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890 Haiti Photos Before Earthquake

890 Haiti Photos Before Earthquake

I lived in Haiti for the two months prior to the Earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, I left about five days before the Earthquake. Here are the 890 photos all on one page for convenience. To use any of the photos on your internet site, you are required to have a direct, functional, titled, clickable link back to the Travel Journal. To purchase the larger pixels pictures contact me by click on the contact link above, the cost is 50 dollars per photo, unless you want exclusive.

I estimate, that about 5-15 percent of the faces you see in the Port-au-Prince heading are dead, many were my daily friends. I was contacted by a friend, and I am told the Hotel Excutif collapsed onto the house of the little girl. I took about 20-30 photos of a small girl who was my neighbor in the city of Port-au-Prince.

Titled: Top Travel Blog

The Palace in the center of Port-au-Prince, Haiti as it looked before the Earthquake.

This photo was taken by Johnny Serb about seven days after the Earthquake of the Port-au-Prince, Haiti Palace.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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Leogane and Port-au-Prince Haiti
Flight to Haiti Meeting Jasmine
First Day Photos of Haiti
Haiti Photo of Palace and Orphanage
Haiti Photo Voodoo Leogane and Baby
Haiti Photos of Roadie Haiti Orphan
Haiti Photos Haiti Orphan Crying Roadie
Haiti Photos Haiti Orphans Breakfast
Haiti Photos Orphan Bath
Haiti Photos Orphans and Andy
Haiti Photos Orphans wtih Andy and Rice
Haiti Photos Carrefour Trash
Haiti Photos Orphanage Group Photo
Haiti Photos Orphan with Andy Graham

Aux Cayes and Port Salut, Haiti
Haiti Photos Tap Tap to Aux Cayes
Haiti Photos Countryside Road Views
Haiti Photos Port Salut Hostel
Haiti Photos Port Salut Hotel Aux Cayes
Haiti Photos Aux Cayes Circle and Food
Haiti Photos Bon Food and Spider
Haiti Photos Andy Backpack Aux Cayes
Haiti Photos Andy Cooking and Frog
Haiti Photos Aux Cayes Frog in Room
Haiti Photos Aux Cayes Church
Haiti Photos Aux Cayes Transport Sucre
Haiti Photos Muscles on Man
Haiti Photos Muscles Man and Cart
Haiti Photos Aux Cayes Market Food
Haiti Photos Motorcycle Wreck Aux Cayes

Miragoane, Haiti
Haiti Photos Backpack of Andy in Tap Tap
Haiti Photos Miragoane Streets Boats Hotel
Haiti Photos Miragoane Graves Church
Haiti Photos Miragoane Hotel Packing
Haiti Photos Miragoane Wood Sailboats Anise
Haiti Photos Miragoane Wood Sailboats Water
Haiti Photos Miragoane Sailboats Pig Conch
Haiti Photos Miragoane Harbour Church Fish
Haiti Photos Miragoane Charcoal Painting
Haiti Photos Miragoane House Construction Sailboat

Petit, Goave
Haiti Photos Petit Goave House Bum Cinnamon
Haiti Photos Petit Goave House Candy

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Port au Prince Haiti Photos Candy Bienvenue
Port au Prince Haiti Hotel of Andy
Port au Prince Haiti Palace and Cathedral
Port au Prince Haiti Hotel and Ma Bee
Port au Prince Haiti Central Park Champs de Mar
Port au Prince Haiti School Hotel
Port au Prince Haiti Olafson Hotel Front
Port au Prince Haiti Olafson Graham Greene
Port au Prince Haiti Hotel Egg Sandwich
Port au Prince Haiti Girl and Student
Port au Prince Haiti School Super Market
Port au Prince Haiti Driving School Bananas
Port au Prince Haiti Herbs Spice Furniture
Port au Prince Haiti Herbs Kites
Port au Prince Haiti Kites United Nations Soldiers
Port au Prince Haiti United Nations Soldiers Palace
Port au Prince Haiti Rain and Hotel
Port au Prince Haiti Drinking Water Port
Port au Prince Haiti Beautiful Little Girl
Port au Prince Haiti Guidebook Pot Holes
Port au Prince Haiti Palace Girl
Port au Prince Haiti Children Street Cleaners
Port au Prince Haiti Street Cleaners Garbage Canal
Cite Soleil Haiti Market Main Highway
Cite Soleil Haiti Garbage River Charcoal
Cite Soleil Haiti Typical Houses
Cite Soleil Haiti Boat and Food
Cite Soleil Haiti Drinking Water Potable
Cite Soleil Haiti Drinking Water Port Boats
Cite Soleil Haiti Fire Hydrant Docks
Cite Soleil Haiti Water Tank Wire Business
Cite Soleil Haiti Street Market
Port au Prince Haiti Street Food Girl
Port au Prince Haiti Carry Drinking Water Buckets
Port au Prince Haiti Carry Drinking Water Broom
Port au Prince Haiti Turkey Dog Can
Mirabalais Haiti Girl Porta Pot
Mirabalais Haiti Hotel Donkey Rice
Mirabalais Haiti River Girl in Shower
Mirabalais Haiti College Professor NGO
Mirabalais Haiti Cultural Center
Mirabalais Haiti Cultural Center Art
Mirabalais Haiti Hand Washing Clothes in River
Mirabalais Haiti Crazy Women
Mirabalais Haiti Homemade Peanut Butter
Mirabalais Haiti Truck to Border of DR
Mirabalais Haiti Truck to Border Crops
Mirabalais Haiti Truck to Border Dominican Republic

Note, I avoided this for long enough...

890 Haiti Photos Before Earthquake

Tourist Restaurant Punishments Travel Tip

Generally, if you want incredibly bad service, go overseas to tourist restaurant. The only solution is to cook your own food, you cannot change the world.

However, a little payback is good fun.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I accept 90 percent of the time; I cannot change people places or things. However, for sport, this seems like a great idea. Quid pro Quo, you do to me, I give to you, and not the right thing to do, they should have left 25 minutes ago, but accepted and volunteered for bad service.

Tipping Outside the USA
First of all this is almost exclusively a USA cultural phenomena, and you should not and do not need to TIP.


In addition, in tourist areas, they will always say you need to TIP; it is the nature of the beast, an ugly part of the planet, not the beautiful swan part.

Generally, great service is not possible outside your home country. It is not fair and not possible for people who come from some primitive country to suddenly develop manners. If you want a truly great restaurant, then go home. If you want truly great food in another country, start to eat street food and forget the restaurant, the best place to get food poisoning as they unload the three-day-old food on unsuspecting tourist. Restaurants overseas do not lose money because food spoils; it is not part of their cultural makeup.

All in all, I never say anything, I just walk out, and try to find smiling faces, the first clue to a healthy and happy person.

If I was really clever, mean, naughty and mischievous, I would use fish emulsion, that fertilizer for plants to make this sign. I am presently at one of the biggest tourist traps I have ever encountered, these thoughts float in and out of my brain.

Tourist Restaurant Punishments Travel Tip

Battery Backup in Sosua Dominican Republic

You can tell the size of the electrical problems, by the size of their Toys.

Do you have a bigger Electrical Generator than me?
Do you have a bigger Battery Backup with Inverter than me?
Maybe you can tell how rich the owners are…

This is a battery backup electrical system in a home in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

How this Works
The public electrical grid system charges it when there is electricity, then when the electricity stops this backup activates and provides electricity for about seven days.

I am told this system cost about 20,000 U.S. Dollars

Why this battery backup, and not a generator? This battery backup is quieter and simpler to maintain, a person does not need to buy gas or diesel. I would say, this is the best possible system for a home, but incredibly expensive and almost an extreme luxury.

Data Center
I pay about 500 U.S. Dollars for two designated servers to host my two large travel sites. I hope the data center where my two designated hosting servers are located has a battery backup system that makes this one look tiny. We will move up to load balancing in the next year or two; I will need to make a physical inspection to insure there are no lapses in truthfulness.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Monday, February 22, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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This is an electricity generator I photographed in Arbil, Iraq, as this juncture in my travel life, I have seen them so many times I tend to ignore, feeling readers know they exist.
Electricity Iraq

With the size of these batteries, the owner could go completed off the public electrical grid if he or she also installed good solar panels on the roof.

Unfortunately, this type of systems gets me excited, I truly love gadgets. This is a temptation, something fun to plan and implement. On the other hand, when you need this, maybe you had better consider your home purchase; it may be a questionable decision.

There is man I met who is making a Permaculture farm here in Dominican Republic, sort of a good idea, but also a bad idea. Generally, the public electrical systems are easier for the public to understand and utilizes, this system above is not for the average Joe Blow to use, it is a money hole. These permaculture systems need the outside world, often they buy battery backup system like the one above, and they need factories to manufacture items they use.

Sosua, has an overabundance of over-priced homes, there is something about buying a home on and island that leads people to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a point. There are houses that sell for 500,000 that you can rent for 500 dollars per month; this should give you the math to understand the world we live in…

Economically, all of this is about "StatusCism" the idea that I have a bigger on than you, I one-upped you, the number one social problem on planet earth. Not that Marxism is solution, but for sure, penis envy is rampant.

Battery Backup in Sosua Dominican Republic

DEET Insect Repellant Add Water Travel Tip

Save money, and use less Toxic DEET on your body, dilute the mixture by 50 to 75 percent. You will need to experiment with your local version of insects.

Johnny the airline pilot told me,
"You can add water to the DEET Insect Repellant; it seems to a good job."

The Island of Hispaniola, with the countries of Haiti and Dominican Republic is infested with "No See Ums," these little bugs that bite before and after sunset or sunrise.

I have used more DEET or Insect Repellant in the last six weeks, than in the last 12 years of travel here in Sosua, Dominican Republic.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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I carry the little white bottle with me; it will not leak in my bag. I first purchased the small spray one thinking it would suffice, as you can see, I now have a collection of insect repellant bottles.

Me filling up my bottle with about 75 percent water, it seems to work well. I only need to do my ankles, and in the future will pack one long pair of tube socks. I only have them good-for-the-tropics ankle socks, I am hoping I can buy some here, I am not positive sock will stop No See Um, I know it will not totally stop Mosquitoes. (Loose Clothing is needed.)

Two Things I will Not Do
1. Put DEET on my Body Every day.
2. Take Malaria Pills longer than one month.

I need to buy some long socks, this is out of control, it is not the Mosquitoes, it is this nasty version of No See Um that infests this Island called Hispaniola.

I went in an internet café on Rue Lamarre in Port au Prince, Haiti. I started carrying my bottle of insect repellant; it was amazing how many welts the Hispaniola Island version of No See Ums can gave me. (I do not know if this building exist, or the man is alive.)

Everyone is different, it is highly possible, I am just sweeter than you are, normally I am not affected as much as other people, however here they like me better.

Did you know, if you put Duck Tape on some item, and you wanted to clean it, you can use Insect Repellant or DEET to clean the glue off?

DEET Insect Repellant Add Water Travel Tip

Tigers Woods Analyzed by a Recovering Alcoholic

As of February 12, I have been sober for 23 years; I am a dysfunctional person in some form of remission. I sincerely hope the majority of my dysfunctional behaviors are less. Let me first say, for you to care deeply about Tiger Woods is dysfunctional, unless you are a person friend of him. To be angry, to raise your voice, to think more than passing about Tiger, is often you connecting your self or self esteem to another, not functionally having your own.

Tiger Wood came on Television and admitted something, what is my opinion?

First My Admission
I Andy Graham am an Alcoholic
I Andy Graham a Dysfunctional person.
I had four DWI, and spent one year on house arrest.
I lost my drivers license for 10 years.
I filed Bankruptcy

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Saturday, February 20, 2010
By Andy Graham of
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What Tiger Needs to Say

1. I am an adulterer.
2. I am a liar.
3. I believed I was God, superior to other people.

I am not sure I care whether he says he is a Sex Addict; this is just the symptom of his being a liar and feels superior above normal society.

There is a saying,
"Walk the walk and talk the talk."

What does this mean, not a lot, just a good saying…a guide.

1. Tiger Woods was talking the talk, about 70 percent of the time in the press conference, he did not claim strong statements as I did above, and did not own them 100 percent.

2. Talk the Talk is him talking, the more he repeats strong admissions the better, then one day he will accept them and live them. This is not an event, it is a process, he still does not believe what he said yesterday, He will believe it after he says it for the rest of his life; he needs to apologize to his wife for the rest of his life.

(Hmm, I apologize to all the people I hurt, note I went and lived in the gutter, many of you married people bring the gutter into your house with your wife and children.)

3. Walk the Walk is difficult, I highly doubt Tiger Woods will continually walk the walk and tell people of his dysfunctional behaviors whereby he can keep his lies in remission. Everyone is dysfunctional, it is on a continuum, maybe Jesus is the least and Charles Manson is the worst, and you are somewhere in the middle, if you think you are not at all, they you for sure have many dysfunctional behaviors, the first is denial.

A person must have a rigorous, strict, and no excuses approach to honesty. Contrary to any crap readers think, as a recovering alcoholic, I do not have the luxury of misrepresenting the truth in this travel journal. My truthfulness is what keeps me from putting a shotgun in my mouth; my honesty keeps me from having delusional evaluations of reality. Then again, I must also admit, it is possible I am dysfunctional delusional in my interpretation of the real world.

What is my opinion of Tiger Woods?
This is Day One, we will only know if he is telling the truth when he dies.

Will Andy Graham of ever drink again? I am in remission; I will know I stopped for the rest of my life on the day I die. As for the today, I have a simple goal, one day at a time I stay sober…

NOTE: Please so not think of this as a task, I have 23 years under my belt, the last thing I think about is staying sober, it is not work. Nevertheless, as you can see, I am Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk. Please do not congratulate me or Tiger, there should be no reward for stopping being a jerk.

Life is good, and a grateful person does not get drunk.

A person always has to worry about a grown man that walks around hitting a little ball. A person always needs to worry about anybody that wants or needs fame.

Tigers Woods Analyzed by a Recovering Alcoholic

Map of Mobile Offices now Includes Sosua DR

In between Africa, Haiti, or other Adventure type trips, I will stop in locations to work. This map shows location already established, and locations needed.

Mobile Office

Each Mobile Office location has a bundle of benefits, for example, here in Sosua, Dominican Republic there is a fine group of Expatriates that speak English. While in my Mobile Office location in Lima, I only speak in Spanish, but is a family environment, more of a home away from home feeling.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Thursday, February 18, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear |  | Top Travel Site

Redefining Mobile Office Locations

I am always trying to find new locations, good changes from year to year. Technology is changing so fast that in less than two years off the grid will be difficult to find. With the Smartphone’s like the Verizon HTC Touch Pro II I am now carrying, that has global internet data plan I am able to send my missives. Difficult to do, but possible, the world playground is opening up for all to use. (Your wife can contact you anywhere on the planet.)

Sosua Dominican Republic Mobile Office
My present location is maybe one of the best I have ever experienced. The speed and dependability is far better than other locations. I am able to talk on at 7:00 at night, without the other person even realizing I am on VOIP.

Redundant Systems
My Sosua Mobile Office has many redundant or back up systems, for example, say my electricity goes off at my room. I can go down to Rocky’s Bars and use the internet, or even closers is Baileys Restaurant, I have maybe five quick locations where I can jump on a WIFI Internet Connection. The 24-hour option is not as good as Manila, but I am on the same time zone as the USA, so less time zone problems with this Mobile Office.

Updates to Mobile Office Page

This is the link where I collect information: Mobile Office

Craig from made a great discover and observation.
"Google Reader Lets You Monitor Page Changes without RSS"

Therefore, you can take this link:
Alternatively, maybe this, not sure how it handles the / …

Insert into the Add a Subscription box, and monitor one page.

Craig from explained this in comment a week or two ago. Excellent observations, I instantly went and subscribed to Google Reader and realize this system is perfect for a traveler. I cannot use a computer-based system; I can go months where I never connect my computer directly to the internet. The map above is the solution to this problem, the Verizon Global Email plan is another, but overall, if I want to go off the grid, I must go.

I observe the connectivity of other travelers; this helps me to qualify their travel skills. When I know, when, where, why, what, how, and how much, I know whom there are…

Thank Eric for the great map above, he is cutting edge smart.
Mobile Office

Map of Mobile Offices now Includes Sosua DR

Haiti a Video Interview with Johnny Who Visited Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake Body Photos --- Warning, there are picture of dead bodies here, please stop, or click away, this is reality photos.

Day Seven Haiti Earthquake

Johnny Serb entered Haiti on day seven after the Haiti Earthquake. I interviewed Johnny, a Charter Airline Pilot here in Sosua, Dominican Republic after discovering he went there. I personally spent two months in Haiti before the earthquake. John had been to Haiti four times before the Earthquake. He knew the situation in Haiti before the Earthquake, and now after how it was after, this is an honest interview, without all the spin.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 17, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear |  | Top Travel Site

How the Bodies were Managed
Johnny explains all the photos below in the Video, instead of me putting words into the phootos, it is better to watch the videos, then come back and you will understand why they are here.

Three Video Below

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

If you do not see a video above these words, it is because you are reading by email, click here and maybe you can find it: Videos
Three Video Above

Thanks Johnny,

I appreciate your help in reporting the honest situation to the world.

Andy Graham of February 17, 2010
Sosua, Dominican Republic

Haiti a Video Interview with Johnny Who Visited Earthquake is Working with Graphics Designer

I am working with Douglas Lord, a Computer Graphics Designer who primarily designs for Real Estate companies here in Sosua, Dominican Republic. It is a challenge to explain to a person who does mostly signs and business cards who I am, or who I am not. I am very verbal, I could explain for days who I am in words, but this is not going to work. I need to explain to Doug who I am in photos. He thinks in photos, I think in words, we do not speak the same language.

Douglas Lord is on the right; they are putting up a Real Estate sign on the building to the right. Douglas also sells Dominican Republic Real Estate. I would have liked to have the Graphic Designers who work for National Geographic helping me with this, but they are not here in Sosua, Dominican Republic right now. Anyway, I suspect Douglas probably has a better sense of humor. I am doing a trade with Doug, I will teach him how to get traffic, and he will make graphics, I hope this works, if not, I am having fun.

Sosua, Dominican Republic --- Wednesday, February 17, 2010
By Andy Graham of
Travel Gear |  | Top Travel Site

I have learned many things about Graphics in the last few days… I must explain to Douglas in Photos, which this is not my first choice of languages to speak. I know about Internet pages and Douglas knows how to make great brochures, we will merge these two art forms, I am collecting many photos explaining who I am, or better yet, explaining who I am not.

Cover of a Book
A web site is judged like the cover of a book, if a potential buyer likes the cover, maybe they will purchase the book. We are going to replace the header of with a Professional look. I am somewhat sad; I must accept that new readers for 12 years have judged my writing by my webmaster and graphics abilities. I rather understand the grammar problems, but again, I am trying to explain the world. I guess, I do not care, as long as I make enough money to continue traveling anywhere and everywhere. (I earn enough with this site.)

My Webmaster Score Card

Interviewed by
---- SEO - B
I do excellent here, my two sites get over 15,000 unique visitors per day, this is about one million hits per day.

Interview by people who land on the site: Readers makes quick decisions whether to continue or click away. Note here, that if a person lands on the site, does not like and clicks on an advertisement to leave, this is good for me.

--- Appealing to targeted Demographic Group - F
--- Page layout - D
--- Graphics - D

Interviewed by Temporary Readers

--- Giving Readers what they are expecting - F (They think it is a tourist Blog)
--- Photos - C

Finding Loyal Readers
I am supposed to put my best foot forward, instead, I often tell readers to get out of my house, shut up, and leave me alone. I write for me, not for you. I will write about anything, this is the value of having a daily journal, the process of explaining the world takes my fuzzy abstract ideas and puts them into real world feelings. The more I write on this online journal, the more refined my thoughts become, I can see and understand my world clearly, I have written about is about 4900 small missive of the last 12 years of my life.

I want readers who are interested in reading about my adventures in Iraq, Haiti, Africa or when I am in Peru learning about un-contacted tribes. However, this is not the interest of normal Travel Blog readers. Generally, tourist readers want to see cliché sunsets, or they get frustrated and leave, they do not feel satisfied; I observe this in their comments, they want a little revenge for not giving them what they expected.

Making First Impressions with Photos
The world has become very cruel, they will weigh and judge me on my looks, my webmaster abilities, and my graphics, very few people care to know the real me. And rightly so, I set them up for misery by calling this a Travel Blog, maybe this was true 10 years ago when I was a tourist, but today I have become an adventure traveler who writes.

The site says to me, explain Andy in 10 words; then gives me up to 200 photos of to do a better job. I am baffled; my whole life is only worth 10 words, and who goes around promoting photos of themselves, seem like bad form to me.

Score Card on is F
I flunked my interview, the questions were 100 percent ignored by me. The silly thing says on my profile,
"View Photos of Me"

In my convoluted reasoning, I thought this meant, put up photos that defines me, therefore I have been putting up my best photos, my memories from 12 years of Travel. These are the photos that give me a personal connection, the ones that define me.

Look at My Photos
Go look at these photos on, you will not find my face. Doug asked for some photos of me, I have a few photos, but never thought it was important to take photos of myself, seems somewhat vain to me.

Andy Graham on Facebook,com with no face

FaceBook of Andy Graham

Goal of Photos
What is my question, I need to choose about six photos that defines my writing. I will put them in the header of this page, and allow these photos to either attract, distract, or I can repel potential readers. I want to find reader who have some manners, and are on the same page as me, this could be an act of God. How does a reader relate to a person who perpetual traveler of 12 years, and goes to places like Iraq and Haiti? is Working with Graphics Designer

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