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Addicted to Writing Maybe Talking is having trouble with mail delivery of the Travel Journal this one is not being sent by email.

Therefore, I am sitting here frustrated and angry with this black hole called the internet. Writing for internet pages is a pig in a poke, it is not a satisfying experience. I believe the majority of writers on the internet want to be popular, maybe famous, never exposing their true self, they sort of know.
“If you really knew what I was thinking, you would not like me…”

The more honest I am, the bigger my enemies, this seems confused.

As a recovering Alcoholic, I have a self-talk safety system that says,

I need to STOP… put on the brakes, step back a couple feet, and ask myself some questions.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Friday, February 5, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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A person should never get too,

Lonely or
Tired … H.A.L.T.

Addicted to Writing
Alcoholics do not stop addictions; they trade alcohol in for other ones, hopefully socially accepted ones.

Today, I felt the grimace on my face, I know I am wrinkling my forehead, there is tightness in my mind, and my body is agitated. I am wound up, I am too angry.

I need to write, I am addicted, I need to vent something from my mind.

I suppose I need to balance out my addictions:

1. Reading - My current book needs thrown.
2. Walking and looking - (Sosua DR is not good for this.)
3. Movies - I have HBO, but feel better when I can rent movies.
4. Talking - Yes, I go down to Rocky’s and talk too much.
5. Friends - This is good, but sometimes friends confuse me.

I have been doing this writing thing for a long time, I think it is time I channeled this energy into writing a book. I do not care about money or fame; however, I feel I have a book in me. Maybe you could compare this to actors,

1. Movies
2. Stage
3. Television

I believe Movie actors consider Television a step down, I think I need to take a step up and write book. I need the new challenge, the bigger game.

I do not need encouragement to write a book from readers, I need to find my stride, I need to see the shot. (Basketball Thinking, I played a lot.)

Addicted to Writing Maybe Talking

Dominica Republic Video Explaining Sosua Beach

I stand on the Sosua Beach here in the Dominican Republic and explain the pros and cons of this beach, mostly pros…

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 4, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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If you do not see a video here, it is because you are reading by email, click here: Travel Videos

Generally, I would say Sosua Beach is a 7-8 for overall usability.
1. Girls 5
2. Sand 7 - Wet until later in day
3. Annoyances 2
4. Affordability 9
5. Jogging and Exercise 5
6. Shade - 10
7. Distance from Hotels 8
8. Open to public 10
9. Shopping to distract Wife 9
10. Bars to Distract Husband
11. Water 5 - has some rocks

Truly needs more African type Dominican Republic girls in thongs, I think a few come on weekends from the cities.

Dominica Republic Video Explaining Sosua Beach

Dominica Republic In One Side and Out the Other

One of the relaxing things about living in under-developed countries like the Dominican Republic is ideas enter their brains, exit and are never seen again. Is the DR Developed? The DR is definitely higher economically than other countries, but mentally about the same as Haiti.

Thoughts enter, there is no stop, they just do a fly over, and no residual short or long-term memory connects…. (Not that simple, but that is the feeling.) Any commitment I make is forgotten immediately, unless it concerns money, then they never forget.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 4, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I have for years tried to make appointments stick in Latino brains, I gave up about eight years ago, and accepted it is not possible to induce them to remember. Once in awhile, my acceptance comes out of remission and I get frustrated.

Standing in line, making commitments, remembering appointments in my mind is both a Moral obligation, coupled with a sense of justice. It does not matter whether your believe in the good Gods, it still is intellectually a good idea to follow the Golden Rule.

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”
Luke 6:31 Christian Bible

Nature Question
Does this have something to do with the Land Pirates from Spain who are the ancestors of these people. I mean, the USA was more or less settle by British, Holland, and Germans, while Central and South America was more French and Spanish.

Fun stuff, and one of the reasons some countries are poor, there is no way to have a contract, just goes in the one door and out the other. I am having prolems with appointments, I am saying Manana more than before, I am becoming a World Citizen.

Dominica Republic In One Side and Out the Other Celebrates 10 Years

I purchased the name “” while in the Voyager Hostel in Panama City 10 years ago.

Creation Date: 28-jan-2000

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 3, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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There were times, when I first traveled when:

1. I did not wear shoes for a month.
2. Asked a girlfriend, what month is was.

Times Change
There were no Blogs, newsletters were the new thing.

I thought I was hot stuff, I had been out two years, and this seemed a lifetime. I was doing interview with experienced travelers…. They had to have traveled for over one year; I now consider this just a newbie. (I needed to find a way to make money.)

Everything has change, life is simpler, easier and better, maybe one thing is missing. I miss the rooms full of travelers, all talking about their trips. I do not know where they went, but nowadays everyone is calling their friends at home, and not out and about talking.

I am happy, I lost all my friends from home from about 2000-2008 or whenever can into being; now I have them back.

Well, do not worry, I ain’t going anywhere, I am the old man of Travel, I live here, you are in my home. I still like to travel more than I like to write or be famous. I am one of the richest Hoboes on the planet, truly is a confusion.

Andy Graham - A Traveler

The Celebrates 10 Years

Stop Sunburn with Timer Travel Tip

I cannot remember the last time I was sunburned; a friend asked me the other day,
“How long will you stay at the beach?”

I did not even think, I said,
“50 Pages.”

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I go to the beach, I know when I have read 50 pages of my book, this is about enough sun for me, and truly rushing a tan does not work. I am on Sosua Beach in the Dominican Republic, one of the better tourist beaches.

Getting Burned
I do not carry water to the beach, I know when I am good and thirsty, it is also time to leave the beach.

I take into consideration, and adjust for beach timing problems.

1. Too many bikinis and I do not read fast, not a problem on Sosua Beach.
2. Talking with friends, or when my strategic placement of beach blanket pays off.
3. The book is too good; I read and read, forgetting time.

If you are wearing dark socks with dress shoes that goes along well with your business suit: please turn around and go back to the room. Alternatively, just go shop, and take a pass on the beach, you’re not in the game.

I was hoping to find a higher cluster of Black Girls in small Bikinis here at Sosua Beach, this is not the best place, but there are few ringers. I need to return to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for some serious beach work.

I have all these little travel tips in my subconscious, have a few friends around make them surface for air.

Stop Sunburn with Timer Travel Tip

Haiti is a Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday --- where a gladiator in Ancient Rome expects to be "butchered to make a Roman holiday" while the audience would take pleasure from watching his suffering.

I was lucky enough to leave Haiti one week before the 2010 Earthquake. Ever since then,
I have been experiencing emotional turmoil.

This question is resonating in my head,
“Should I go back?”

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I Will Go Back to Haiti
I need closure, I need to understand, and I finally answered the question nagging at my soul. Yes, I will return to Haiti, but not now, I will go back in a year or two. I needed to make a decision, something other than a “maybe.”

Humanitarians Workers like Their Job
I have for years known that Humanitarian Workers received an ugly pleasure… I see it some type of God like rush, they feel the power of saying to themselves,
“I am the Savior.”

This is why sending in the Military is better than Social Workers; they do not want to be there.

Herein lies the whole problem with me going back now, I would have a continuous temptation to moralize, write rants, make daily social commentaries explaining the NGO’s. Then again, it is the delusional belief that I can change the world, in the end, what I hate, becomes my soapbox.

Reporters believe they are the solution, and then readers associate them with the solution. These reporters elevate their status by being associate with Heroes.

The German language word Schadenfreude is the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others, this word exist in one of the most developed countries on the planet. Mockery is the problem in primitive cultures, in developed cultures I think they call it saving the planet.

Search for Understanding
I search to for an understanding of the people of the planet, however this is not tourism, it is my personal search. I see Travel as a search for understanding of people, while Tourists tends to search for a Hedonistic moment.


My search for understanding of the world is a slippery slope, about the same as Humanitarian Workers. We can start out with noble intentions, and fall into temptation, then wrap it all in rhetoric to disguise the fact we are enjoying our “Roman Holiday.”

I find it interesting, that Backpacker are considered low class because they live with the people, while staying in Resorts is high class. This desire to elevate our personal status above others is the elixir that tourism needs to provide to thrive.

Class Wars
I would say when a person enters into a class war, the should just say,
“I quit.”

A friend her in Sosua called me,
I feel a sense of pride, while he feels a sense of power. In the next moment, I feel a small shame, and he always follows with an apology, saying at this table we are allowed to tease.

I kind of think the Ten Commandments were written to give us rules to deal with these kinds of situations.

Haiti is a Roman Holiday

Americans Stealing Children in Haiti

Yes, 10 Baptist do gooders did bad, the dumb get dumber. I know I am self-righteous, and arrogantly confident in my opinion. However, I know I am not God, some people are clueless, and somehow they want to be God on Planet Earth, no waiting for Heaven.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Rich are Smarter
I am amazed, astounded, but not surprised; somehow, the people of rich countries believe they make better decisions than poorer countries. Generally, I would agree that rich people make better decisions than poor people do do. I think this is the reason why they are rich. However, being rich does not imbue you with the right to break obvious type laws.

These were not rich people, just average Joe Blow intoxicated with the power of feeling superior.

Crossing Borders is Illegal
I was ashamed with President Clinton helped them to girls get out of North Korea. I am ashamed when the USA does not deport illegal Mexicans.

I believe the rich have a moral obligation to try to tell the poor what to do, it just makes sense. However, the poor have equal rights; it takes a real sense of superiority, about the same as Hitler to make a decision to control the life of children.

My Opinion, Not Me Enforcing Judgment
My opinion is, throw them in jail for five years. I believe the Haitian people have the right to sentence them to death. If someone came into America and took bewildered children into Mexico, and one of them was my friend’s child, I guess I would say hunting season is open.

Everyone believes they have opinion worth being heard, this is the problem.

Americans Stealing Children in Haiti

Mobile Office Dominican Republic

I am a traveler; however, I am also a business owner. I make pits stops in various countries to work on my two huge Travel Sites.

I am happy to say, Sosua, Dominican Republic is being added to my preferred cities on Planet Earth whereby I can have a mobile office. I will add this to my Mobile Office Page.

Mobile Office Page

This page is always a work in process, and one day I hope to make it into a full-fledge section of the site, whereby we assign or make this directory the playground for a PHP Coder.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Tuesday, February 2, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear |  | Top Travel Site

Mobile Office in Dominica Republic
This is easy to find:

1. Rent an Apartment for one month for 250-600 USD.
2. Internet fast enough to use or VOIP.
3. Tourist Nest is good.
4. Backpack Internet Access in many restaurants for me or you when the regular stupid things happen.
5. English Conversation for your sanity.

Examples Regular Stupid Things
1. The router needs rebooted and the owner is gone.
2. The electrify goes off, and owner does not have generator backup.
3. The owner does not pay the Internet Access bill.

Finding Mobile Offices
There is almost a direct correlation between location where there are many boom boom girls or bars and great internet access.

Budget Budget Budget Budget Budget

Please folks, and dreamers, engage your brain, YES, I can find great internet access easy if I go pay 50-300 dollars per night and stay in a Five Star Business Hotel anywhere on the planet. However, to find possible where the Hotel cost is less than 20 USD is difficult, however getting easier to find all the time.

Time Zone of Mobile Office
There is hope; Dominican Republic is only one hour ahead of New York City. When it is 8 AM in New York, it is 9 AM here. I can make phone calls over Skype, this is truly difficult to arrange when I am in Thailand or the Philippines and there is a 12-hour difference.

Now, if the people here in Sosua were a little more friendly, cuddly and warm, life would be more perfect, life is always good, but some days great.

Mobile Office

I use my Verizon Smartphone to write these posts while I am searching for the mobile office locations now, the Smartphone is a windfall for me.

Mobile Office Dominican Republic

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