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Estonia Travel Newsletter with Photos

Estonia Travel Newsletter
I have sent my Estonia Travel Newsletter, it has photos of Estonia and Berlin, Germany. Tip is on how to find a Hostel or Hotel when you do not have a reservation.

Price of Gas in Europe

What is the price of Gas in Europe, or Estonia?

I am in Parnu, Estonia and trying to see if I can buy a Van, Combi or Caravan to travel around in comfort, no worries about reservations.

Gas is sold in Liters
1 Gallon = 3.79 Liters
Fast and dirty is 4 liters or 4 x 12.8 Kroons equals: 51.2 Kroons
Fast and dirty is Five Dollars or Five Euros.

3.79 x 12.8= 48.51

48.5 Estonian Kroon = 3.73930 US Dollar
48.5 Estonian Kroon = 3.09904 Euro

I do not care about the British Pound or the Swiss Franc or other money, they really are not travel money, just a pain. I think in U.S. Dollars or Euros only, the other I treat an any other foreign monies.

20 Miles to a gallon.
100 miles to Riga from Parnu.
4 Dollars times 5 = 20 U.S. Dollar for gas.

The bus cost me 110 Kroons or about 10 dollars, I find a rider, share the cost and I could make money... I believe I could find one to four riders very easily. I would then also save about two days a week sleep cost.

Use this to convert money or exchange rates:

Sign in Parnu,Estonia on the price of gas.
This is in Estonia Money.

Same kind of pumps, I think you pay inside. There is no shortage of gas or petro here, or at least they seem very prosperous.

A photo of pump price, sold in Liters.

This girl spoke good English or passable, she wants to speak better, contrary to any crap you read, the Estonia normal blue collar worker does not speak good English. It is totally random however your Hostel manager may speak pretty good. Outside the cities it is terrible, however as always, sign language works.

No Push No Pull

No Push No Pull
I am in the Louna Hostels in Parnu, Estonia; I am feeling somewhat strange, hard to think of what I feel. I woke this morning as I do everyday of the week, walked to or went to find a place to type on my computer. This Hostel has a very large dining room, common room, kitchen, and for some reason, there is nobody in the room. Therefore, I came in and plopped down on the large comfy couch, turned on CNN and checked up on the planet, just as I would in my Home in Indiana. I have sat here now for about 15 minutes thinking about why or what I feel. I finally tagged it, I feel relaxed, hard to believe it, there is nothing happening, no push, no pull.

I do have a little pull, however not a biggie, I purchased a ticket for about 10 U.S. Dollars to Riga or Riia, Latvia as they spell it here for tomorrow. This is a commitment, however a commitment I can change or stop, or just ignore and buy again later. I have already changed it one time, because I instantly realized this place was perfect for me to finish my newsletter. The internet works in the Internet Café, I am still in Estonia, and the place is quiet enough to think.

Overbooked Hostels
I am presently not in an overbooked Hostel, I was in Rapla, Estonia in the Joe something and not in an overbooked Hostel, I had the distinct of present feeling that they are not going to kick me out of the Hotel. Ok, it is a Hostel, not a Hotel, however the place in Rapla, was a Hotel, so many distinctions, there is no clear word to describe this type of accommodations.

Europe is Overbooked

Overbooked: take too many reservations: to take more reservations than there are seats or places available in a place.

This is not true actually, they are fully booked, there is no room for error, hard to just hang around, and they will kick me out if the place is too full. I must make a commitment normally when I will come, and when I will leave.

This is my dilemma, how to figure out a way to just wander around Europe without having a plan.

This is like going to New York City, you need to know where you are sleeping one hundred percent sure or you will be sleeping in your car or on the park bench. If you are a millionaire then maybe this is not a problem, being that you or I are not a millionaire and price is a concern, then we must pay attention.

However if you want to Wander around rural Indiana, or around anywhere in the world except a city, then it is very possible to just wander. To think, to go, as you wish, to play as I wish, no mother calling me to make me behave, I can do as I wish.

I just thought I am always around a group of diehard hate their parents, fight establishment, disobey and get too drunk rich college kids. However, I just realized, they all want extreme organization, or they would not enjoy this type of life. I on the other hand I am wanting, or thinking I want organization, however fighting for a place where there are no plans.

This is it; I know for sure, there is no way to be organized. I have accepted in my life, that I cannot control and do not wish to control. Hmmm… Maybe I do wish to control something, I want to stop them from trying to control me, or more as if I want to control the situation so I do not feel like they are trying to control me. This is why the arrogance around me is so funny; they are wanting to walk into situation where people dictate their lives.
This is my constant feeling, why do I have to spend all my time organizing my day, when I do not have any need to be organized. I can go, stay, leave, do as I please, there is no priority.

I accept that my life is unmanageable and I am powerless…

Translate that to…

Maybe it is correct, and I am thinking wrong.

I am thinking the Europe world wants to manage my life, and they have the power to control my life.

I was talking to Val in the Old Town Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia and he was telling me that he is completely booked for August. This is Eastern Europe; it is suppose to be less Europe. The French guy in my room, Vincent said something last night about me calling Eastern Europe, “Europe.” He seem to not like me calling Eastern Europe, ”Europe” he does not look at Eastern Europe as Europe and I was sure hoping that Eastern Europe was not like Western Europe.

OK, Estonia is only one country and surely not fair to think about this as all of Eastern Europe. However, Vincent finally said, well it is the same, however cheaper. This is as modern as France is, however cheaper, I would add, not much.

25 Percent Use Sheets

25 Percent Use Sheets
25 Percent of the trolley travelers use sheets in a Hostel more or less and the rest sleep on the mattress.

The costs of Hostel is the price of the bed, then add on the cost of sheets, so far this is only a one time charge of around two Euros or about three dollars. The average time people stay in a Hostel is probably 2-3 days so this adds about one Euro to the price, a Euro is about the same as a Dollars not a lot of difference.

However, I was counting and in the Lett’em Sleep Hostel in Berlin and the Old Town Hostel in Tallinn, Estonia only about 25 percent sleep on sheets.

This is William from England, he is in his clothes and I can take a photo, most people sleep in their underwear, however one had some pajamas. I have only seen one sleeping bag liner, and two sleeping bags, the rest just pull the comforter padding over themselves, (This is suppose to have a Duvet Cover), lay down in their underwear and sleep. To me this is like lying on top of a sheet that has been used by 50 people. I wonder if I they can catch bed bugs, scabies or other fun diseases?

I would sleep in my clothes if I was them, like I was camping, however I sure wish I had some sweatpants, I normally have them, however they all wore out.

Firewood Heating

Firewood Heating
There appears to be many homes in Rapla, Estonia heated by firewood. I found a very interesting hole in the foundation or bottom of one home. This box is not common however; this house had about 12 of them around the home.

This appeared to be full of ashes, I could not enter as most home have dogs and I feel the Estonia people are protective of their yards, not so friendly.


There are large stockpiles of firewood.

Firewood, the main type of tree around here I Pine, and this burns very fast, and hot, plus has a lot of sap, not the best for firewood. I did not go and see what type of wood. I am guessing.

At first I thought this was a propane tank, however after looking at it, I am now not sure. It looks like the methane tanks I saw in Sawegram India or in the south of Nepal used to stir the excrement of cows to produce methane for cooking or heating. Anyone that knows, please make comment and explain.

This type of thing like the firewood, are the some of the reasons I travel.

Signs of Alcohol Use

Signs of Alcohol Use

This is the second flask I have seen for sale in the small village of Rapla, I happened to go to two grocery stores and both sold this type of flask. The first time I saw this, I did not care, the second time I realized this was a standard item to be sold in a no name grocery store.

Drinking seems to be a daily and all the time activity here; I smell alcohol on the breath or that heavy liquor smell on many people. I just left the park here in Parnu, at 9:30 am, there are three people drinking. I almost go the photos of a guy by the bus stop with a bottle. Parnu is not a big city, more or less the feel of a small city. Rapla is very small.

When looking or inspecting cultures there are small specific items that explain the behavior of people. What they sell and buy shows how they live. This place is very rich compared to the rest of the planet.


In the countryside of Estonia, my guesstimate is about 50 percent of the homes have a greenhouse. The weather here is Sweden level; there is a time of 6 months with lot of light and a time of 6 months of lots of dark. Even though I am very far north, the ever-present sun would keep a greenhouse warm. The days have about 20 hours of sunlight right now or more, this creates a long day of sun to heat the place. An effect I have never considered before, if the sun shines for 20 hours is the mean temperature higher.



Hitch Hiking in Estonia

Hitch Hiking in Estonia

This is the second group of younger girls I have seen hitchhiking, it appears to very common around Rapla, Estonia.

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