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Old Town Backpackers Tallinn Estonia

I am driving myself crazy trying to find the website for the Hostel I am presently located in, however I will get it on this blog, one way or the other.

I just left the Hostel after having a long talk with the owner/ manager of the Hostel, his name is Val, or one of the owners. We had this long discussion about

This is the three booking engines or main booking engines he uses to receive reservations for his Hostel.

95 percent of all his people enter from these three places, and the rest are walk in residents, this is interesting to me.

His address is:

Uus street 14
Tallinn Phone +3725171337
You need to fix this email address to have it work!
uus14tallinn ATDELETE

The need to buy their own name, here is the present site.

He showed me his website and this is where most point, this will give you the directions however is not his web site.

I am going to get him to give me the correct one and post here. I am not big on posting Hostels and do not go around recommending Hostel, however I will recommend a person, and Val is a good person, therefore he is responsible enough to take care of you.

For instance, the owner Norm in the Lette'm Sleep Hostel in Berlin is great, however his workers on no face and no reaction individuals that do not give a feeling of anything, therefore when Norm is there life is a lot better. You really do rent a room from a person, not a name on the front. I look at the person that manage and make decisions, not the facilities. However for sure in Europe a place with a Kitchen for guest makes the place 10 times better for me, not for the party animals, however for adults and responsible people yes. Party is party and living is different.

He gave me some real insight into Hostels and this was great.

Hostel Life

Hostel Life
Someone stole the last inch of instant coffee yesterday from my bottle, it was late at night when I discovered therefore to buy more is difficult. There is some frumpy ugly old German lady that poses as a Hippo now above me that make enough noise to wake the dead. She is outrageously animal like in her behavior; for sure, the world is full of Animals….

Aagh she just came out of the shower and changed her clothes in the room makes me want to knock off a few Germans for old time sake. She is without care of other people, she is dog ugly.

I suppose I am paying around 25 dollars USA to live with these animals we call people. It is always difficult to understand the mentality of people. There are six beds in the room and only me and this other person rented or paid for the sheets. Now the idea is that you have your own, however nobody has there own so therefore they are sleeping on the mattress with no protection. The mattresses are new; however, to me the body sweat, odor and whatever will eventually make this the world’s most soiled sheet. I mean you cannot change a mattress or clean it the same as sheet. The sheet becomes dirty, therefore so will the mattress.

The good of living in a dorm or in a hostel is you cannot help but meet the other Hostile Animals, some or maybe 20 percent are civilized. Can you believe there is only one shower and toilet for 12 people, and this is zero problems, the toilet is a problem, however showers are barely used.

I came from a different planet; my parents are not from Earth, we do not live this way.

William a guy from England and some guy with no name from Italy riding his bike went around Europe went to dinner. For 20 dollars USA they ate, while I decided on the 5 dollar Estonia Fried Cheese. The Italian guy does not speak a word of English and I was doing my best to ignore him, because you can not include a cow in a conversation. The cow must learn a common language. Well in Europe for travel the common language is English, therefore all the cows learn English. However William in his new job of travel feels he must include a non-talking cow in the conversation. You cannot feel angry at William because this is very or an extremely civilized concept. Sharing, talking, conversation, however when was a cow up to civilized level. It is ridiculous he is on month 8 of travel around Europe and he cannot communicated. Eight months of living in any country or immersion will teach you any language. People can be so lazy, I amazed, when I am in the same situation I try not to be there, or leave, it is my responsibility to learn the local language or not try to talk. This is the problem, he is not trying to learn English, he just keeps saying, I do not speak English.

To travel a long time you have to keep the animals out of the house.


Dave the Portuguese guy has traveled for 13 years, he is in absolutely no hurry, and strangely either am I, just do not like animals around me that are in a hurry, breaking the world.

I just asked him,
“Could you travel for a long time being in a hurry?”

He said,
“For sure no.”

He than said,
“If I want stress, I would get a girlfriend.”
Great, the German lady just left, I will say another day, if she was going to live in the bed above, I was leaving. She has no sheet, and one of them sleeping bed liners, she climbed in and out of this thing about seven times in the night with no care. Some people need relieved of their stress, definitely nothing superior.

The average time in the Hostel is about 2 nights, therefore the transition noise is high, people coming going, packing, unpacking is always moving around making the day way too much.

Cheeky Restaurant in Tallinn Estonia

Cheeky Restaurant in Tallinn Estonia

The Brit walked into this Restuarant in Tallinn with his backpack, the Restaurant stored his bag and charged him 10 Kroons or one Dollars. This is the suck of tourism, and greed is rampant.

Fair Maiden of Estonia

Photo of Fair Maiden of Estonia

Eastern Europe has special women.

Memorial to some ferry that sunk with a lot of people.

We all ate dinner last night together in the Hostel, then went to some bar where a diet coke cost three dollars, and the beer must have been six, not really Shoestring travel... hehehe

The guy in the yellow is a Chef from Portugal.

Brit on left is taking a tour across Russia or the Tran-Siberian Railway, the other guy has worked for 13 years a Chef in all parts of the world, he works for six month, then travels for six months.

City Name

City Name Photos of Manholes in Tallinn, Estonia

If you travel enough you will understand that a city name is no easy to spell, then each country takes the name of countries or cities and changes them to adapt to their country.
I do not care much for spelling the name of cities or countries correct because there is not perfect spelling, however I have learned what I believe is the best way to know the correct spelling of a city. I look at the Manhole lids to see what they say, this is my standard.

Here are two, if you look close though you can still observe the spelling of city name problems.

One of the Manholes lids spell the city name “Tallina,” the other spells it “Tallinn.”

This manhole is spelled TALLINNA

This manhole spells the city name TALLINN

Tallinn Estonia Architecture Church and City Wall

Photos of Tallinn Estonia Architecture

Church in Tallinn, Estonia

Tower in Tallinn, Estonia

City wall in Tallinn Estonia

Gate or the Viru Gate to the Old Town in Tallin Estonia or Tallinn

Wall and a tower.

I do not know what these indentation are, does someone?

The city of Tallinn Estonia is smaller and more manageable than Berlin, Germany so I am more at home. I understand my feelings; I do not feel comfortable in large cities, especially the modern cities. A large city requires I study too much, this is not enjoying to me to study how to walk around. Tallinn is probably the perfect old person’s city; you can walk inside a round type old town and not exercise excessively. Some of the most beautiful places require great amounts of walking. A person can arrive by cruise ship, take a bus in five minutes to the Old Town of Estonia, walk around for one hour and see most everything.

No taxis, no drunks, no disillusioned hippies with tattoos, this is a perfect place for the family who wishes to feel some type of quaint older European history.

I have walked around many of the walls, spires or maybe you call them towers trying to see how to climb inside. I have not been able to figure out how to climb up inside. Today I am going to make a final attempt to find a tower that allows me to enter. Normally another traveler will study a place, and I should be able to learn from them, however there are no comments on the city wall or the towers of Tallinn Estonia. The owner of the Old Town Hostel by the name of Val I believe knows, I will try to ask him.

The city is relaxing and the Hostel is pleasant, however there is very little to do after you walk around a couple of times. There is a very huge and extremely expensive sit around drinking crowd. This is far from a unique cultural experience for the world so I normally avoid. Sitting around drinking in cities is standard occupation of travelers.

Backpack Weight

Backpack Weight
Photos of me weighing my carry on bag, note will allow you as much carryon weight as you can handle with no problem, however supposedly it must fit into a box 14x22x9 inches, however they do not seem to check close.

I checked a bag into the plane that weighed 20.4 kilos.
I carried on, with computer bag a total now of 17.50 kilos.

I am carrying or pulling because I am in Europe and the taxis cost so much 38 Kilos, this is 83.77 pounds, wow, I did not think it was that much.

I was able to weigh the one bag in the airport after arriving at Tallinn in what I think was a shipping place. Hard to get a good or accurate weighing of bags, and for sure I am not going to do this at the Airlines check in counter or they will charge me more.

Weight is not as big of concern as people thinks, there is always a way to not carry your backpack. I can stow half the stuff or more in a Hostel, then go on trips for days or weeks, and return for bulk later.

My two wheel carts is working out good for Europe and is making the trip tolerable, going up and down stops in the Metro is a problem, however I am able to grab the whole cart, pick it up and carry either up or down. The steps stop me from pulling up because this cart does not have a slide plate, I think a slide plate should be at least 12 inches long to work properly, or more if possible, so you can slide down on the skis your bags.

Tallinn Estonia Hostel

Photos of Old Town Backpacker Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia, close to grocery, inside the Old Town and above the grocery is free Wifi or Wireless connection, I suppose you need to buy a Kohv / Coffee, so the net is one Euro or 1.25 U.S. Dollars.

Friendly place, and really a home made into a Hostel, like living in a home with way too many bunkbeds. Has a free sauna, and very luxurious shower. This is a proper Hostel, it has a Kitchen, Common area and TV.

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