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Help Me Rename Theme of will soon be 10 years old, and it is time to make a change. The name is perfect; I want to adjust the theme and title. Presently site is called: Budget Travel Guide

I am going to change it to something like:
- Where Travelers Learn to Travel
- Travel Tips
- Travel Tips of from Professional Travelers
- Learn to Travel Like a Pro with
- Traveler Terms
- Defining Travel

The Budget Travel title makes no sense to me, I have trouble relating, it is too money orientated. I seldom talk about how to save money, I explain how to travel, which in turn saves money. This applies to rich or poor, the title confuses the rich, they think they are above learning from a Budget site, and the word Hobo just throws them for a loop. I need to take my travel mission and make into a 3-4 word title.

What is my mission, when I am writing travel tips, what is the goal?

I need three words that define simply what I am trying to explain daily. Readers are like students, some come to learn, others want to heckle the teacher. If the teacher has on funny clothes, the too clever have trouble listening.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, January 9, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

The Story of the Title
When I first envisioned this site, as I traveled down from Mexico to Panama by land, I wanted to tell people, travel is not expensive; you just need to watch your money. As a newbie traveler, I only had a couple of years under my belt at that time, I used the word “Budget,” because this is how backpacker called themselves, we are budget travelers. However, everyone is on a budget, it almost means nothing, it is ambiguous.

Anyone Can Travel
Now, I realize, what I have wanted to tell people, is anyone can afford to travel, if you just budget your money, and find a way to earn money while traveling.

Name of Travel Journal
I am not trying to rename the Andy Travel Journal, it is ok.

I started the Blog or Travel Journal when I went to Iraq, it was to be temporary. I wanted to explain to readers the thoughts that go through the mind of a person who enters a war zone. I knew this was a unique story that needed to be told.

I enjoyed writing daily; it helped me, more than the readers, so I continued. When I write about a location, it starts as a fuzzy thought, and then become real, I understand the situation poignantly. The Frugal commenter said the other day, I was ambiguous, and this was perfect. Travel is ambiguous. If you ask me if I like to travel, I will say yes, but trust me, it is 2:53 am, the music next door woke me; it is not all fun and games, it is hard to just say enjoyable.

What is the Mission of Site?

I want the site to answer the “How to Travel” questions. This gets confused; readers think a Travel Tip should be a recommendation of a good restaurant. This is a recommendation, Travel Tips or Lessons in Travel have no shelf life, and they are always applicable.

If you want to learn how to travel, this is the correct site. If you want a Five Star Hotel, or Restaurant, buy a guidebook or 10,000 other sites.

Non Hobo Readers
Readers come on board, fully of indignation; I do not want to learn how to be Hobo. The word Budget in the title exacerbates their self-righteous snobbish behavior. This word Budget is on 100,000 pages, it is written all over the site. Sometimes I want to scream, what I am explaining applies to rich more than poor, the poor have nothing to lose.

Well, the bottom line is this, I need to adjust the theme, make it a little a little more mass appeal. Somehow, the words that would allow all people, rich or poor, budget or luxury, young or old, married or single, cool or awkward to learn how to travel, not assuming they know.

Message to All People
I want to teach you how to travel, so you can afford to travel the planet, enjoy the world, and stay safe, happy and healthy.
Yes, I get a little harsh at time, I want to scream,
“Walking around with a Rolex is a great way to get robbed.”

I do not want to lose readers who need to be use the site, just because of a word or two that alienated them. is like the names Yahoo and Google; it is fun and easy to remember. I laugh when people think I am living in a hovel, I am one of the cleaner and richer travelers you will meet because I use my own travel tips.

I want suggestions; please type in the comments area.

Help me Rename Theme of

Market Day in Elias Pinas Dominican Republic

What did I do today, while the rest of the world worked, I do not know, but I found more strange and interesting things to photograph on this side of Planet Earth.

This bright blue colored stuff was sold in the Market; obvious food products surrounded it. I try to ask what are these products. Nobody can explain, the locals in this area, and the Haitian people do not speak Spanish. I am in a cultural language bleeding area. I am in the grey area, between Creole and Spanish.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

A small Horse, this is nothing special, but I am looking at the saddle.

This saddle looks like it was made from the outer layer of a Coconut, but I do not know.

This appears to be the Dominican Republic’s version of a goods wheelbarrow. It is different from the ones in Haiti, I did not see this type in Haiti, but I saw its brother in Ethiopia.

What is this? I do not know.

I am a Traveler
I am not a Travel Writer. I have been communicating with Travel Writers this last month; they all seem to say they know more than me… I am here, they are in the USA. I tend to believe, I could make an endless list of unexplained marvels on this small planet. This list would grow daily, it is never-ending, I must be a traveler, and I only have time to point at the world and say, “look, what is this?” I do not know.

A travel writer can steal research from, while a traveler just takes photos for to steal. A traveler must accept he or she will never understand, or explain the world, the explanations work needs to be done by people who do not travel.

I admit, I do not know, but I do know, I am traveling, I am not sure what they are doing. I suspect they are painting pictures using cliché crayons.

Market Day in Elias Pinas Dominican Republic

Yahoo Mail Border Crossing Travel Tip

This is an explanation of security measures you may encounter when you travel from country to country using a Yahoo Email account. This type of problem could happen for any Bank,,, and Corporate account; this is a real and present problem for Global Business.

It is not possible to know a negative, something that never happened from your end.

Was my yahoo email account hacked? I about had a heart attack yesterday, half-scared out of my wits.

Yesterday, I left Haiti and entered Dominican Republic. With the change of countries, I have also changed cell phone partner providers for the Verizon HTC Touch Pro II, with the Global Data package I am reviewing. It is automatic, almost seamless internet access between countries. This all made it across the border, my Yahoo mail had problems.

Yahoo Email Not Working
I try to download emails, it ask me to check my username and password, this is strange, I know it is correct, I use it many times per day. is Working
I can download from my account, this is working ok, and I have internet access.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

Surf Check of Internet Access
I went and surfed a couple of internet pages; yes, I have an internet connection. This is always scary; I have been using this same email address for about 8-10 years. I do not want to change, and there is sensitive business information that goes through this account. It is primary; I trust it more than my dedicated server.

How Windows Mobile Works
The HTC has an operating system Window Mobile, it synchronizes with my online Yahoo Mail account, and it uploads, downloads, and keeps the two the same. I download all my emails to my computer when I enter an internet café, thus keeping the online account almost empty. This account keeps asking me to enter the correct username and password; it has worked for weeks, why would it suddenly stop?

Yahoo Mail Direct
I went to the Yahoo Mobile Mail direct, a smaller version of the big account, to be used for by Smartphone. The username and password is remembered, I do not need to enter, and I just click enter….

AAGH It says this is not the correct username and password. This is the heart attack time, this feels to be only way now, as if somebody hacked my account. Then the hacker changes the password to deny me access. I have used two separate ways, with both systems the username and passwords have been working for weeks, if not months. Today it does not work.

Cross Platform Access
Yahoo and Gmail have many ways to access the accounts; the username and password are shared by many separate systems. It is annoying, but when you go from Topic to Topic, maybe you need to log in again, the database share, but not always seamlessly. Gmail uses Ajax I believe, we are trying to coordinate the same systems between our two sites, and, trust me, and it is not for boy techies.

I went to, tried to log into My Yahoo, I now have my second heart attack, it says the password and user are not correct; however it gives me that funky letter thing.

… I slowly, with great care, I am scared, I type the funky letters, which are close to impossible to read into the small Smartphone.


I enter My Yahoo, click on my email account, it opens, I look around, yes I have a connection and can read emails.

Email Download Now Works
Nothing has changed with the storage of usernames and passwords on the HTC using Windows Mobile, but it now also works, everything is back to normal.

These are not endearing moments with, seems to be a more Global System, while Yahoo is USA centric. As email security levels are often increased globally. Yahoo will at times shut off emails between countries, and I had problems using Yahoo to write from Kenya to Thailand, I had to use the Gmail account; it took a week to discover.

Email Gods
I try to explain to my friends in Corporations in the USA. I cannot write you, all the emails bounce. I try to tell my too clever Webmaster friends, your server is blocking whole countries. They do not believe me, and in a way, not they are not smart enough to understand, the problem is techies also think they are God, stops them from learning.

What the Email Gods do, when a Hobo crosses the border.

Note, I have been shut off three times completely by; it takes an act of God to get the account reopened, while they keep my money. I was not brave enough to access in Haiti… I will go to Haiti, but to access from Haiti is too scary, the pain of reactivation is too great, an hour long telephone call to the USA.

Yahoo Mail Border Crossing Travel Tip

2010 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Haiti

I have entered Dominican Republic on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at the Belladere Haiti - Elias Pinas border. There are three major border crossings between Haiti and Dominican Republic, this is the middle one and I believe the least used.

Haiti Immigration
The Haiti immigration did an extreme search of my bags; it was probable the most ridiculous search of my bag in 12 years of Travel. There was a group of 10 people watching, as they made me open things up for just the sake of curiosity. They made me pay 10 dollars to exit, I believe, but I am not positive, I believe this was Haiti corruption. Normally a person is not searched leaving a country by land; the full searches should have been on the DR side, not the Haiti side.

Dominican Republic Immigration
They were all asleep standing there in front of me; I tried my best to get my camera out of the bag. A woman who stamped my passport screamed at a Haitian couple for 30 minutes while I waited for her to finish. This is first, people are screamed at in line, one quick one, like get back to the end of the line, but not continuously for 20-30 minutes. I would have loved to make a video, but way to dangerous. The faces on the people outside the office listening to this highly unprofessional woman were humorous.

One of the worst border crossings on the planet, this makes Africa look like true professionals. I suppose the southern border of Niger is also too stupid. The other 15 I know are good enough, nobody screaming, just the normal people, standing around asleep, their minds in slow gear.

Map of the Dominican Republic, one of two countries in this larger Island between Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico.

Elias Pinas, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, January 7, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear

The trip was easy enough, however this is from the perspective of a traveler who has does not think 10 hours on a bus is a strange thing.

This map of the general area helps you to understand the relationship between the Islands. Even though they are close, the language barriers are steep. The country of Haiti I just left at a severe disadvantage because the language of the common people is Creole. Even though I speak French, it was of little value, I finally realized towards the end, I should have tried to talk English with everyone.

First Impressions of Dominican Republic

1. Five times cleaner.
2. Here in Elias Pinas they are still very black.
3. The language is Spanish, but there are many people who do not understand Spanish.
4. There is an ATM in Elias Pinas, a small city, while in smaller cities in Haiti there were none.
5. I am paying 10 dollars for a room, which is twice as good as the room for 15 dollars in Mirebalais, Haiti. There is some strange Hotel economics in Haiti, I have left that behind.
6. I have not been called Blanc one times since I entered.
7. A girl said “Adios” to me, this is hello in Spanish. (Be careful, do not correct me.) She did it from across the road, I did not know her, and this did not happen in Haiti.
8. Food, there is eatable food here, I at Rice with Chicken, and an Ice Cream Cone.
9. Less aggressive comments, I left the Macho behind.
10. I think the water may be worst here in DR, but the electricity seems a little better, although it went off one time yesterday.
11. I met two white men from the USA, I have not talked to White people in a long time, there truly was almost zero White people in Haiti, I only saw United Nations vans, I did not even see NGO vehicles in Haiti.

This is travel post is a marker, a chronological marker in the Travelogue, to help assist me in remembering. I also need to have this for the Internal Revenue Service of the United States Government.

2010 Enter Dominican Republic Leave Haiti

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