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Sosua DR has a Good Balance of Foreigners Vs Locals

When I am completely immersed in a culture, as I was in West Africa, after about five months I become burned out. If on the other hand, I never talked with locals, I would just move home or to some simple place in the USA, there is a need for balance. I am rather burned out from West West Africa, I needed to leave, even though I love the place, my life was out of balance.

Sosua is good, if I want to go talk with Americans, I can go talk with Americans, if I want to go talk to DR locals, I can do that. (I would rather go talk with Ghana, Togo, or Ivory Coast)

Pay Inequity
The primary reason to live outside the USA is my earning power makes me a rich man in countries like the DR. Unless, I became silly and paid the same here for things as in the USA, which strangely happens often to people, many people pay more rent here than in the USA. There is the high rent and the low rent, sort of the silly folks and the ones that understand pay inequity.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Saturday, April 30, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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Purchased the Domain ""
Yesterday, I purchased the domain name “,” with the plans to buy domain names for all the major locations where foreigners go to live.

There is a incredible need for good real estate sites to sell retirement homes to foreigners. I truly do not want to encourage people to buy overseas, however if they cannot stop themselves, it seems prudent to help them do it the right way.

I can use my SEO Internet skills to help the good agents compete better with the scam or too clever real estate agents who trick buyers into buying, and do not sell value.

More or less, a person can invest any amount of money in a web site and fail unless they know what they are doing.

I am Walking Around in a Fog
I have not heard anyone talking about the war in Cote d’Ivoire, my life has completely changed channels. It was amazing, yesterday I had to get a map out to show two foreigner where Guatemala was located.

Between the jetlag, the radically change in cultures, and stop living with an African woman, my life is hazy. I am fine, the food is better here, the conversations are better, but maybe I am not as connected. I am not in the moment involved with life.

It is funny, the foreigners talk at super speed, I have not listened to high speed talk in a long time, it is rather overwhelming.

Sadly, the violence and crime here in Sosua is about 10 times worst than Ghana, I must lock three doors to leave the house. Every door or window in this place has bars on them, and if they do not they are gated communities. West African people are aggressive, but not with malice, the men are just alpha male types, sometimes they want you to pay attention in a forceful way, but I never needed to worry about them having a gun.

Sosua DR has a Good Balance of Foreigners Vs Locals

Another 500 Dollar per Month Paradise in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Places to live on the planet for 500 Dollars per months are a dime a dozen, however, it becomes a little more complicated to live in what the dream cliché people want, but that is where I am presently located. I am living the cliché today, 500 dollars in Paradise.

It is a long story, however my friend Johnny the Private Jet pilot has some condominium rooms for rent here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. He was giving me a sweetheart deal of XXX per month; however, the apartment is truly still two weeks work away from OK. Well, there is this nice woman by the name of Ana that is helping Johnny; she offered to put me up for the night at here personal home.

On and on it goes, I finally just said,
"Can you rent me this room in your house for a month?"

I am paying less than Ghana, WIFI in my room, private bath, kitchen, balcony overlooking the sea and away from the tourist trap prices. I am in the neighborhood they call Los Charamicos" it is where a lot of the girls live that work in central Sosua, so a twinge and twist here, and life is good.

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I am a five-minute walk from the beach, maybe a 30-minute walk to Rocky’s the popular expat hang out, and chica central. What is truly the huge benefit, I have left the tourist pricing, the food shops up top in "Los Charamicos" feels to be half the price of the central Sosua grocery stores.

Room, plus Food equals cost of living.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Wednesday, April 27, 2011
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile

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I Miss Bah
I miss Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend, as I wrote my mother to say,
"She is a pain in the butt,
But she is my pain in the butt."

Real Estate Sales in DR
I was a real estate broker for 14 years, I am an expert.
I have had a large organic search website for 13 years, I am an expert.
I am in a rather great place for people to buy vacation homes.

Hmm, to say the least, I am tempted to put together my two expertise’s‘, I could conquer the Sosua Real Estate market; this would be a cakewalk.

Another 500 Dollar per Month Paradise in Sosua, Dominican Republic

2011 April 25 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Ghana

Leave a Hotel in Ghana, West Africa and 30 plus hours later I am in the Dominican Republic. Beat up, banged up, battered, bearded, and brainless, I paid my travelers up on my travelers dues yesterday, I am part of the club, this is my life.

Only love or an incredibly large amount of money would make me do this, since I am almost flat broke today, I know it was the love of travel, the addiction is still there. I need the rush. I need the endorphins to come streaming into my brain mass, give me the euphoric feeling that comes when my brain has been forced to acknowledge,
"You have changed channels."
"Your life is different."

I have visited over 10 of the Caribbean Islands countries and my first thought about the Caribbean is still,
"Old people."

However, when I think of Dominican Republic I now think,
"Cheap apartments with WIFI."

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean --- Tuesday, April 26, 2011
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Flying First Class

2011 April 25 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Ghana

Sosua Dominican Republic Ghetto Mentality

I am tired of the Caribbean attitude that says,
"I am doing you a favor when I talk to you."

New York Urban Ghetto or Rap Clothing is common in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, March 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Rains Too Much
Drizzle, there are three days of rain drizzle per week here in Sosua, I believe it is the same in Cabarete. I think there is a special weather environment that sits on this region of Dominican Republic that makes beach life here difficult. Generally, in Tropical areas, it rains often, but only for an hour, then it stops and the sun comes out, while here in Sosua it rains all day.

This is ok for a person who sits in the bar all day buying girls, not for me.

Third World Mentality
Overall, there is a third world mentality here in Sosua, at first world cost, or more. I am never sure about the Expatriates in other countries, they make me nervous. The ones that wander from country to country seem to be the over-achievers, while the ones that live on one location were the under-achievers in their home country. They moved to a third world mentality country like Dominican Republic where they can be a big fish in a little pond. Whereby, their ability to speak English gives them a huge business advantage over the locals.

I on the other hand get truly annoyed when I am in Hotel, Restaurant, Real Estate, Travel Agent or other services offered by Expatriates, and provide third world service. My guesstimate is that Foreigners own 30 percent of the businesses in Sosua, and these businesses seldom give better service than the local people do. They employ local and allow them to treat clients like,’
"I am doing you a favor by talking to you."

I will fly from Santiago, Dominican Republic to Guatemala City, where the family atmosphere of Guatemala is not third world, or at least they pull up their pants, and I do not have to look at their butt crack.

Sosua, the place where Tramp Stamp Tattoo are common, a nice sunny spot for shady people, and finding a nice family girls is hunting for a needle in a haystack.

Sosua Dominican Republic Ghetto Mentality

Writing a Book as a Gift

I know many readers want to learn how to make money to travel, they want to escape. I am trying to write a book, I am not motivated, I need a topic that I love, and wish to dwell on for about 225 pages, seems rather obsessive to me, but this is a book. I trudge, I muse, I dwell, I am obsessed, I am not a Knight in Shining Armor, but I would rather do the right thing, than the wrong thing. I mean, I think, and I would think you think, that most people feel writing a book is something to show the best we have in us, not to just make money.

A Hobo is a person that travels to work.
A tramp is a person that travels and won't work.
A bum is a person that will neither travel or work.

Is a book a gift to mankind, or is it a way to make money? Contrary to any misguided observations, I do not believe people work for money, I do not write this Travel Journal for money, I enjoy doing it, the other sections of my Internet Site makes the money, and one day I will put together a better formula that gets 100’s of subscribers per day.
(I think the term "Travel Blog," is pointed at wrong audience, why do I have to write about Travel, I am living Travel, it is the same.)

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Foolish Reasons to Write

Good Reasons to Write Book
- A great reason to write
- I would write a book to help people.

Is a Book a Gift?
What is a great gift? I think my parents want to support the five children, the dozens of grandchildren, with great grandchildren to thrive. They know if the family members have good jobs, in the end, they have one of the essential ingredients of happiness. I do not think the job is money; it is a how we spend our eight ours of obligatory time per day.

Eight Hours of Enslavement
I know you believe your boss has enslaved you, truly you volunteer daily to be in the cage, you have gotten the deal you bargained for, either live with it, or make a plan. I think it is possible for me to write a book, call it a gift to a few people; the book would help people escape jobs.

99 percent of you want to stop working, 1 percent of you will work to escape

Give People a New Job Book
Maybe I could get myself motivated, if I thought of this as providing jobs for people. People get frustrated when I write about how to make money, but when I do not; I know I am off theme. Hoboes traveled from place to place looking for work, they were not bums or tramps, and they left home and took the cheapest form of transportation to look for work.

I am suppose to find work, now that I have found work, maybe I need to share it with the other Hoboes, I think it is the obligation of travelers to help other travelers it is my duty. I need to tell you to "go this way."

Keep these words connected, they are no longer three jobs, they have become one. This is job I perform; it is how I earn money. These three words are hooked at the hip, they are impossible to separate, if you want to make money the same ways as me, you need to learn all three words.

Please understand though, a good travel does not need to be these three words, in fact, the best travelers could care less about being any of these three words. Ergo, the reason travel writers suck, they are not good travelers; they aspire to be good writers, so they use travel as a subject and miss the whole point.

I guess, if I could write a book, and teach people how to make money; it would help them, and be a gift. I have been getting truly annoyed by the promoters who are saying, make money as a Travel Writers; this is a horrible way of making money. Writing by itself, without Webmaster Skills is going to land you in poverty, unless you get a job for the New York Times, then you are going to have trouble calling yourself a traveler.
To be a Traveler, and make money the same as me, you need to be a:

Writing is about confusing the audience until they can think clearly, if I do not give you twisted, ambiguous sentence, life would not be a challenge, and you would be bored.

Writing a Book as a Gift

My Mom Wants the Internet Gods Help

"Andy, I am still helping the Orland library with Indiana history. They want me to put on facebook a search asking if anyone has a book called Morley's History of Steuben County in 1955. Trine University, Tri State. has 1 copy and it is thought to be the last copy anyone knows about and we are wondering if some young person could have been given a copy by their grandparents. The pages are very delicate on the one at Trine and it is difficult to scan. Could you put it on face book for me, as I cannot seem to figure out how to do it? Thank you. Love Mom."

There is always Hope.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Help My Mother, Make Hobo Look Good
My mother wants to find this book:

Title: The 1955 history of Steuben County, Indiana. An historical, pictorial, complete county atlas and biographical county album.
Author: Morley, Harvey Warren Chase, 1876-.
Published: [Angola, Indiana] : H.W. Morley, editor and publisher, c1956.

Do we Overestimate?
The internet is a tool, I can hardly stand to get on Facebook or Twitter, I only do so for business reasons, and somehow Facebook keeps finding my long-term friends from High School. However, like a class reunion, there is a reason why we do not stay in touch after all these years.

Can a person use Facebook to announce a need?

My Mother and Father have a terminal case of hope and faith, they believe in the good of humans, I think they need applauded, therefore I try my best to be a good son. I am sure after they die, I will remember every little question, I will remember every time I did not give them the time needed. I guess love is really equated to how hard I listen, even when I feel rather helpless.

My Mom Wants the Internet Gods Help

Pixel Ruler for Internet Graphic Design

I found the coolest tool today, if you are using WordPress CMS, I am not sure you are with the program, however hopefully you will become a player someday, try to pay attention.

I download a little program that measures the pixels on a screen, truly a great idea, I have no idea whether is will crash, or whether I am going to pay the five dollars for licensing. However, before I lose this wonderful tool, I am going to share it.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Download Pixel Ruler Page
Go and read this page, dissect it, download if you like, play with, then come back to me and explain the pros and cons in the comments for other readers.

Working with Graphic Designers
99 percent of people, who make graphics on computers, make signs, banners, poster and other offline advertising, they do not appear to understand the internet, they just think they do.

Interview Graphic Designers?
"What is above the fold?
If they do not understand---they do not understand, you will then need to get out your Pixel Ruler and layout the page down to last pixel, and then force them to make graphics that will fit onto a page.

CSS Cascading Style Sheets
Finding a computer graphic designer, which can translate or transform graphics into CSS, is an act of God, this is why everyone uses WordPress… and the reason I do not. We are separating this into two jobs, we will use a PHP person for CSS and graphics people. I would not want to force a person to use their left and right side of their mind as a multitasking. It annoys me also, very few people can do one thing good, why do they even consider multitasking, one foot in yesterday, another in the future, and pissing all over today.

WordPress people, Google, has your algorithm number, and will soon spank you.

Disclosure of Influence: 1

Pixel Ruler for Internet Graphic Design

Thailand is Half the Price of Sosua Travel Tip

Thailand is almost the same situation as the Dominican Republic, but the cost of living is about one-third of less, if a person pays one Dollar in Sosua, a person in Thailand could pay 30 cents.
( I know I did the math wrong, but this is reality, this is another problem with analysis.)

Albert Einstein used paper, you can also, and it is acceptable.
Time Magazine Article on Albert Einstein

Airfares from the USA to Thailand is double or triple the cost, and the travel time to Thailand is 4-5 times greater.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Sunday, March 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Math Skills
The math analysis I do in my head with zero strain, is impossible for 98 percent of the population. I am not sure, when I realized this, but one day I understood, traveling the planet is easier for people who can do math in their heads, without the use of paper. I watch people exchanging money in the street in front of the Bon Ice Cream daily, I never see a calculator, I am sure the money exchangers love their stupidity.

Admit your not good at math, get a piece of paper, and write all math questions down, show all the calculations clearly, then you hopefully will be able to understand, but this is not guaranteed.

We are not the Same
When I study languages, I get a tablet of paper, and I write every word down. I must be painstaking in this task, I cannot learn words in my head, and I must see it clearly.

You Low Self-Esteem Cost you Money
A person with high self-esteem admits his or her weakness; I am weak at languages, when a person wants to talk very fast in another language. I slow them down or stop them to make us equal again; I do not just nod my head and say I understand, I do not care if they think I am stupid, I consider them stupid for requiring another person to know a language.

Carry Paper
I always have a piece of paper, with a pen in my pocket, the Smart Phones, the PDA, the handheld computers, or even a full size computer fails to work as fast as me taking a note. The problem is I am required later to log it into the computer; here in lies the problem, to add something one times is more effective. I must synchronize my paper with the computer to complete my memory ritual, truly an annoying and tiresome task, but the cost of never losing a thought.

Many a genius has been lost, because the recipient of genius was too lazy to write it down.

One on One Basketball
If I am having a conversation with a person, and they bring out a piece of paper to take notes, I know winning this game of brains one on one is not a slam dunk.

Thailand is Half the Price of Sosua Travel Tip

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