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Two Days off in Cairo on Visa to Niger Project

Ok, the American Embassy conveyed to the Niger Embassy that I existed.
I will leave it at that...

Niger has a more or less what they requested, and now I have two days off because the Secretaire was not in the office and will be gone until Sunday.

Friday is an Islamic Day and I am not sure what Saturday is, more or less the end of the weekend here, Sunday is the first day of the week. I now have an application for a Visa, that I can complete and hope that Niger grants me a Visa.

I can walk into an internet cafe and type these post easily, it is amazing how long it takes to just move forward some days on some projects.

I am quite sure though for 20 Egyptian Pounds or about 5 Dollars U.S. I can take a Taxi to the Pyramids tomorrow and take some photos, still need to read a guidebook so I can have an understanding of what I am seeing or should maybe see. Actually I shall read in depth the Encyclopedia Encarta in my computer.

I was hoping or thought they was going to give me CD or DVD's of the encyclopedia however I do not have one so Encarta is still number one for me, I do get on the internet daily to surf, I would guess I spend 10 minutes per day just searching or browsing around, I am not really knowledgeable of what is available on the internet.

However fortunately I have lots of advisors that help out there in the blogosphere.

For some reason there is no spell checker button in today on this Windows XP computer, so no spell checker.

Rogets Thesaurus says Arab is Hobo

I picked up this on with the Google Alerts, an article written that defines in Rogets Thesaurus as a Hobo... hehehe

Hope this link works to the newspaper online article.

Click on the top one if it breaks, on the blog.,0,2953859.story?coll=ny-region-apnewjersey

Please make comments on blog for the world and not just hitting reply and writing me, better to share, sharing, please share and make less work for me to copy and paste to the comments.

Arabic Telephone

Arabic Telephone

You all wonder why I do not just call; if you look close, there is Arabic letters on the electronic screen. It is not to say I cannot figure this out and for sure if I wanted to, I could buy a card, figure out the screen, do all sorts of talking with the locals trying to get help and in maybe one hour if I was lucky, and up to two days if I am unlucky I could make call.

I suppose the best way would to pay a taxi 30 Egyptian Pounds to say.
“I want to call the Ameriqui” Not America, however they understand the same as Iraq the word Ameriqui, and then maybe the man would search for a call center. I would not pay until I am sure there is a call center.

Call Centers used to be normal about 5 years ago, they are almost becoming extinct as most people have a mobile or cell phone, I am feeling that have no choice, I must buy a cell phone soon.

Made in Russia

Made in Russia

I had to stop this woman and ask here where she was from and why she is wearing an American Flag on her head.

She said she purchased the scarf in Russia and was only wearing it because she had it and it was hot, however she did say that America is a very good place.

She is married to an Egyptian man she met in Europe somewhere, the boy is here half Russian half Egyptian son, and he has this new gun that also made here stand out in the crowd. For sure a person walking around in an Arabic country with an American Flag on their head and a boy with a gun is a little over the top, however as a person from the USA we often buy hook, line and sinker all this Anti-American crap that is pushed on CNN and BBC and little do we know, they really many times love us.

KFC Cairo Egypt

KFC Cairo Egypt

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cairo, Egypt.

I have been having some trouble finding good or acceptable food for me other than peanuts in Egypt, so I have gone to this KFC and had the Spicy Extra Crispy Chicken Dinner.

It is not cheap and cost five dollars U.S. for this meal; I tried yesterday to cut the meal down only two chicken breast. I guess they do not understand the world breast so they gave me to backs.

They also do not understand a queue or what “Extra Crispy” means, however I am very surprised at the really great quality of the food in this place. I am even more surprised to listen to the English Language Radio in the place and the person that was trying to give away or let a person win 500 Egyptian Pounds like an American Station.

The normal person here on the street does not speak English; however, there are many things in English. I am feeling this is one of them class system cultural things, where the rich class makes the rules, therefore to separate themselves, they have many things in British English so the normal person has the feeling he does not compete. A class system is enforced by the….

Pay a lot method.
Speak a special language method.
Not looking a lower class person in the eye.
Not talking to a lower class person.
Wearing special clothes.

Photos in Cairo Egypt

Photos in Cairo Egypt

A photo taken from the taxi as we were searching for the Niger Embassy.

An interesting photo depicting naked Egyptian in a country full of women that are covered from foot to head with sheet like materials, and public displays of womanhood is discouraged.

The music videos may in Egypt are the same as most Western Videos, I suppose they are not as bad as the hip hop, or rapper type videos however for sure they have some alluring interpretations of women.

This is the propane connection or some form of gas for this taxi.

I was trying to take a photo inside the Shell Station however, the group of people saying “Well Come” would not allow me to photo, I asked the taxi to open the hood while he went trying to buy cigarettes, he also had to stop so he could lean up again a wall and urinate, what an experience to remember.

On the way into the internet, café where I am publishing this blog post is a rug or place where people do their prayers when called.

Finding a Way

Kim sent a quote to me about finding a way.

"We must either find a way or make one."

Hannibal's rode elephants across the Alps...

Ok, we are making progress on the Niger Visa, it sounds like Mr. Rich at the USA Embassy is going to help, many correspondence and communications with Senator Richard Lugars office and also with Mark Souders office. Plus a letter written by Kim to Mr. Rich that seems to have maybe helped us make progress, I am hoping to talk with the Niger Embassy tomorrow and they say yes to the Visa.

Thanks for the help!

However, I do not have a Visa yet, so I am still trying to "find a way or make one."

I wonder what language he spoke, I am not familiar with the history of Hannibal and Wiki seems to be empty, I need my Encarta Encyclopedia back in the room.

I will go look at the Pyramids in the time between I buy the ticket to Niger and the plane leaves, probably about two days.

Vacation Day in Cairo

Vacation Day in Cairo
I am taking the day off from the chase in Taxis across the hot city of Cairo, Egypt for Visas and Airplane tickets to Niger or Nigeria or somehow chasing the famine problem.

I need some clear perspectives, I need to find a clear path in my mind.
Plus I have hundreds of emails to return or answer.

Richard Lugar Office Wrote
I received an email from Richard Lugars office, and now I need to fill in the blanks, questions, and reply today.

On a lighter subject, I have been thinking about

I am wondering if I can merge in the blog so I can utilize the wonders of Wiki?

Here is a test, I can see it in preview, now I will send and see what happens, forgive me however the kid side like to play with new toys on the internet.

It is not working, I wanted to put an Iframe into the page.

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