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i dunno how you travel so much alone. i don't mind being alone either but i realize it'll be much better traveling w/ someone i like.


I look more for a place that is friendly and fun then a place with the best conditions and facilities. Who cares if the place is a 5 star hotel if you are alone? I have to admit that I meet a lot of people in Dorm Rooms, although I usually avoid them. In Europe it is about impossible because of the cost. I don't like dorms because they never seem to have a locker for my computer and camera. So I am always thinking.. Is it safe or not?

I travel for enjoyment. I do not travel to meet a 5 star hotel. People are most important in life. In the end it is the people I remember.

Life is Good!


A friend is meeting up with me in India. She has a Blog and has just arrived in India. You can make comments below here comments. Have fun! I am waiting for the photos!



The English use the word “Proper” to signify something that is correct. That of course is their interpretation of what is correct, and can be quite annoying and judgmental. They can be real wanks.

But I would say that the Hostel that I am staying is a proper Hostel. It has a common kitchen, television room, book exchange and free breakfast in the morning. There is coffee and I think tea free all day. The kitchen has everything needed to cook.

The free breakfast, coffee, and tea is a bonus. I would not consider this necessary to be proper. The only thing lacking in this Hostel is a Locker that I can use with my own lock. There is the always in any Hostel or Hotel the danger of having things stolen still. Although I think the manager screens the residents and sort of decides whether they are safe. He is from South Africa and the Hostel has a good representation of countries. I just realized that there are no people from England here. But I am in England and normally the people from England would already have a home. There are mostly Australians and New Zealanders. But there is one more American and a Brazilian, a couple Germans and I am not sure of most of them.

I just walked down the street and found this place. This is really the first one I entered. Cost is 15 Pounds for one night, but cost 87 pounds for a week. (Note the date if you read this a year from now)



Hostels Information

I located a Hostel for 15 pounds or about 20 Dollars USA. It is cheaper here if I pay by the week or the month. I think most of the people in my hostel have been there for a long time by the looks of their clothes and baggage. As best I can tell so far a large number of Australians a.k.a. Ozzies or New Zealanders a.k.a. Kiwis come here to work.

There is lots of slang here in England. In fact the rules and restrictions on my dorm room wall says,

"if a resident happens to pull one of the residents, they need to leave the room and use the communal bathroom because it would not be cricket in the dorm room."


- Note that I just search in Google.com for this very quickly. But I learned about the world Pull from an English girl in Thailand. It is very difficult to understand the normal Brit. The meanings of the words are many time much different then what you would think. This can be very misleading. In fact if anyone would say they spoke the Queens English. I would have to choke to keep from laughing. Although there is a real possibility they are a Queen.... hehehe




For what is worth.

I had a moment... on the London Bridge.

It is special.


My friend Ramsey said that India is completely full of Brits. The predominate traveler in India. This is his rendition. I am hoping it is better balanced.

This is not my ideal world.


Bad news on Visa. They say it will take from 2-7 days. I will apply tomorrow Monday. I was going to do this first thing when I arrived in England and the cost of transportation has made me procrastinate. It is a necessity now that I park it in London proper to get this sorted out or sussed out as they say. I was ready to buy the plane ticket and I called the Indian embassy for clarification and was lucky. I just opted to be conservative on the Visa and call before booking the ticket. But the good part about this delay is I can really learn about the center of England for the next trip here. On that trip I will say a month. Most likely in one year on the next revolution around the planet. I have basically decided to keep circling the planet by always going east. I believe this is the cheapest direction to travel.

- The Brits can get the India Visa almost or the same day.

- Others seem to have to wait a week. I have not applied yet, so that may change.

- There is an extra 15 pounds to pay because I am from the USA. Now that is a good way to encourage tourism

HOBO ON THE ROAD - LONDON ENGLAND - Tower Bridge or London Bridge

Left Bristol and went to Sendend by the Sea, Essex.

Left this morning - Saturday and caught a train to London. Changed trains at Tower Bridge.

Stopped and walked the bridge. It is about 11:29 in the morning. London Time and I need to go find a room or bed for the night. I am supposed to be at the "Center of the Backpacker Universe" London.


I will soon see, but obviously it is a full on place for backpackers. Internet is only one pound per hour or about 1.66 Dollars US. Paris is about 6 Dollars USA.

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