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Reuters Journalist Killed in Baghdad

This is always an interesting perspective, journalist in Baghdad.

I am pretty sure most of the Western World reporters are too afraid to go to Baghdad, I was in the Palestine and the Sheraton in Baghdad and you only see about 2 percent people that look like they came from the USA, Europe, the other 98 percent look like they just arrived from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, or some other Middle East country.

So when a report "Working for Reuters," is shot in Baghdad, read with a grain of salt, this is not the same reporter as next door, it is someone that looks like anyone else in Baghdad.

I can tell you, I do not recommend you point anything at an American Soldier or maybe you will be dead and they will be apologizing. There is a problem with reporters, I also think new organizations are more than willing to send some foolish people that do not understand the reality of war into do their dirty work, and the news report is even more controversial and sells better.

It is a shame when anyone gets killed in the world, however the ever present and obvious awareness when I was in Iraq, was...

STAY AWAY FROM SOLDIERS, they are dangerous, the normal person goes and hides when something like this happens.

I got slapped by a taxi driver when I pointed a camera at a place where soldiers lived, not even looking at Soldiers.

Happy Cairo

I discovered a very nice place behind the Niger Embassy with a man that sell very cheap ice cream that taste... hmm... Terrible, like a mango or something, however he is very nice and allowed me a photo.

Ice Cream guy, I do not recommend the Ice Cream

Very happy people back on this street behind the Niger Embassy, a great place to walk while I waited the two hours to receive my Visa to Niger.

A fish, the colors here were great, hard to take photos because, oh because...

What I am thinking in Cairo

What I am thinking in Cairo

Why does a boy lie down in front of the Pizza Hut and sleep?

This has got to be the worst places on the planet to sleep, in the middle of downtown Cairo Egypt, in front of one of the busiest restaurants on the corners in a city and country that has pride in how many time they can honk their horns per minute. A direct challenge to the country of India on horn honking.

I was walking to the KFC mainly because I cannot find a normal local food to eat that is not disgusting, they have Shawarmas in buns, or bread and not Pita Bread, and they do not care that I do not like Tomatoes.

Ok, so here is this boy as I turn the corner from my Hotel to the KFC, I reach down into my cargo pants pockets, or maybe “Propper” Brand Army Pants (That was for Craig) and pull out my camera. I take a quick photo and move on down the street, I am not too concerned about boys with all their legs, arms, eyes and body parts lying in the street, I have seen many thousands of the same boys.

Walking back, I see this abrasion or scrape, maybe a fungus; I am not sure on his lower ankle area. I just went and looked at the photo again, yes, you can see it, I am not worried about him sleeping on the sidewalk, he is safe and very warm, and Cairo is about 95 degrees today I would guess.

I do not like that sore or infection on his leg, I have had things like that, maybe like my fungus, or infatango I had as a kid, I am prone to skin diseases which has added to my travel expense log because I am eating many Vitamins now, and orange juice in hope of stopping these annoyances.

This can leave a scar, it looks like it would spread on this boy, and he needs some form of anti-biotic cream to put on this sore.

Taking this photo is not for the amateur photographer to take, WARNING! I am not a professional or maybe I am, I do make money, however what I am is experienced, I have taken about 10,000 photos I would guess and most in countries that an American would call poor, which is any country or person without a car.

I took it because he was asleep, if he was awake, his hand would be out, he would want money, and he has all his body parts. At night in this same location there is about 10 children all of them accosting me, touching me, trying to follow and ask for money, hard the later in the night to walk to the KFC without that good old Middle Class Guilt kicking me a little, not much anymore, however I still feel.

I cannot give him money.

I am living in this area, if they see me giving one money, they will know that I am easy, kind, and will give them money. They do not want food, and normally will get angry with me if I give them food, they want money. There is no way to give to a beggar children, they run in packs, they have lots of energy and will follow me around and make my life miserable. The women with children in their arms, selling Kleenex or Tissue are better, and I do I suppose need toilet paper in Egypt; it seems to be a “Carry-Your-Own” country.

The problems of giving anything to anyone are so numerous that it is hard to count. I cannot remember all the faces, I do now remember which little kid had his hands out before, and they will gather around me if I gave them anything, they become a swarm. Not a big problem for me, however they will if too many try to steal my camera, or touch here in Cairo. Egypt is a strange country the beggar and salespeople will touch, this is annoying for people, they did the same in El Salvador, not a common thing, however a person gets angry when touched, I am a person, still human, and I get angry.

I am sure you naive or silly will just say, I say (deleted) with no remorse.
“There are agencies you can give to.”

I do not know any agency that is going to get food to this child, I am lost to figure out in a world full of self-serving people, they can get the money down to this boy to buy some cream for his leg.

There has to be a continuous chain of good people from the top to the bottom so that one link in the chain does not rob the money. It is possible for this in the USA, however then the people get administration, self-righteous, I am valuable, I deserve a good or great wage to do this.

In the other 85 percent of the world, it probably does not make it out of the port of entry, before the Government officials, local Priest, Preacher, Cleric or local leader figure out how to bleed some good intentioned organization for all their money.

I have not seen starving people; I think they would be desperate if actually starving. They would probably try to attack me for food, I am not sure, I have never seen this, I have seen too many who want money; in fact that is SAP Standard - Operating - Procedure.

Or SNAFU - Situation - Normal - All - F*#ck3d - Up

I like the Acronyms they are fun, however I hate to read them and not understand.


This is a word I have dwelled on for days, researched, I want to go find my information I collected, and I must go buy my plane ticket to Niger.

I am laughing, changed thoughts in the middle of the sentence, I am not going to Niger to find my research, I have it somewhere in this computer, I hope, however it is 7:54 AM, the Royal Air Moroc Airlines opens at about 9:00 I think, I need to make sure I have 5170 Egyptian Pounds in my pocket by the time they open so I can buy the ticket, it is for September 4, and I need to go shower quick. I have about 3000 in my pocket; I hope the 12:00 cycle of the ATM banks in the USA has happened, so I can get the next days allowance of money from my friendly bank machine.

I need to work to collect this information in one place; I am hoping to put it on the page that is now up.

I cannot figure out how to make new topics or subject yet and boy genius is still working..
he is good, however he is still a techie.
“The inmates are running the ASYLUM!”
(Note I am probably one of the inmates.)

I need a Wiki that work!

A Wiki is a place where you the reader can edit the pages, add, enter information and make the concepts better, the best use of the internet, a truly miracle of the internet now being applied… finally.

The wiki solves the “Help me, I cannot do this alone problem,” I cannot collect, enter, or even pay enough money to post or make a webpage that has all the travel information on the world. The whole world can, so the Wiki is this tool, it connects the world with a place for the world to see and view, a way for the world to write down what it is thinking, and a way for the world to read it. … in an organized and findable way, you can go by directory or searchable paths.

It captures your great idea!

Now, if mine worked.

I am afraid that one reader will think my life is bad, problems are what I thrive on, however I do not thrive on problems, I thrive on the solution to the problems, I am wanting to be part of the solution not part of the problem, however I know I am half way there if I can type clearly, with great clarity, searching for small sentences an explanation of the problem. Then if I could induce the whole world to help me, I could actually do something.

The solution to the riddles of the play, “Waiting for Godot.”

Hobo Has a Niger Visa

I now have a Niger Visa Stamp in my passport, success by persistence.

It is Moo Tay Play Entry for up to three months, this is how they say Multiple entry Visa in French I guess, I needed to sound it out and translate in my head. Intuition is the key, got to know what the subject is and possible statements that relate to Visas. I was going to get the 30 day Visa for 120 Pounds however decided I could not risk this, as the airplane tickets are difficult and maybe I have to slide the visa up or down. Therefore three months is good for a cost of 292 Egyptian pounds or I think about 70 U.S.

I am happy, that took seven days for the Visa, I came immediately back and talked with Royal Air Moroc, I can only get a seat on the 4th of September.

The office was closed and I need to gather 5000 plus Egyptian Pounds around in one spot, this is not so easy when the ATM or Bank Card limit in Cairo is 1500, I am lucky I have three cards to pull on, and can do this pretty fast. I ask her to hold the ticket and she said,
"Why would we hold the ticket?"

I went on to say this is customary for them to hold a ticket up to 24 hours so we can collect the money or whatever reason, she did not believe me.

The one other girl agent is gone, the one man agent is too busy, Egypt Air has people flowing out the door, everything is closing soon, I will get them as the door opens. Royal Air Moroc is direct with the Airlines, however all the Travel Agents are scattered, they for sure to not make buying a plane ticket here a pleasure, you have to stand in line like you was getting a bus in La Paz, Bolivia and fight the others in line.

I am there, I will soon be in Niger, all is done except the normal run of the day travel arrangements.

Waitng for Niger Visa

I just lost three paragraphs, stupid computers here are impossible, I shaded the text, click on Control C, to copy and it deleted.

I am waiting for the Visa, maybe I get it at 2:00.
They got my money.

I need to hurry as maybe Royal Air Moroc only flies on Monday and tomorrow is Monday.

I am lucky to post this, spell check, and all that crap is a luxury.

The pop up blockers, the Arabic Machines, and all the other annoying things about any country are exacerbated in Cairo Internet Cafes.

I think the man is not really wanting to give me the Visa, however he knows the only way to get rid of me is to give me a Visa.

No Egyptian Pyramid Photos Yet

I went to the Giza Pyramids yesterday, left at 5:30 and when I arrived they told me they were closed. I asked many people when they closed and everyone said around 8:00, now I could still be wrong, however I could not enter.

I did me the boy or man that gives Egypt a bad reputation.

The reputation of Egypt is that the people are very rude and pushy, I have not found it, however I stay away from big tourist areas. However upon entering this huge world tourist destination the Egyptian Pyramids I deluged with jerks.

The man actually jumped in the back of the taxi, and would not leave. I wanted to club him and he did everytype of Guilt Extortion possible, and even Macho,
"You are in my country, I am Egyptian."

He spoke good English and he was getting annoyed because I did not reply, just ignored, he even tried German. I could see that you only impression of Egypt could be very bad if you only spent one day or two in Cairo and went straight to the Pyramids where the Jerk Quotient or Ratio is at an all world high.

I would leave now if I thought the whole country was the same, however Egypt has a tourism problem.

Spell checker is not working, the pop up blocker is crashing the computer.

I go to Niger Embassy Today

I go to Niger Embassy Today

I will go to the Niger Embassy and try to get a Visa today, I am supposed to be at the office at 12:00 noon. I really hope this works, however I am not extremely hopeful, there are many ways to help a person and also at the same time sabotage the help.

I have a past history of dysfunctional behavior and I am very aware of the possibility of me sabotaging myself, it is the worst type of sabotage. There is some time constraints here, I keep saying that I need to be in India on the 24th of September, in actually there is no need, as much as there is a big want. I suppose I can delay this, I am running out of time, I must fly to Niger in the next five days to arrive in India on the 24th of September.

I do not have a plane ticket to India so I am capable of changing my plans, I am not sure what to do, I am hoping all this works out today with the Niger Embassy, the USA Embassy or Christopher at the USA Embassy had a letter hand delivered to the Embassy of Niger that pretty much says, that Andy is a Citizen, however we do not write letters for Citizens, and he attached the documentations or policy letter that says the USA Embassy does not write letters. I have be very careful here and this is annoying about what I say in the blog, this is not true, I should be very open, this is my blog. I am worried that a they can talk or say things that would squelch my deal with the Niger Embassy.

I have written to Senator Richard Lugar office after they wrote me requesting me to send a detailed letter to them. I have not heard anything from this office back, it is annoying, they gave me a sort of strong statement saying I should not have my friend call, however now they are slow to respond, I am going to have to call them on Monday and will leave a message, have all my friends call also if I do not get the Visa today.

Everyone assumes there is time, and I do not wish to demand of people, especially people that work for the Government of any nation as I know I could suddenly find the office closed all the time and a complete un-communicable situation with them.

I suppose I do have an ace up my sleeve, I could decide to not go to India on the 24th of September and for sure I get this done, one way or another. Unlimited time and it I can go to any country.

I am not worried about if it is possible to go to Niger, I am just trying to meet my techie in India because in this time period he does not have University, so I am trying to help him. I have discovered though I can fly from Mumbai to Goa for around 43 dollars because of new discount airlines in India, so that is sweetening the pot, and making Niger easy.

Nonetheless all is possible, it is just a little pressure because I want to help out Andrew and arrive when he is not in school, I suppose it helps me because he is trying to accomplish my goals on the internet. Sometimes a person or employer has to ask,
“Do I work for them, or do they work for me?”

Andrew is extremely good and does a very great job of doing what he does, however he needs an interactive personal conversation to help in the communication world.

Andy Hobo is Donky

I am laughing, I received a funny email today.

It said:

Subject: donky

do not send any email again donky, you bad


It came from a UK address of free email account:

I sat, thought, why is this email calling me a donky.
I did not even think about the spelling, I think Donkey is the word, so I do not pay attention to spelling by foreign people, communication is the goal.

However if your english was very bad, and Weela Alsayed is not an English name, so I was thinking, I am a bad donky...

I am an A#$

You know the curse word in English, this is his or her attempt to curse at me, I went and found the email address in the subscribe to newsletter list and stopped them from receiving the email, and will go into the mean email page.

However very funny.

It is probably impossible for a person to get accidentally on my newsletter list, they must click and confirm they want the letter, it is called an opt-in newsletter and really the best way. This is common though, I say something a person does not like and they just click reply and try to get me to do the work of un-subscribing. Normally I just do nothing unless I have the time, it is very easy to un-subcribe.

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