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Web Cam in 1 Hour in Dominican Republic of Parade in Montellano

What: Parade of School Children

Where: Montellano, Dominican Republic

When: Monday, February 27, 2012

Time: 9:00 AM Dominican Republic time

Time: 8:oo AM EST New City Time

Who: Andy Lee Graham will run the web cam.

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Check what time it is EST? New York City time.

The Web Cam is on for One Hour from Balcon of Hotel in Dominican Republic

I just turned on the web cam from the balcony of my Hotel here in Montellano, Dominican Republic.

I will leave it on until about 5:00 AM New York City time.

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2011 October 30 Leave USA to Caribbean Island of Domincan Republic

My parents and I left the house in Orland, Indaina and drove me to the South Bend Airport, about 60 miles away. I then caught a 10:30 Coach USA bus for 35-40 USD to Ohare International Airport in Chicago about three hours away. The Spirit Air flight was delayed, about two hours so they would not allow me to check in, and nothing do but wait, all the store are on the other side of the check in.

The lady at the check wanted to see the onward ticket, and I gave here my fake one and it passed.

I got a 30 day visa, which renew by doing nothing for 90 day (I think) for 25 USD at the DR Airport.

Nothing went right with Spirit Air, the plane were delayed, but strangely they got my bag through in a 10 minute layover in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. But we set on the tarmac for a wind sheer thunderstorm to stop for about 1.5 hour, then left for Santiago. DR.

I arrived about 3:30 AM, paid 18 USD or 600 Pesos for Taxi to Caribe Tours and waited for the first bus to Sosusa for 160 pesos, arriving at Anas house at 10:30 am, about 26 hour trip.

No doubt, the girls in Guatemala are ugly compared to DR.

Why do Travelers Travel-cide, or Destroy their Travels

There are travelers who self-destruct their trips, they do not killed themselves, they kill the joy of travel. Traveling between destinations is the horror of travel, arriving at the the destination is the endorphin rush, the additive process in action. To leave too quickly, to live by a rigid plan is Travelocide, it is to destroy the fun of travel, to make travel work.

Travel is not the romantic part of travel, to go from point A to point B is not the fun, to live at point B, C, D, E, and so on, and so forth is the romance. To collect too many points, too many destinations, in too short of time is Travel-cide. I have traveled or moved locations for 13 years, while many people have more than my 90 countries in less than three, they are collectors of destinations, not of friends.

The prime directive of travel is to enjoy yourself, therefore if something, someplace, someone is enjoyable, you elongate the time, on the other hand if not enjoyable you trip on out of the situation, you travel, you trip out.

I am tripping out of Sosua, before I Sosua-cide here.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community of Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Lost the Plot or They have No Filters
I have written about this many time, but again, there are an extreme amounts of travelers, who travel solo, or isolate, or spend all their time being a tourist with an itinerary until they lose the plot. They do not have friends, there is no filter on their brains.

They do not have friend say
"Andy, you are angry."
"Andy, you are crazy."
"Andy, you are an idiot."

Generally the true idiots demand that another person agree, or disagree like a two year old, or constantly repeat the same mantras. (The gudebook, the PC, the romantic cliches)

There are many addictions to work on when we travel or live overseas.
I think the desire to be a big fish in a small pond is the worst, there are people with not filters on their brains that do not realize. Nobody is around to let them know, they are a loser in a small pond.
"They are telling me something very mundane."
"You are boring."

The need a bigger shark to shut them up, but the live and let live thing is too easy to do in a place full of transients, or mobile householders, we have no commitment. I have a commitment to truth, honesty and bring authentica reality into the light, at least my view of this truth, as I feel and see my world.

I removed the Blog comments again.
Then again, to disagree can be a little too provocative, I do not enjoy the comments anymore on the Blog, not sure if I will every put them up again. However, I still get my insights, many readers who subscribe by e-mail, reply back to me often, they just do not care to comment and be scrutinized.

There is a balancing act, I have no desire to entertain you, I am just writing a story to myself, I am journalizing in a way and you are looking over my shoulder. And like an good alpha male, I want to smack a few of you to shut you up, just have not figure out the way to put the killer blow on on some of your naïve and insanely Americanized comments.

Americans by nature live a soft life, they are lucky, but they have not needed to strive for the last generation, and this has caused their brains to melt down, they have no great filters, the PC police have destroy the filters, and many Americans have totally lost the plot.

PC is politically correct, more or less when men are wimps, and women whinge when I stare at pretty womans legs, the wimp agree with the girl, and I try to dump the both of them. It is natural for a man to look at pretty girls. PC, does not allow a person to be authentic, they want people to hide real thoughts, judgements, or opinion from the light.

Losing the plot happens when there is nobody around to tells a person to shut up, and get a life, be a man, or you are acting crazy.

Travelcide or Travel-cide happens when you travel only for the destination, and not the people, when you tell me all the places you seen, and not the people you met. Travel has to be about people in the long run, or you are just a hermit, who hates people, and you have no friends. You traveled to collect a lists of things to brag about, but you no friend to brag too.

I know many people who traveled for over three years, who never once stay in a location longer than five day, that is travel-cide.

I fly to Guatemala today, thank God, I know how to change travel channels.

There are people who always travel with girlfriend of boyfriend, they are not capable of finding or making friends. Can you make friends easy, do you smile quick?

Why do Travelers Travel-cide, or Destroy their Travels

There is a Map to Happiness

Daffy made this map in the movie "The Beach."

I have studied maps for years, the more you study them, the move obvious the path becomes.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community of Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


I sometime look in the mirror, talk to the man, and ponder, has being a traveler made me a better man? Yes, I have an overabundance of stories to bore people at parties, that I try to avoid telling because any story I tells sounds like bragging.

However, has travel changed me, yes it has.

I look for a simple map to enjoying my life, if the heat get to hot, I get out of the water. I feel no compulsion to make other people happy.

The problem with the map to happiness, is nobody is searching for happiness, they search for girls, they search for money, they search for a car.

I would hope some day, someone says to me,
"Andy, I came traveling to search for happiness."

There is no need to travel to be happy, but there is a need to search for the map. Then become savvy enough to avoid people who cause problems, because things that cause problem, do indeed cause problems.

I am going to board an airplane tomorrow.

One a day, I try to close my eyes, open them again, find a new channel, then find a better path on the map to happiness.

Running when things get to crazy.

There is a Map to Happiness

I Dream of Telling You About the Parallel Universe

There is a place you have been searching for all you life, a place that fills up gaps, that is not boring. And if you live in this place long enough, you stop being a boring person, you are a somebody, we all want to be a somebody, if only for one moment.

Please watch this scene from the movie "The Beach," you will notice Leonardo DiCaprio looks around to the left, to the right --- he is nervous, and why is he nervous: because he knows the secret, he lived a lifestyle, he lived one time in a place, he visited a Parallel Universe.

I am a Traveler, I am not suppose to tell you about our Travelers secret, which by the way is not a secret. BUT if you travel long enough, you know: you can give them a map, write a book, tell them a story, give them a video, make a movie and still, people refuse to believe in a Parallel Universe.

There is a place where you can change your stars.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


We all have gaps, there is a way to fill the gaps.

It has taken me 13 years of searching for words to explain what I intuitively know is worth everything to me, a life I will never give up, a life where I am free, it is my American dream.

My friend Ani said today to me,
"You rejected your life, you cut the strings completely,"

Why others, run away from society, but want to keep a few things, others are hiding from reality, the cannot give up, or commit to anything, always on the fence.

I do not want people to reject, I do not want them to escape, I do not want them to have illusions or delusions about a romantic world. I just would like people to take a lick, to try a small experiment, and walk off the path, and draw outside the lines.

It is my hope to one day explain my addiction to the good life. When a person likes one reality better than another reality, they refuse to stop, it becomes an addiction, I refuse to stop, and go home, I rejected one life because this Parallel Universe is truly better. If not for a lifetime, then just try it for three months, please walk barefoot for a month, please find an excuse to stumble off the path.

Yes, one person will find complete chaos, full of scams, liars, and criminals, while another will see the simplicity of saints. The two together are the perfection that fills in the gaps between two worlds to make a complete life, that is never boring.

I love the USA more today than before I left, because I know the other side of the planet. However, today I live anywhere I want, where I choose in this Universe, because I am a world citizen. I can go find the love I need, and do not have to make the best of it, I do not have to be tolerant of a bad situation, we all have the choice to change our stars.

Just keep closing your eye, then open them, you will notice that each time you open them, there is a new world, it is possible to do this daily, it is not a dream, however my dream is to draw a map.

By the Alex Garland is a traveler, or at least took a good lick.

I Dream of Telling You About the Parallel Universe

The Type of Travelers who Make 100’s of Friends

Each day, I become more aware of the type of people I love to meet worldwide. I want to meet people who talk with everyone, say hello to everyone, and do not get bent out of shape when someone is radically different. However, are wise, savvy and intelligent enough to have good boundaries, and not become one of the crazies who lose the plot.

Story of Photo of Chicken:
I was riding in a bus in Ghana with Bah my Ivory Coast girlfriend, I saw a couple of children looking at the bus pass by, so I put my hand out the window and waved at them. She looked at me in frustration saying,
"Why do you wave at everyone?"
"You are crazy, you wave and say hello to anyone,"
"Big, small, ugly, old, a chicken or dog."

I was never sure if she was proud of me or angry with me, but trust me, I continue to smile and say hello, it just seems wise to have a personality, or maybe to be a real person.
---- End of Story -----

I am working diligently on my book, it is such a great feeling to think clearly, to realize who I am, and why I am such a lucky person. I am very grateful to be alive today, living such a good life, that I want to share with everyone in a book. I want to share with people how they can come and share the good life the same as me.

I complain about tourists, always knowing I am in some way the biggest tourist on the planet, but I am not a tourist, I am guy that goes and meets new friends, but accidentally look at tourist attractions.

My mother wanted me to call the book "The Search," she knows I have been searching the planet for something now for over 13 years, and my father and mother just sit patiently watching, listening and reading, probably asking the question.
"What is Andy searching for?"

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Writing many Travel Writers with No Luck
I know hundreds of travel writers, I know an extreme amount of people who have traveled to over 25 countries. I have been writing these folk, many have traveled continuously for over three years, but what a breakthrough in my understanding.

My Stereotype was extremely off base
My assumption:
"I assumed, that if a person traveled for a year or more, they would stop in places, get stuck, make some good friends that would be difficult to leave. Why did I think this, well, every city I enter, I make one to five friends that I like to talk with, then I sort of get stuck, I like these people, I like to meet up with them daily, talk, shoot the breeze, and learn about their world.

That is me, I say hello to everyone, I care about the people, more than the place.

Well, I have been writing many people, and it appears that most were on some elongated tourists trip, where the were collecting a list of things they wanted to see on the planet. I on the other hand have collect a list of friends on the planet.

It is easy now to understand why the do not write back good, often people were of no value to them, only the ability to say, I seen this or that.

I like people who? And I am searching for people who?

Have lived in 5-20 places world wide for at least a month or two, but not for years. Mostly just curious, and wanted to know a lot of people in a lot of places, knew by moving we would never be boring.

1. We like to live the good life, we are never busy, and truly like to read books, and talk too much.
2. We like to hang around in many cities of the planet for a long time with groups of friends.
3. Most have moved around the planet from three to 15 years.
4. Like to live in places where we feel rich, where the cost of living is cheap, we do not like to sit around getting reservations and counting our pennies, we do not plan much, we live a life of serendipity.
5. Speak a couple of languages, because we have no choice.

If you know of people who fit this description, then please send them my contact information, maybe they can be included my book, they are my type of people. (I am going to write at least 5-10 books.)

People who go and make friends with the world.!

hoboontheroad AT

Or just tell them to search for Hobo Traveler on

The Type of Travelers who Make 100’s of Friends

10 Days of Friendship

I think on average, it takes 10 days before I lose respect for the average person. And I would assume my 10 day friends reciprocate and only grant me 10 days of friendship.

Sosua, Dominican Republic (Adult Community or Expats)
by Andy Graham (Gadget) of | Gadget Profile


Human Dignity and Compassion = Peace
I watched a movie the other day, and the formula for world peace was written on the blackboard, I think it is the same formula needed for friendship.

1. Dignity is respect and ethical treatment
2. Compassion is a virtue when one has the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy.

Peace is the result when two people care enough to treat each other with dignity and respect, and is the foundation of a good friendship.

Do no be delusional here…
Generally, all people lie, and enjoy the company of liars, the average person champions the devil in their friends, and there is a strong bond between liars and cheats. However, the relationship is built on greed and selfishness, and is always a bargain. If for any reason a better offer comes along, the relationship ends in betrayal.

I am a happy guy, I smile easily, often and laugh at myself, but find I can become very serious if anyone near me champions the clever liar. I am always sad to hear a person champion the clever liar, because my path has suddenly changed and I must adapt to the new road I am traveling. Friendship and love will grow continuously between two people, if they respect each other, and both always have the best intentions and motivations.

10 Days of Friendship

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