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Arrived in Bogota Colombia Air Trip

Hello, I arrived in Bogota, after they delayed the trip and flew to Cali because of weather problems. After a half hour in Cali we left for Bogota and landed.

All is good, I am in a proper Hostel, with people, kitchen, nice to be in a home.

Guayaquil Airport

Guayaquil Airport
Airports are always a trip, they are full of characters, which do not know or think they are characters. People trying to be famous and important in a place that is one-step above a bus stop.

I always check airports for clocks, for some reason in a place where a clock is needed there is never a clock. Here they have no signs to tell me where the airplane gates are, there was just a police officer standing in front of what appeared to be gate. Architects of airports are some of the slammers of the planet, they cannot seem to make the place functional, and all they can think about is making him or her the architect.

The people of Guayaquil are extra friendly, and seem to see very few foreigners so I have had multiple people try to enter into conversations, quite nice, always better than the places like Boston or London where they want you out of their face.

The American Deli is not open, it is 11:46 am, I hope they are talking about South American and not the USA type of American, however for sure nobody here talks English and any deli in the USA in an Airport and nobody will talk English either, so maybe it is USA type of American. I think they are trying to make play on words for marketing, copy, copy.

They have perfect bench seats in the international departure area, they have no arms and a person could sleep in this airport perfectly. For sure, it is cleaner than my room was in the Hotel.
I walked over to the deli, five dollars U.S. for a sandwich, which sounds American from the USA. Amazing how a sandwich can go from one dollar outside in Ecuador to five dollars in an Airport.

They have a gauntlet here to run with the duty free shops, this is becoming the rage, they make you actually enter or walk through the pay through the nose duty-free shop just to enter the international zone. The world is for sure a child, travel life must be run by temptation or the duty-free shops would go out of business.

I think about all governments, they always create a gap where to go through the gap you must pay; it is easy to be free just do not enter any one-way streets. Toll bridges, airports, gates, anything where there is some fee to enter the room.


The two second opinion of what is interesting about Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I believe that Guayaquil was a benchmark location for the importation of slaves to work in the banana, coffee, etc fields of South America. There is an interesting mix of very white people and very black people. Like there used to be a lot of white slave owners and then the slaves. This contrast I have only seen in Porto Alegro, Brazil where maybe the same is true.

I always notice the color of skin, the make up of the population, their height, length of noses, etc. because these are signs of the underlying cultures. A Mestiszo or half white and indigenous is different than a person that has never intermarried.

Bogota Colombia

Bogota Colombia
I am leaving today for Bogotá, Colombia to see my friend German Escobar that owns the Platypus Bogotá Hostels. He is probably the only person I know that I consider a true travel expert. To be a travel expert is of little value to the average traveler because normally a travel agent best answers the questions a normal person has, because all they want to know is Hotels and Airplanes.

To enjoy travel is more than seeing tourist attractions, finding a plane, then living in a nice hotel; it is a way of life. I become frustrated answering questions that any travel agent could answer, not well, however they could answer it and make most people happy.

German can answer my questions.

I will fly from Guayaquil, Ecuador to Bogotá Colombia for 118 dollars one-way and I have to pay 25 dollar U.S. for airport tax, therefore my cost is 143 total. I can carry 32 kilos the woman says, so that is a good amount and I fly with LanChile.

Guayaquil is a big city, no more, no less, I am not sure where to find the heart, I did not find it, and this is my second time here. I will have to come again; I thought a lot about going to Galapagos however in the end, I just cannot think about the tourist there without cringing. It just makes me feel weak to think about all them tourist, all asking questions, all excited about anything that is in front of them.

Guayaquil Ecuador Close to Ocean


I arrived by bus yesterday to Guayaquil, Ecuador, this is a city located on I guess a river or on the ocean according to how you look it. A very large city of over two million people though does not feel extremely large; however, the area does appear to sprawl around the area so maybe the metropolitan area is actually more populated.

I came with the Ormeno bus line, this is the second time I have taken this line in over five years of travel in South America, it is advertised as the Royal Class Bus line, however just so so and I was not so happy. I am not feeling good and wanted two features. One I wanted to go through the extremely ridiculously complicated border with a minimum of problems and this worked great, and second I wanted very good air conditioning. The air was not good.

Strange people do not ride first class for luxury, it is more of a way of making sure they do not have to sit with the poor people, so service is not a preoccupation with the other riders. However, for me yes, I was feeling very bad when the toilet did flush and the sinks did not drain when I was getting sick and trying to clean up.

Nonetheless, I made it to Guayaquil on a flat road so very few problems, and snagged a good hotel with color TV and AIR, I am going to try to resolve this sickness. I have been to a pharmacist twice now, however they are for sure just treating the symptoms and not the problem. I am betting on the shear time factor, time does heal 99 percent of problems. Therefore, I will try to be comfortable and not worry.

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