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A Hobo Researching Offshore Tax Havens

I am assigning one of our staff researchers to collect information on offshore topics. I need help in digesting all the related topics. However, I know many readers cannot believe a person who calls himself a Hobo can have a brain, which is hilariously, ludicrously and radically stupid.

Offshore investing or traveling to hide money is a huge reason people travel.

This is what looks like 50 percent of the men walking around in the center of city of Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Is that the look you think about when you think of the DR?

A label puts people in a box, which is good, normally the person making the label is incapable of leaving the box, and while the person in the box does anything, they want.

I enjoy a good stereotype, I enjoy stacking up people, aligning them into small categories and labeling them. I see this as a 100 percent needed ability of a long-term traveler, you need to this of you are going to be talking with a never-ending list of crazy Expats because you was liberal and tolerant. When a person is too open-minded, they listen to truly stupid people, crazies with no filters on their brains with many wild ideas, you can sit there for hours listening to gibberish and they accept into their life bad quality conversations.

Please, it is not the right of fools, to force you to suffer the

A good generalization is generally correct, and a wise person makes them quickly and accurately. However, the average person is generally wrong in their generalizations and arrived confuse, probably stoned.

There are people who say they are not judgmental, these people are delusional, and it is not possible to think even a stray thought without sizing up a situation and making a judgment.

The goal is to not hold any opinion as written in concrete, and unchangeable, all people are unique, they all deserve fair play.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Judging People at the Speed of Light
I judge people fast as lighting, with no restraining of my mind or editing. I label people and put one of my long lists of memorized cliché stereotypes. You do the exact same; you are just living under false illusions about what you think in your inner mind.

Hippie Dippie
Boom Boom Girl
I have word for the men that find boom boom girls, but cannot use here… hehehe

Ok, what is my label for the two men above… hmm?
The boys from the hood.
Overgrown Basketball players
(Men who forget to grow up.)

My Point of this Writing
The two men above probably make great money, probably live in New York City, often there are these black police officers of firefighters from New York City that come to Sosua. I am not sure why, but generally they are taller than six foot two inches and often fat. They are often highly educated, but want to walk around on vacation with their pants falling down. They are on some of the most expensive two-day tourists budgets on the planet.

These two boys could easy drop 400 US Dollars per day or night. They may have flown down to POP with round-trip to buy a few boom boom girls. They can easily drop 1500 dollars on two-night trip to the DR.

I have never met any that are drug dealers, normally just overgrown boys who make too much money and blow it in Sosua on women.

I am an equal opportunity talker
I do not go out of my way to talk with the boys from the hood, normally keep a little distance; I know that black people from the USA can really have an attitude against white people, so I am cautious. It is just a their misguided cultural misinterpretations of prejudice, they believe white people are all prejudice, therefore they are prejudice against all white people, sort of reverse prejudice, a never ending circle, everyone is caught because they cannot reason this out clearly.

I do not give a crap what color they are, I care how they treat me, or expect me to act in their presence.

The boys in Sosua are normally the more open-minded group of Blacks from America. I start up a conversation with them often. I like to lobby with them to go to Africa, generally Africa is the last place these men will ever go, but I am trying to lobby they go support Africa. Africa has a disproportionate amount of white tourist, African people feel abandoned by the Black Americans.

How people stereotype me?
I be Hobo.

I labeled myself a Hobo and trust me, 80 percent of readers take that literal. I am supposed to live, eat, and sleep in a hovel. I am suppose to dress like a bum, or be a tramp, I am not sure why, I think they want to fantasize.

I need to say, I am a Jet Set Hobo, I have spent more money on plane tickets than about 99 percent of the people on the planet.

I truly do not care what you call me, which is your side of the equation; it has little influence on me, but guess what? I am going to add a great deal of research to on the subject of living and investing offshore even if you think it is off-topic for a Hobo, because to me it is an essential travel related topic.

I am not truly clear in my mind yet, but I know this, the number one reason to travel that makes sense is money. I can take an income of 30-40,000 US per year, and live like a person making 150,000 in the USA. A person can leverage that small income into becoming a very big fish in a small pond.

At the essence, the best reason to travel is because your money goes 10 time farther when you live in a third world nation like the Dominican Republic. The average person here earns less than 10 dollars per day packing groceries, or driving a taxi. I am an incredibly rich person living in a rather paradise looking country, surrounded by a bunch of locals that make small money compared to me.

Ok, I need help, I need to add more words to this list of offshore concerns, I need to expand this list of topics about double or triple, and so the researcher can have more meat with her potatoes.

Do you know more topics that are related?

Please write me an e-mail or click on Contact above, if for some reason you feel you are an expert on any of the topics below, you can apply to edit page and add information to the topic, sort of in the Wiki edit way, but easier. Note, it makes life easier to research if the topic is already in Wiki.

Offshore Countries Topics
Asset Protection
Controlled Foreign Corporation
Corporate Haven
Corporate Inversion
Expat Tax Returns
Export Tax Incentives
Fin 48
Fin 48 Disclosure
Five Flags Theory
Flag Of Convenience
Foreign Sales Corporation
Foreign Tax Advice
Free Economic Zone
Free Port
Free Trade Zone
International Business Corporation
International Financial Centre
International Tax
International Tax Advice
International Tax Adviser
International Tax Planning
International Tax Structure
International Tax Structure Planning
List Of Offshore Financial Centres
Money Laundering
Offshore Bank
Offshore Banking
Offshore Banks
Offshore Centres
Offshore Company
Offshore Countries
Offshore Financial Centers
Offshore Financial Centre
Offshore Financial Centres
Offshore Fund
Offshore Funds
Offshore Host
Offshore Investment
Offshore Jurisdiction
Offshore Partnership
Offshore Stock Brokers
Offshore Tax Haven
Offshore Trust
Subpart F
Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
Tax Exile
Tax Exporting
Tax Haven
Tax Havens
Tax Risks
Tax Shelter
Tax Treaty
Transfer Pricing

Did you understand my rant, please, accept that Hobo is just a label for me; it applies only about 10 percent of the time, it is a fun name and theme for a web site.

A label is a way to start to understand another human, but please remove all labels before going through customs, the immigration officials will make you pay taxes.

A Hobo Researching Offshore Tax Havens

Caribbean Vacation Deals for Wise Buyers

How does one go about making wise Caribbean Vacation deals? It is enjoyable to write about travel, on the other hand, I know this, as a travel writer I am either your friend or your enemy.

I want to go Saint Barthelemy.

I am your best friend when the writing is honest, that is what friends do --- they tell the truth. I also make enemies by telling the truth. However, it is possible to have one of my advertisers on this site sell you a bad Caribbean vacation package without me involved. Moreover, I know the tour operators or resort packages that pay the best often promote the worst Caribbean vacation deals, the worst value for the money.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


First: Is there something special about the Caribbean Country?
Why are you looking for a Caribbean vacation deal? What is the fantasy or romanticized idea you want to find?

If I were choosing to go to an all-inclusive resort, personally, I would go to one in the USA where they can pamper me in an American way. I speak Spanish and French, and a lot of Thai, but to completely relax I want to speak English. Now I know am a different type of traveler, and yes there is enjoyment in learning and listening to people speak Spanish, and maybe that is the reason you would come to a Caribbean country like the Dominican Republic.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to hear Spanish, French, etc, what are you doing?

Saint Barthelemy speaks French?
Why do I want to go to Saint Barthelemy? Because I believe, the rich and famous may go to this island, and for me sitting around with beautiful daughters of French millionaires in bikinis seems wise. On the other hand, I do not make enough money to sit around with the rich and famous in complete comfort. The cost of just buy a cup off coffee in their hangouts could cost me 10 dollars per cup and maybe I would feel awkward, I know I would not, but not important.

Caribbean Vacation Deals
The wise traveler is going to choose their battle very carefully when thinking about the Caribbean. Sosua and Cabarete here in the Dominican Republic are extreme versions of tourists traps. The value of a Caribbean vacation is nebulous; the biggest advantage for an American is it is close by plane.

What is a tourists trap?

At a tourist trap, you order a Coca Cola expecting it will cost two dollars, when the bill comes you find it is eight dollars. Every expectation of cost is exploited, the locals have learned we are tourist and exploit our culture bias.

Yesterday, I heard a story where a woman here in Sosua went to a dentist to have her teeth cleaned. She was confused because of medication, got out the chair and the dentist asks here to pay 25,000 pesos. She trusted the dentist and paid the money, later she realized she gave the Dentist about 600 US Dollars. A person just does not believe a dentist is going to do this, but they do in tourists traps.

Most of the Caribbean is third world nations, disguised as a resort, do not get confused.

Wisdom or do you have low self-esteem?
I can live in a tourist trap easily, because I demand they tell me the price before I purchase. A few days ago, I read the price on a package of granola in the Playera Super Market here in Sosua; I computed the shelf price and believed the price was three US Dollars. I get to the counter, she rings it up, and it is six dollars. I told the checkout person to take it off the bill, I do not care if she thinks I am cheap, a hobo, a bum, I just do not care; I do not make bad decision for any person.

Nothing is priced properly in the stores here, there is seldom a transparent deal offered, it takes constant vigilance to buy good values, and not pay exploitive tourist prices.

Ask the price? A wise person knows exactly what they are purchasing and never brings out more money than required to pay.

How can I go to Saint Barts and make a good Caribbean vacation deal?
The first goal of a travel budget is to not spend money you do not have. This is why an all-inclusive resort is maybe the best option for me or the majority of tourist. There is no way to go bankrupt while on vacation in an all-inclusive resort.

But please, living inside a resort does not qualify you to say you know the local culture, you are killing me, please stop.

Therefore, me living outside the resort is financially dangerous, I could overspend. Not possible for me, I never carry more than 20 dollars in my pants pocket and never pay with a credit card.

Now, I do not want to go to an all-inclusive resort in Saint Barts. Why, because I do not want to hang with people on limited budgets, I want to live with people who do not flinch when they give a waitress a one hundred dollar tip. One day I will have an unlimited budget, and in that period of my life, I will go there to visit.

I enjoy the rich and famous more than the poor, but given a choice between poor and the wanna be rich, give me the poor. Often an ego or low esteem person can write checks they cannot cash, or want to be something they are not, just too much competition talk for a vacation.

Caribbean Vacation Deals for Wise Buyers

Definition of Fun is Spelled Easy

Life can be too complicate, and the art of having fun is simplicity. The simpler it is, the easier it is, the more fun. Well, Boy Genius went crazy today, we want page views, and therefore we are making it easy to click next, next, next, previous, and previous on pages. We call this pagination, and it is not easy to code, but makes a site easier to use. is not the definition of fun for a webmaster, yes, it is nice to have host all 200 plus videos I have made. However, YouTube does me no favors, I am not loyal the site in the least, they take traffic from my site, they do not give traffic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


This is the definition of fun; you can now scroll through all the travel videos without confusion thanks to brainstorm by Boy Genius. Soon we will allow member to connect this feature to their profile by just telling us their username.

My Mother
I want my mother to understand all my videos on YouTube, the problem is this. I would need to completely educate her on My father and mother are older; I know the definition of fun for me is when we can make easy enough for an old man and women to enjoy.

Yes, the definition of fun is when something is intuitively easy to learn, when it just easy, not a lot of brain bandwidth needed.

Definition of Fun is Spelled Easy

Offshore Banking for my 2555 Tax Home in Dominican Republic

I live outside the USA more than 330 days per year, therefore the USA government allows me to earn up to 91,500 Dollars and not pay taxes. I have to file form 2555, which is all done by my accountant, and make life less stressful.

I am not sure why, but they will allow me until June 15 to file and pay my taxes, which really means Social Security money or something.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Offshore Banking
Now, for the last five or six years my tax home has been in the Philippines. However, I leave all my money in a USA bank, which right now is about a big zero. However, a few days ago, I was talking to Ana and she said I could open a bank account here in the Dominican Republic without a problem.

I tried to open a bank account in the Philippines and they were nuts, they wanted me to kiss them too many times. This is scary; maybe they will seize my bank account for a non-reporting problem.

Hmm, does work? is a cheap way to make a bank to bank transfer cheaply, it is how I pay my offshore worker Boy Genius in India. Jane in the Philippines and I must Western Union to Nepal for CSS work.

Yes, would allow me to transfer money directly from my USA account to the Dominican Republic offshore bank.

I am debating on my 2555 tax home, I may move it to the Dominican Republic, not that this place is good. I would rather go to the Philippines, but this place is 10 times more convenient to the USA than Manila.

I want to take advantage of this offshore banking opportunity. I have thought about putting my two dedicated hosting servers offshore for years, I have no desire to cheat on taxes. I just do not like the never-ending paperwork. My accountant said the paperwork would be too much, but I would still like to have a bank account in a few countries to keep the government out of my pants pockets.

Well, this 2555 form is a windfall for me; I paid about 20,000 dollars in taxes two years before Chris pointed it out to me, and thank you Chris, I owe you.

I could earn money from my website, it would go into my USA account, and then the money would be transferred to DR by I think this offshore banking strategy would work, but I will have to go the bank soon and try to open an account.

If it no fun having a bank account in any country where there are thousands of rules, this sounds like I would just walk into the bank here in the DR, and open an account; all I would need is a passport.

I like to talk to my NEW accountant about this, I do not like to talk to other Expats, they all just want to cheat and take all sorts of stupid risk.

I am quite sure they are some men here in Sosua offshore banking their money, or maybe offshore investing their money by giving it directly the DR girls.

Offshore Banking for my 2555 Tax Home in Dominican Republic

How to Hire Your Own Boy Genius

I have had three people in the last day ask me,

1. Find a boy genius for me.
(Be an employment agency.)

2. Loan boy genius to them.
(He works full time doing tiresome and confusing code, plus he is a partner with a proviso that he cannot do side work.)

3. They want me to explain how to make 50K with a web site.
(Hmm, if it were that easy, I would just spin out 10 and make 500,000)

Everyone has a little genius in them if you take the time to find it.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


How to find a boy genius or girl genius to work for you?
You can find a personal boy genius from India for you full time for 200 dollars per month. (Boy Genius NOW makes a lot more than that)

Exmployment Agency Work
If you want me to vet the person, test the person it will cost you 1000 USD.

If you want to learn three one-hour conversations, whereby I explain to you how then it will cost you 300 USD.

The Bigger Problem

"The problem is this; if you had a genius in your presence would you recognize him or her?"
Thank you,
Andy Graham of and sitting around looking at girls in the Caribbean, while you work your 9-5.

Boy Genius

How to Hire Your Own Boy Genius

Offshore Working is Fun in Sosua Dominican Republic

I am having good fun working here in Sosua; generally working on my site in most countries is torture. Maybe, I need to go the Internet café three times per day, maybe there is no Internet café except in the major cities.

However, to work offshore here Sosua, Dominican Republic is maybe one the best places on the planet. A person can deboard the airplane without a Hotel reservation and find a room by the month for less than 600 dollars per month, if you are clever like me, you can live in this offshore work apartment for less than 250 per month.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I have zero desire to own real estate; I think the real estate own the person, not the other way around. What I want is a kitchen, maybe AC, and Internet in my room; well for sure, Sosua is one of the easiest on the planet.

Hmm, Sosua is the only place on the planet I know of in my last 13 years that is east to rent an apartment for a month cheap, simple, and fast.

I can rent a room in many place, but the studio apartment, stove, fridge is easy here, while generally not possible in most places at reasonable prices.

I think there are more jobs evolving everyday that allows a person to work remotely. If you do not need to go to the office daily, maybe not for a month, you could spend a month here cheaper than you can in the USA or Europe.

That is truly a no-brainer, yes, there are some crooks here, and some strange folk, but I right on the ocean an my monthly expenses is lower than 400 USD, even if you do everything wrong, the worst it would be 1200 USD. I am sure many a man will come here and buy girls, and drink 2000 USD, but that is up to you, that is you, not me.

Offshore investments are best understood when you go offshore, stop trying to say you understand the world, just come travel the world.

Offshore Working is Fun in Sosua Dominican Republic

Sosua: I suppose I should not complain

I have been to Sosua, Dominican Republic now two times in my life; it is an ok place to hang out. There are some exceptional negatives, but there are some exceptional positives.

Jungle Juiced Number 147
What do I long for in life, I want a good conversation. This is a photo of the Jungle Juiced drinking spot at building number 147. This is the "Swedish Connection" on Sosua beach, the place where you can go and talk with Swedish people in English. They all speak English, so do not worry.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Five Minute Walk to Beach
I am analyzing the real estate here in Sosua, I live in Charamicos with a balcony overlooking the ocean, and I can see the whole beach from my balcony. I can walk to Jungle Juiced in less than five minutes from my present house.

I have been thinking about this for three weeks, this location is the best in Sosua, I do not think I can get a better view of the ocean. If Chris or Ani ever move out, I want to rent this place by the year, it is that wonderful.

I do not want to live here all year, but this is the ideal, perfect location to have a two-month house.

There is no right or wrong about a place, if I do not like a place, I say what is wrong, that does not mean it is 100 percent wrong, just specifics I do not like. If another person disagrees, they should realize it alright to disagree, just do not tell me you know the world, I do know the world better than anybody I know. (Hmm, there was a Holland guy on the plane in the Philippines)

You have to live at least a month to be able to compare countries, and then you cannot get much of an idea, and the people who live in resorts are the last to understand…

I do know one thing, I would only enjoy living in Cabaret at high season, right now in low season it is dead, a zero, and double the cost of Sosua, not a good deal…

While these men that hang out at the Jungle Juice are there all year. I am becoming good friends with a guy by the name of Frank from Sweden.

Today, I tried to pay a guy Michel today to take me to every expat hangout on the beach. Not the bars, but the casual hangouts, the clusters. He said no, but he is broke, I think I can talk him into it. I know he knows, he has been here for 27 years. Hmm, I bet I can get Frank to do it, never quite understand Michel, he seems to be a little pickled.

Good expat Hangout on the planet are not easy to find, however it is easy to find a bunch of expat drunk losers hanging out in bar talking noise. Nevertheless, to find a group of expats who have some sense is rare.

I recommend everyone go to Jungle Juiced and drink a beer, it is another world most American never see. Ani my roommate said a few minutes ago,
"Andy, you have been around the block, you know what is up."

How big is your snapshot of the world?

Sosua: I suppose I should not complain

Cabarete was a Let Down Today

There are no young people in Cabarete in this season, only some oldsters and a bunch of real estate problems. There is an overabundance of abandoned commercial property, almost more than Sosua.

It is the month of May, I took a 25-peso collective car to Cabarete today, and it is only about seven miles from Sosua, truly an easy trip. I am not sure, I thought it would be a good place to live for a month, but right now, it seems as if there are only old people or no people there.

I have a choice, a "Tourist Trap" full of old people tourist, or a place full of men with a lot of boom boom girls. It is sure easy to work here, I do not even have desire to leave the house. What is sad, both beaches are truly beautiful, however I need to not think about the people around my world.

Sosua, Dominican Republic - Caribbean
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I know I am the exception, I pay attention to people, I want people in my life, and I want to have morally honest and good people. This country is beautiful, but that is not the type of people here in Dominican Republic. I stopped in my tracks yesterday and had a déjà vu, this place reminds me of the ugly feeling I had about Mexico. Maybe Venezuela, that for sure is one of my least favorite countries, Mexico can be fun, but not because of the Mexicans, but because there is so many American there, easy to ignore the Mexicans.

Well, I came here to work, so I am here at a good time of year, the weather is good, but the general demographics around here are in the gutter. Therefore, I will continue to stay in my room, work all day, and try to tap into the Internet fountain of money.

I have already boosted my income by at least 15 percent, and it will climb, it always does when I focus on work, and not on play and travel. Funny, how work can makes allow a person to thrive and have money, but it is a good thing to avoid when possible.

There is a lot going on the two web sites, some real exciting development. I have shifted the marketing of advertising on the sites into high gear.

I purchased three more domains today: - (I bought this last week.)

More or less, I am going to buy some domains to use for a combination of Expats, Offshore, and Real Estate issues. These four places are good places for Expats to live for about three months, I am not sure I recommend they buy real estate. However, I am positive there is incredible need for an honest real estate broker here in all these cities. Therefore, by pure hope, force, and pressure I hope to help slow down the real estate scam perpetrated on rich gringos.

I have there full time workers now, we can easily put on five to ten more. The sad part is just when many things come together; the money is taking a downturn. I actually made more money during this recession, and after it is ending, the money from the sites is receding.

I am not worried, it is just a big game, and I am good at this game, been doing if for a long time, just a normal business cycle.

I will go to Puerto Rico for two days, come back and spend one more month in Sosua, then to the USA, after that maybe Guatemala or the Philippines.

Cabarete was a Let Down Today

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