a year ago and said every time they travel to Seitingen they now see it different, it somehow is more beautiful.

Seitingen is where my friend lives and is for sure the place a place I wish the whole world could live, I am so very lucky to live in a place on the other side of the planet that is a brother to this city. Peace and ease of life is everywhere in Seitengen, they live in comfort.

Hobo Business

Hobo Business
7:46 AM Tuesday August 2, 2005

I am trying to think about a problem, not really a big problem and a good problem if a problem is good. The television has CNN on it, an it is trying to define “New Geek” as opposed to “Old Geek.”

This is crap; they are defining a geek as trendy, paying attention to clothing fashions, way off any mark of geek in my mind.

CNN has nothing to do with my problem, I am having a problem with my Hobo business, and I am having these growing pains. The website has created a successful business model. Here I am saying business model and for sure, this sounds like a silly conglomerate with suits, offices, and a serious day of work. I am lying on the couch of my friend Sabine and watching the TV, wishing there was any channel besides CNN to watch.

However, I do have some decisions I need to make to continue working toward my mission to create a Hobo Home on the internet, this is scary, I am going to go look at my mission for

Hmm… I see or found my mission for travel, ok that is not the goals for, I guess that is the problem, trying to make sure I am enjoying my life and traveling the way I wish to travel.

The Hobo web site is making demands on my time and my travels, I do not seem to care, however it is annoying to me that I have to make reservations in Europe, it is also annoying to me that I need, not really need, however want, I do not want, I really and thinking I could or should fit some trips into my around the world paths so I can talk to some people.

It is annoying that the internets, telephone, are not capable of explaining to people as well as a good old meeting of two people in a room to talk.

I am now planning to go to India, Singapore, Boston, and Manchester England to talk with people needed to run my web site, they are experts that can make my internet life easier. I need some help and sometime the internet does not get the job done. The need for a meeting where I can look in their eyes, ask probing questions and judge their levels of honesty is needed. It is highly possible the cost of having the Hobo web site goes to 600 Dollars per month very soon, it is presently at about 200 Dollars, so not a toy, and this is real.

Hobo Travel Tips Newsletter Liechtenstein with Photos

I have sent my newsletter today about Liechtenstein, it has about 200 plus photos. You can read online here:

Germany and Turkey

I am in the Internet Cafe here in Tuttlingen, Germany,

Ran by a man from Afghanistan.
Full of people from the country of Turkey, and I am sure others, however I do not get to look at their Identification Cards.

Interesting Germany after Eastern Europe, I left a white bread part of Europe and came back into a full selection of bread types. What is interesting to me is that it appears to me that life could be better in Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, and Poland, therefore why is everyone here in Germany.

These are people coming to immigrate or live, therefore there is quality of life question be asked by all of them. This is similar to the USA, the Mexican would have a five times better quality of life if they would distribute around the whole country.

Instead it appears that most Mexicans go to Houston, Los Angeles, or Miami, then there is not enough jobs. France, Germany and England are taking a high proportion of the immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East type countries. Every person follows the person in front of them just like in kindergarten, where free thinking takes a day off.

I Buy Olympus 480 Camera

I purchased a new Olympus 480 Camera today for 200 Euros, it has a 3 optical and 4 digital zoom, I will be taking photos with this soon. The Sony I add broke, the lens just stopped going in and out, I have been using my waterproof Sony for a few weeks, the flash on it is broken. I tried to buy another of the waterproof Sonys however the camera shop says I need to go to Lot of good that will do me as a traveler.

It included a 256 Meg card for the 200 Euros, what a pain in the neck.


Says to buy Olympus, so hehehe, I can blame him if it flops... I am kidding, all these camera will break, some quicker than others. He said it in the comments on this page...

I am tough on camera, I take everywhere they say not to go, what is good though the price to play with similar quality a couple of years ago was 700 Euros, so I am way ahead of the game now at 200 Euros.

Britain Says not to Visit These Countries

This is a list of contries I found on the FCO site, I guess from Britain of countries we should not visit. I have only done 5 on the list, more to go.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) Travel Advice Notices...

SAY, not to visit.

Colombia DONE
Congo (Democratic Republic)
Ecuador DONE
India DONE
Indonesia WILL DO SOON
Israel and the Occupied Territories
Philippines DONE
Russian Federation

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