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Airline Check in Baby Service

Airline Check in Baby Service
It appears that Turkish Airline will not allow you to check in your baby for ease of transport and passenger comfort between countries of the world. Guaranteed to keep the baby in a soundproof compartment to not annoy any of your fellow passengers…. Please be sure and keep the bag claim so you will be able to claim the proper baby up arrival at your destination.

---- This is a JOKE- Ok so there really is a baggage claim stub on this baby’s portable cradle; however, she was carrying the baby onto the plane and it struck me funny, why does she have a baggage claim stub on the baby?

McDonalds McMuffin Quality Check

McDonalds McMuffin Quality Check
l occasionally need to walk into a McDonalds for a quality control check of various foods on their menu. This photo was taken as I checked the Egg McMuffin in the Frankfurt, Germany Airport.

I am sad to say that this is less than what I normally in the past ate at McDonalds in the USA. This sandwich has a piece of bacon on it, and although the remainder is the same, the normal Egg McMuffin in the USA has Canadian bacon. This is a definite less than what I was wanting, the Canadian bacon is the difference that makes this sandwich world class.

The photo is with my new Olympus Camera; so far, the quality of the photos is less than my Sony of same price range. (200 Dollars.) The flash is too bright and that red eye thing is not adjusting the photos. I am having many bright spots on photos and this is annoying. I normally allow cameras to adjust themselves, this one may need me to do more than put on Auto and take photos. I am going to read the manual today, I am carrying it in my pocket, I need to do this because I am not happy with the way the camera is taking photos, although good, I have become accustom to a method of taking photos and like the method. There is a little round dial that is for me to choose, movies, still photos and such, this round dial turns too easy and when I take the camera out of my pocket, I must check it constantly or it can change the setting by just being in my cargo pocket of my pants. I have taken a couple of small movies by accident, overall the camera is good and if the retracting zoom makes it longer than two months that will be better than the Sony, however the delicacy of this function seems ordained to break, a guaranteed built in problem. My Sony Cyber shot or waterproof camera is one of the best I have encountered. I dropped it on the concrete 10 times before it broke the flash and it is still working, just the flash is dead. The camera manufacturers would gain my attention and respect if they made cameras for people, and not to break. They are capable in my opinion of making a camera that will not break easily. The good Sony was discontinued very fast, looks like it was too durable for normal production to me.

Frankfurt Germany Airport

Frankfurt Germany Airport
Monday, August 8, 2005 4:29 AM

I have awaked after sleeping the night in the Frankfurt Germany main Airport, life is good. I have found been lucky enough to find one electrical plug for my computer and in an isolated location so I can sleep and then work on the computer without using up all the battery charge. I always am on plug unless I absolutely need it, I save the battery for the two hour or one-hour time I really want to work, however have no electricity. I always plug in if possible.

I am thinking too much about the Wiki Conference and ideas it gave me and many of the challenges I face as a traveler and blogger. Keeping it simple, I am wandering the planet and using the internet in a very complicated way. Maybe sometimes, I am jealous or even angry with some of the webmasters, there is this innate competition to learn more or to know more than the person next to you is, and I often do not compete. Every person at the Wiki conference knew more about than me, they all were either editors or worked on the site in some manner.

I like Encyclopedias; I had no idea why the Encyclopedia was different until I was at the conference. I came just because I like Encyclopedias, I would have gone to a World Book or Encarta or any type of Encyclopedia. I knew the Wiki one was an open source one, however really I did not know enough to even have a comment.

I have a challenge to find a way to have access on my computer when I am in the Hotel rooms. This is easy if I pay 100 Dollars per night and stay in the business Hotels, however to have a cheap, cost effective internet access connection in my room, while in the Jungle is the problem.

I guess if I could find a cell telephone access that cost less than 3 Euros-Dollars per hour then I could do this, the best would be Satellite, however for sure the Satellite is more like 60 Euro-Dollars per hour. There is ways in some countries like probably Thailand to do this, however the time it take to arrange the connection is onerous. I need a method that goes from country to country and really works. There are these “Main City” connections that are available, they will allow me internet access in the main “Business Areas” of the world, however that is not where I like to be, who wants to be in the busiest locations of the planet, not me, this is to say, live in the where there are the most people and the most tourist.

I am working on an idea to create a wiki with questions posted and they tap hopefully in the social intelligence of the world of internet.

Wiki Techies

Wiki Techies
Photos of techies or persons from or conference in Frankfurt, Germany

This is Magnus from Germany on the left and Carmac from Ireland on the right.

Magnus is and incredibly insightful tech, that as best I understand helped create the initial Wiki Open Source Software or Site. Carmac is doing a study of the social interaction of the people inside the Wiki Community

Notice the Apple computer, this to me is rare, for years I have know that the graphics person liked the Apple computer, this however is a programmer or developer of software, he has an Apple Computer and this model is very common I understand at the conference.

I think this is Jens Kammann, it could be Arnulf Christi, however whoever this is one of them small planet genius, he has on the overhead screen the compilation of maybe 10 different maps with their GPS and Geo-coded locations. What is a wonder is his ability to keep the interrelationships of all these maps clear in his mind and then explain from memory. A very smart person can learn or understand a difficult or complex concept, a genius can keep is all in order.

I do know he is part of this web page:

Thanks great presentation.

Direct and Indirect Cost of Airplane Flights

There are direct cost of a plane ticket, this is what you pay for the ticket.

However the big two indirect cost are Transportation and Lodging. I am leaving from Frankfurt Airport at 7:00 AM, the subway stops at 2:00 PM in the morning as best I can tell, so the only real option is a taxi. I will go by Subway and sleep in the airport to minimize the indirect cost.

Often there are cheap tickets from New York City or I can fly into London however both of these cities are very expensive for lodging. The cost of the lodging and transportation are an essential cost or should be integrated into the total cost of the ticket. Transportation is very difficult to anticipate, many of the cheapies like and are located at airports where it cost a lot of money for transportation to travel too.

Heathrow is easy and on the metro or tube.
Stansted, Luton and the other one are going to cost about 30 dollars or 15 pound to get to these airports.

There are many layers to travel expenses, not just calling up the agent and leaving, unless you do not care.

Richard Stallman

This is a man I think from the GNU Open Source world, he gave a talk about Copyrights, mostly his philosophical view on the subject. He come from a complete socialistic democratic point of view where the group appears to have complete powers over the rights of the individual. Although I am totally in support of open source communities and software and such, I do not only agree a little with him, seeing him appealing to the big group of individuals that believe all music is free for them to download.

The only thing this has to do with travel is when a person travels they are subject to a vast ocean of contrary view than their own, the person needs to think freely in my opinion and make a good introspective decision of right versus wrong, as opposed to trendy versus traditional.

Sleeping in the Frankfurt Airport

I am still at the conference, however I am now planning my escape from the Peter Pan World or Never Never Land where the boys never grow up and only play with bigger toys. Same - Same as me...

OK, I am annoyed, I think the essence of a good traveler may very well be the ability to make long list of possible problems, a.k.a. (Also Known As)

Ok, I am now presently trying to learn or planning my travel to the Frankfurt Airport and need to arrive there at about 5:00 AM on the morning of the 8th, so I can fly to Israel.

Therefore I need to leave the Hostel at around 4:00 AM.

This is not going to be easy, I am in German land, too clever and too few answers, the place where you better know the answer to your question before you ask.

OK, so what to do, I know my answer, I just wish there was another. I just did a search trying to find out when the train runs, my complaint is,
"Why does the site not make it obvious when the trains run?"
"Why doesn't the Hostel have information about how to get to the Airport on the wall?
"Why not have a big transportation wall in the Hostel?"

My solution is this, I will go to the Airport tomorrow night around 7:00 PM with all of my bags and sleep in the airport. This sounds rough, however if you could hear the guy above me in total geek methodology snoring, grunting, and making all sorts of disgusting noises you would understand. (Same as Amsterdam)

The Airport is a better place to sleep than most Hostels.

I will sleep, set my alarm, and be ready to leave, short one shower, if I remember right, (I have slept in the Frankfurt Airport before.) there is free not-so-good, however free internet access computer area in the common area before the no-mans-land area of the Airport.

Sometimes the internet is like a lollipop to me, I need a fix or pacifier now and then.

I am anxious to go to Israel, I am not sure why, however probably has something to do with my raging hormones when I am within 50 meters (Yards for USA people) of an Israeli girl. and

OK, I give up, trying to figure out this Wiki thing I realized the Hobo needs a Wiki, if nothing else to learn how a Wiki works. I have purchased the domain names.

Also go and

All a bunch of 404 or page not found presently and hopefully in the spirit of Wiki I can find some people to create us a Wiki for fun and learning.

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