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African Guidebooks
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Monday, September 17, 2007

I have listened to enough people traveling in West Africa to know there is guidebook confusion, 99 percent of the people came to volunteer in a country, then decided to go visit neighboring country. Semi, saying, I will never come back, so I am going next door to look, just to see if I should come back, before I make the final decision.

I have listened to people explain why they did not buy the West African version of Lonely Planet or Rough Guides or whatever else is on the market. I have listened to a few explain why they purchased one of the Bradt Guides to one country, then NEED to borrow my Rough Guide to West Africa.

Most say the book the West African versions are too big to carry, so they refuse to be informed to go to some of the most dangerous countries on the planet, which does not make sense.

There is some mysterious guidebook vacuum here, I have now used the Lonely Planet and the Rough Guides, the Rough Guides is making a serious attempt, and I feel Lonely Planet is putting books on the shelf to capture their loyal readers like me, who started with Lonely Planet and are too lazy to learn another guidebook. A good way to make money, not the best person to write a guidebook.

I think about writing a guidebook, however, my reasons are wrong, I do not love any country enough to devote the time needed to one country. I would write a guidebook to make money; this is not a good reason. However, being I continually read guidebooks, and continually muse on this annoying thought in my head, I keep searching for a reason to write a guidebook, I think I am bored, maybe feel a project is needed. It much easier to criticize guidebooks than to write one.

Africa takes last place for places Backpacker want to go and this is probably the last place anyone should go, not the first.

I am slowly convincing myself that Africa is easy to travel, the people in spurts can be more annoying than India, after I think about it, most of Africa is flat, this makes Bus travel easy, it is too expensive, and that makes the average backpacker want to not stay long. French is the big obstacle, however 50/50 on French and Spanish, there has to be just as many people who want to learn French as Spanish in Schools, people go to South America in swarms.

I know people are afraid of Africa, and like I said, this should be the last place on your list to come, not the first. However, most people who come here have never traveled farther than the Church or their University.

I think I am thinking about Craig of Travelvice.com.

I talk, write, ask push and shove, and this person just doe not want to come to West Africa. I have offered free places to stay, even more or less said I would give him some money if he helps make some pages.

I have tried with Mark of the site

Hmmm Wade? He is presently in Morocco I think.

I do not know Wade, I have met Craig and Mark, Wade as I wade around in my thoughts is more of a long-term traveler. Mark is back at home in the USA, and does not seem to have an exit strategy. Craig just got some girl pregnant from Peru and is going to Peru; I need to keep my mouth closed on this, as it is his choice of lives, not mine.

Wade, what is he up too?

I guess I think I need partners in Crime, I think writing a guide needs balance and one person just is too skewed, it is very easy to not like a country, and there is no clear reason, just something about the country is annoying.

Money, money, and more money, how to buy time, this is the problem with a guidebook.

There is this guidebook by Lonely Planet I saw one time, a book more or less how to travel from England I think to Katmandu, Nepal I think by land. I have some ideas about this type of book and more or less think some people who are counting countries would buy a guidebook about Africa that would explain the cheapest way to go from Morocco to somewhere by land, I am not sure where, Nigeria is a problem.

I have not met anyone who wants to travel across Africa, however, I think the people who are counting countries or the ones bored with the easy stuff like Southeast Asia or South America would want to do a cross Africa trip. I have not met anybody who wanted to go and stay a couple of months in one country as a tourist, the Volunteers are a Romanized, sanitized, idealist never never land then need spanked and sent home, the NGO need shot, or tortured and shot, not people I will associate with in this life or the next.

What is that British saying, something about giving it a lick? There are people who would like to do a taste test of Africa, before they gave it a serious time investment. I am trying to calculate the time needed to go on an India style trip of Africa, just the main spots and out the door, and the jumps people make in India are amazingly long distances.

There is so little to see in Africa it is also annoying, I love ethnic cultures, therefore I love to see the cultural distinctions, the sudden change in languages and how they look. This is not normal, to make a list of why to come to Burkina Faso is a problem. What should you go and see in Togo, I do not know, nothing pops out as a good reason to go to Togo. Ghana has some great Castles, and Cape Coast is for sure a good place to visit, I think the Village of Yeji is special.

This is the reason why a taste of each Africa country, the persons counting countries can add a lot to their list, I think a person could travel the majority of West Africa easily in two months and strangely see the majority of tourist attractions.

I do not know, there is nobody I know wanting to come to Africa, I do not get reader saying, I am coming to Africa, ok, one couple, but this is not normal. If I go to Thailand, I get many, and if I go to Europe, the numbers of people who KNOW… hehehe are bothersome, however to blog about Africa is annoying to most readers. The ones that think Africa needs help are abundant, but this is also crazy, I think Africa is doing very well, they just need a kick in the butt and the world need stop helping or giving them money, making welfare babies does not help them.

A Taste of Africa…

I am thinking of turning the speed up, and taking some just the cream off the top taste of Mali, Guinea, etc up to Morocco in a quick sprint. Morocco is not my favorite country, so more or less in the way, and obstacle.

I always want a guidebook to be fatter, more, now I am saying less, smaller, strange how I must never hold to one consistent way of thinking or it causes problems. I must continually adapt, and change, to say something, and then do it the say as I say is foolish.

How far am I from Morocco? The Kilometers is not important, it is the bus time that counts, the on the seat time. I am going to the one long-distance bus station today, see what my options are.
African Guidebooks

Goodbye Burkina Faso

Goodbye Burkina Faso
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 16, 2007

I deleted two pages of angry thoughts about Burkina Faso Cling-ons, people who follow you and just never stop.

I was in Banfora doing the Burkina loop trip in my brain, when I thought,
- I am not happy, I do not want to be in Burkina -

To continue to do something that makes you unhappy, means a person has a desires to be unhappy.

Ironically I had just keyed in on a comment from Wade:
- To move with the grain, the path of the traveller -

I am working on a few I-need-high-speed-internet project and the internet café here in Bobo across from the Soba Hotel is one of the best I have found in West Africa.

Burkina Faso is in the middle, a good transit point to go North, East South and West, I have no choice, I will come back.

Ouaga, Bobo and Banfora all had young men who found me, then followed me, they will not stop, when one stops, the next one begins.

I am sad as I have seen many things to explore here, sugar cane that stretches for miles, Dates sold in the market, every type of food in West Africa seems to be here, this is a Mecca of West African foods, a lush area of farming done right. I saw the big moving irrigation systems over the sugar cane. There are tourist here, I have no idea what they are doing, they are French, about 80 percent women, with a Burkina Boy at their hip to protect them, however I am curious, what are they doing, was is this connection between France and Burkina Faso, why does the French people think they need or want to come here of all countries.

I do not want to collect bad memories of a country, it is traveling against the grain. The list of cons outweighs the pros, I am leaving soon for Mali, I am interested in country of Guinea and Liberia, I have no real desire to go to Mali, Senegal sounds good for a couple of days Mauritania to Europe by land is one of them, say I did it trips.

Goodbye Burkina Faso

West Africa Loves Children

West Africa Loves Children
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 16, 2007

West African women live children the same as 90 percent of the planet, I think men is different.

A read click reply and wrote me after reading a post:


Hi, Andy. I am fascimated by you observation about African parents portraying litlle if any love for their children. Have you been able to define when (age wise) when this happens. I.e. Child is able to get ARound and sort of fend for it self? Do the mothers show any personal attention when their kids are infant to toddler age? Does their seem to be any relationship to the number of children per parent? Or, do the parents just get lazy and send the kids off to do the begging/ jobs? Interesting that you haven't noticed AIDS in this area. Was that true of the others in western Africa? One last ?...What seemed to change in the NGO's attitude after he stayed on longer than the usual 9 months. God bless you recovery, your humanity, and your explorations.

Ginny (Edit)

Stop Quote

I try to convince my friend Gary, my Mom and others to learn to post good comments or questions on the Blog, and allow the world to enter into the fray… Please, writing me does allow good ideas to be passed around.


West African Women love children, not men, the women probably Love their children the same as 90 percent of the planet. I think if you want to learn about caring, study the men, a better observation of care and couple it with their religion.

Love for children is about the same in about 80 percent of the planet, and I think Africa is exceptionally good care for Orphans. They do not separate their infant or child from the child of others, more or less there is this I care for all children mentality, your child is my child, and when a girl becomes a prostitute and goes to the big city, the mother just takes the extra babies and continues on, I have not seen an AIDS orphans.

I am in favor of most child labor, I see nothing wrong with children working in the fields or helping their family to carry water, sell food or mining as I saw in Bolivia all normal. The problem again is men sitting around, drinking beer and having wives and children as slaves. Then the religions of the world support this behavior, making it close to impossible to say anything. Religion is the pivotal problem, as most religions give special advantages to Men.

A big problem is girls must have sex with teacher to have the money to pay for school. Of the girls go out to prostitute themselves for school fees.

Men on the planet use their dominant size to control women and children, and the religions than support the abuses.

However, children are possession of Mothers and Fathers to make them happy, a selfish desire to make a child into their likeness when good parents and to make them work when not good.

I suppose there is always the little abuse child in everyone, not me, because I am 100 percent sure, I was not abused. I probably abused my parents and this is become a bigger problem in the USA as parents get a 24/7 you are not doing enough for children lecture as the pendulum swings.

Love is learned behavior, love of children is learned, this is why I said, one jar of love to go. A person needs to buy it, they need to buy the time, and give it to people, the world comes and makes the un-needed orphanages, and they need them in India 10 times more than Africa. The volunteers do not come to love Africa, they come to fix Africa, and they do not want to get involved if anyone gets angry.

I think love for children need to be intrusive into another person’s life; a person does have the right to tell his or her neighbor to stop abusing their children. I sometime go over to stand next to women or children where the drunken father is being too much. Africa does not have many drunks, but places like Mexico has many. Drinking is a very small problem in West Africa, which is normally the number one problem in the world, too much alcohol, and the Volunteer come and are teaching them how to drink better and they are learning.

For the beggars, a religion here was sending out groups of boys to beg, and then wanting them to bring back 200 CFA, again part of the abuse by Religions and dangerous to talk about. All religions are abusive at base level, and do very little to help the people. Anytime a Monk, Priest, Mullah, Sadhu thinks they have the rights above their people this leads to abuse, same as when the leader walk around like they are special, special is a merit thing, not an appointment or choice, good work does deserve respect, not a label or title.

Men are abnormally lazy in West Africa, they do about 10 percent of the work, while in Asia about 25 and in Central and South America about 40-50 the Indians doing more than the Mestizos. Religions are abusive and out of control, all of them, the Buddhist build temple by daily taking of money and making sure the people know who did not give, other religions make not giving hearsay or punishable by death.

To teach care, is more about defending about abuse, to stop the abuser, more or less to say no, when everyone disagrees. This is why good modern time’s leaders are hated, they stop abusers. The rabble, the normal person is just an innocent goes with the crowd bystander, sort of groups hysteria with a twist.

The United Nations is correct to focus on women rights, but the more pivotal problem is abuse by Religions and leaders of nations.

I get in trouble here when I treat the women with equal respect as the men, but the men deserve so little respect here, even hard to give them the time of day, half-way respect, they take lazy to new levels.

Women though take good care of children, and breastfeed, I think care could maybe be correlated to breastfeed and carrying of children. At what age does the mother refuse to pick up the child, doe the mother consider breastfeeding needed, or do they put a bottle in their mouth and say be happy.

Love of children is making a many-layered cake, everyone country does it different and children do not need money, they need time.

Time… how long does it take to shake the hands of 10 small black children in West Africa? Than how do I get them to stop following me? A high five takes longer, and a child that is too timid takes longer. If the father starts to intimidate the mother or child, will you step up and intimidate the father. Will you allow a religious person to intimidate you? Can you hold your own?

Mothers on the planet are 90 percent selfish; they will usually take care of themselves before their children. In the end, the mother needs the money and the free time, love requires though first time, then money. Nevertheless, love is learned, and a one person at a time job, the TV is what is teaching the children now how to live, or ignore, or be ignored, when someone tells me they are too busy, I know how much they love me.

NGO change because they realize they are not doing anything to solve the problems, they are just here. The are romantics, full of idealistic who have trouble tying their shoes, they think if they go fix or help others they can save themselves. In the end, they do save neither and realize they are tourist, on mission. I am not sure, I tell people in West Africa, I did not come to save you, you do not need it, you are looking great, stop being bullies and life would be good, and if the men started to work just 10 percent, more they would be rich. This place has more natural land resources sitting doing nothing, I truly believe the Resource Curse is a reality.

NGO send children to do adult jobs, what do you expect, a 22 year old is going to save the planet? I think an NGO or Volunteer need to have had a job for 5-10 years and be over 30 to have a clue, more or less the NGO are full of people who want to be someone, not who are someone, get a vocation, before you come to teach, or accept you are just on Vacation getting stamp on your CV or Resume.

Africa will progressively behave, the camera is on them, the most effective weapon is a camera, nobody wants to the seven o
clock news as they abuse their baby or take a bribe, I like to take pictures of dirty laundry, a good way to clean the planet.

West Africa Loves Children

I Lost My Reading Glasses

I Lost My Reading Glasses
Bobo Dioulasso or Bobo, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Sunday, September 16, 2007

I seemed to have lost my reading glasses. I think I left them in the one 25-watt light bulb in Ouaga, Burkina Faso.

Today I seem to have lost my drinking glass; I carry also a plastic pitcher and using to drink coffee. I guess there is an ironic fate to these lost and not found objects.

I have worried about my glasses, I used to have two pair, and I thought about buying two pairs in Thailand, I just was too cheap. I sat on my glasses two weeks ago and had to work hard to get the lens to stay in the frame. I worry about Glasses more in West Africa along with medicines, as West Africa is different from South America or Asia.

The cost of medicine in West Africa is about double to triple the normal price of Asia or South America. I personally think the French working together with the leaders have clipped the hamstring of the Francophone countries guaranteeing high profits for the French and the leaders get extortion rate import-export fees.

In sub-Saharan Africa, the French were quickest with political reform. Across French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa, the French allowed the election of local government representatives and in return received African agreement to maintain close economic ties with France. In 1946 the French established a common West African French currency, the CFA franc (franc de la communauté financière Africaine, or franc of the African financial community). The currency, exchanged at a fixed rate with the French franc, assured that virtually all of France’s decolonizing African territories would continue to bank, invest, and trade with France. All of France’s sub-Saharan colonies became independent in 1960, except Guinea (1958) and Djibouti (1977).
FROM --- Microsoft Encarta 2007

The West African Economies are hopeless welfare children until they devalue the CFA and other currencies of West Africa. Any product produced in West Africa need to sell wholesale at double or triple of global value, so no reason to buy from West Africa, too expensive.

So how much do glasses cost? First note, this man does not want to check my eyes, he want to sell me cheap reading glasses you can buy in any drug store in the USA for 5 dollars. 1.25 1.50 2.00 etc magnification.

32,000 CFA than
27,000 CFA after he discounts
22,000 CFA and final price.

He ask me how much I will pay, I say,
10,000 or about 20 US Dollars, thinking the true value of these glasses globally is about 5000 as they are a little better than the US drugstore version.

44 US Dollars for glasses I could purchase in the US for 5. I will continue to search, maybe there are some inside the market, and sometime there are these under the market, where the real people buy products. The rich here can be super rich and in a bourgeois way will not lower themselves to associate, therefore creating this second level economy.

Funny I have also lost my coffee glass, I think I went out on the balcony of the hotel and left on the rail. Yesterday, I was walking around the huge market area here in Bobo looking for a drinking glass. I ironically need a second one. I store my light bulb in a drinking glass, than inside the pitcher, the double plastic walls protect the light bulb from breaking.

I can read in good light and for about 3 US, I can buy a second reading light, thereby double the light. I do not need glasses to use the computer. However, now I need two drinking glasses to protect the light bulbs.

I Lost My Reading Glasses

Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso

Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso
Banfora, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Saturday, September 15, 2007

The floor is clean in my room.

6000 CFA for a room with a shared shower, and toilet, 4000 more than true value in a global market, however normal for Burkina Faso.

There is a sink, water and mirror in one location; I can shave with a mirror. The floor is clean, someone has mopped the floors, and I can walk around my room and not track dirt into my bed.

This is a trash basket, they have one placed just outside all the rooms, this is a good system, and pragmatic.

Dirt in the room

To keep these things out of the room, the wastebasket needs to be outside the room. I think a swap system is best, however I have never seen it, however I do rob the clean one in common areas and leave my full one.

The Islamic Religion has this small plastic pitcher full of water, before they enter the Mosque as best I understand; they take their shoes off, wash their feet, then enter the Mosque and sit on the small rugs to pray.

99 out of 100 travelers and tourist will live in crap, and romance it, they accept what they have and say it was wonderful. To adapt, learn, and modify their lifestyles to the conditions that exist is rare. They finally need to go home because they never can figure out why they are not happy or why the move hotels every two days.

Five Star Hotels and Resorts are a great experience for a person, they truly do not know, understand, analyze or really list the pros and cons, they just know for one to two weeks they felt great. The lived better than at home and the hotel functions more efficiently we hope.

Religions should in my opinion teach manners and proper hygiene to the 99 percent of people of all countries that need to be continually told to wipe their arse.

My present room functions, it works, everything in the room has a purpose, a good sound reasons.

Self-contained rooms, in this area of West Africa this is the phrase used to mean a room that has more or less the house inside. All the normal parts of a house are inside the room, the phrase self-contained to me is perfect. If you rented a suite, it is an apartment with a Living Room, Kitchen, Shower and Toilet.

The perfect hygiene room does not have a toilet and shower inside, there were jokes 200 years ago about some cultures.
- In America they put their toilet in the house! -

Geez who want to smell their fat ugly grandfather make noise, smell up the house etc?

I really do not want to share a toilet.
I do not want to share a shower.
I do not want the shower and toilet in my room, unless there is proper ventilation, window and fans. This happens in less than 10 percent of the room unless I make it so.

I 100 percent guarantee I want to know the person who cooks my food, I like to watch the cook, and I want a self-contained cook. I want to see the cook clean the dishes.

Muhammad of the Islamic Religion was genius, he taught good ideas, take off your shoes full of sand, wash your feet, and put down a rug that you have kept clean.

Buddhism does the same, the Buddhist pretty much demand you take your shoes off before you enter a home.

Good Hygiene! Leave what is outside in the streets, on your shoes and outside the house, do not bring cow, human or other crap into the home.

What is healthy? What is safe? My room in the Hotel Paix is safe, and it functions. The floor is clean, I have a great Mosquito Net, the fan is quiet, there is shower and toilet, there is toilet paper, and I can shave, clean my hands.

It is NOT Great. I will leave today as the neighborhood sucks; there are a couple of Barbaric Rasta Men roaming the city.

I really miss the Video City Hotel in Mampong, Ghana. I think about returning, if Ghana gave me any possible way of getting a Visa, I would go back for a Vacation.

I feel negligent; I said the rooms in the cave were great.

The Hotel room here at the Hotel Paix in Banfora is great, outside the hotel sucks. The Hotel room at the cave sucked, outside the room was great.

I feel negligent; I said an unsafe room for 99 percent of the people was great, while for me it was great. Africa has bars or steel louvers on the windows; there is too much theft in Africa to not put bars on the windows.

Risk Evaluation, I sometimes should keep my mouth shut, not type in this computer, sit, and think before I say anything, especially when I say anything nice. To complain is ok; it stops people from going and being annoyed or in dangerous situations.

The rules of Islam, Buddhism, and Hindu are good. People need to be told to clean their arse. People like these rules of because after they return from all this, they feel clean and refreshed, like going to a Five Star Hotel. A few times per day, they are in comfort.

I am looking for a 10-day hotel; it would be nice to take a vacation in a comfortable room in a nice neighborhood. I like the neighborhood at my cave. I could walk over in the mornings and eat some freshly cooked Beignets or Bread, then at sunset I could walk over, the woman would be sitting cleaning and cutting long potatoes into wedges, then cook them right in front of me for 100 CFA. I ate some French Fries last night in the Hotel Paix for 800 CFA last night in what is a reasonably good restaurant. I am nervous thinking about this, they cooked them very fast. There is NOBODY in the hotel, the restaurant was empty, zero, and the French Fries tasted good, soggy and too much oil, not crispy and obviously fresh though. I had to ask for salt while the woman in the street offered salt and some pepper sauce.

I feel safe in the Hotel Paix in Banfora, I did not feel safe at the end of the day as I needed to leave the window open to be comfortable, and if I left the window open, I was not safe from theft.

Having the shower, toilet, and wastebasket outside the room is brilliance. There is no trash in the room to feed the ants, no water in the room for mosquitoes, and there is less humidity in the room so the room is cooler. All the mess is outside the room, whereby I do not need to allow a person inside to clean and allow them to steal my camera. There is a long hallway leading to the room, and by the time you arrive at the room your shoes are free of sand. I have a very clean room. I like a shower in my room so I can wash my clothes.

This hotel has what is needed, in the wrong neighborhood. The other in a good neighborhood, nice surrounding and what 99 percent of people want, with no way to shave or keep the burglars out. There was no restaurant to give them food poisoning so go figure, everyone wants to get food poisoning, I am pretty sure it kills more than Malaria.

The Hotel Paix security man came and woke me for the first bus, than had some free breakfast ready, exceptional service here in this Hotel.

Hotel Paix Banfora Burkina Faso

Banfora Burkina Faso

Banfora Burkina Faso
Banfora, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Friday, September 14, 2007

I am in Banfora, Burkina Faso and so far so bad, 100 percent followed without stop from the Rakieta bus stop to my hotel La Paix. This is not an easy city to understand from the window of a bus. I almost walked back into the bus station to get on a bus for Gaoua, Burkina Faso, but just too far at around 1:00 PM.

I was continually dogged by two different men, one an obnoxious overbearing as normal Rasta Man who I was inches from smacking. The other more polite one said bye bye and then followed, said bye bye and followed or stood above me. I do not get pressured, I sat down on a cement public utility and looked around, just at the entrance to the market next to a Shell Station. I was trying to wait them out, normally they are too lazy to sit and watch a person, I purchased a sachet of water from a little girl and asked directions to one hotel. The boy over-heard and jumped back in, what an annoying group tourist hecklers Burkina Faso has. The good part is there are tourist in Burkina Faso, many French girls with boy in tow, but nonetheless there are tourist, this is a good sign for the economy, there is interest in the country. The pain in the butt Rasta men really are worthless types, and leeches.

I have not took a nap, laid around, I hope the two outside the Hotel La Paix waiting for me have left the restaurant areas. The Hotel is ok, but 3000 CFA overpriced as normal at 6000 CFA. It is siesta time and most of the too lazy to work boys fall asleep anywhere. I will go an walk around see if I can find any reason to stay here. The town has cut down most of the trees, not a good idea in the Sahel.

Banfora Burkina Faso

Banfora Gaoua Diebougou Bobo Loop

Banfora Gaoua Diebougou Bobo Loop
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Friday, September 14, 2007

I leave in 3 hours for Banfora, Burkina Faso; I do a loop, the return and take a difficult for Africa traveler, easy for South American traveler trip to Bamaka, Mali.

I hope to make this loop below with the least amount of Transportation headaches.

I am not sure, I am hoping there is a 1-10 day city in this loop, I need a pause in the action. Bobo is 100,000 people too big, and Banfora is supposed to have around 50,000 people, and Gooua under 20,000 and Diebougou under 20,000 according to the Encarta Encyclopedia little dynamic sensor hand waving over the map. I discovered this wonderful feature two week ago, tells population, longitude and latitudes quickly.

Yep, this is me, I just checked, I am an under 100,000 or close to around 50,000 people city person in Africa. I checked two cities I really liked, Natitingou, Benin and Kpalime, Togo and both log in at 20,000 to 99,000 populations. Bobo is too big for comfort, not easily manageable, too big to take a taxi across in one swoop, or too big to walk across easily.

I try to stereotype myself, and then travel to visit my stereotype, I accept, I am a stereotype as is everyone, on Tuesdays or any other day of choice.

Banfora Gaoua Diebougou Bobo Loop

1 to 2 Day or 1 to 4 or 1 to 10 Hotel

1 to 2 Day or 1 to 4 or 1 to 10 Hotel
Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, West Africa
Friday, September 14, 2007

I am very intrigued by the idea proposed by Eric he coined as the HTI or Happy Traveler Index.

I walk into Hotels, Hostels, Guesthouse, I really do not care what you call them, and I search Hotels for the scent, smell and signs of Travelers. I first look in the common area, restaurants, I do not just look at the rooms, I walk around the Hotel searching for tracks of travelers. I often ask the managers, are there any White People here. If I asked if they were busy, they would say yes, I have to ask indirect questions, sometime I ask is this room or that room occupied.

I am in a place with no simple name, very far from the city; a person needs a car to live here. It is a great neighborhood, clean, a market right next door, the Mosque behind the place has not as of today installed a loudspeaker system.

It is a 1-4 day hotel.

The Charles Dunfour Fondation in Ouaga, for me it was a 1-day Hotel, however for many it was a 1-10 day Hotel.

There were travelers hanging around, or there were French Girls hanging around, doing what French Girls do in Ouaga. There was however bed for 3000 CFA, and so far, the cheapest place to sleep in Burkina Faso, my room was 5000 and almost cheapest.

Sadly, a Guidebook can make a bad Hotel into a good Hotel, I sometime say,
- The Guidebook Writer shagged a girl at the Restaurant Hotel. -
Here in Africa, I say,
- The Guidebook writer found a good place to park their car Hotel. -

I recommended the Mandela in Kpalime, Togo to Taia and Marc and wanted to call them later and say, as a couple, there is a Hotel down the street for 6000 with AC and good priced for a couple, two people in a room. I cannot remember the name, and it was not in the guidebook, and a smidgen too far for me to live in for me. They stayed one night I think in the Mandela, I believe, so for them it was a one-night hotel.

I always pay attention when a person tells me; I stayed 10 day in a Hotel. This is an excellent Traveler sign.

Tito the Slovenia man was not too happy when I said, the only reason I am in the Hotel is because he speaks English. He would disagree he was not happy, because he is a contrarian, but this is the reason, I am here. I wanted one person I could bleed for information on the area. However, anyway, I do it, he only knows a snapshot of the area, and I was looking for a multiple country view of Africa. When he leaves the Hotel will be close to zero interest for me, and I will not return, it is just too far for me without a car.

Returning to a Hotel is a good sign, when a person returns to a Hotel, I listen to the traveler say, and I will go and stay again in this Hotel.

I am always fearful of recommending Hotels, I know hotel where if you choose your rooms carefully, you can do great. Africa is full of this problem, only one room in the Hotel is acceptable. Whatever the case, the I search for Hotel where I would want to stay 1-10, and then vote with my feet, when I leave after 1-2 days this says something. I will leave this no clear name place to sleep after 4 days; I just cannot bear to live here one more day. It is too far from anything to enjoy without a car, I am out in the boonies.

The worst place to live is in isolation, on a paradise, deserted island with a beautiful sunset and nobody to talk with. BUT, there are people who do not want to talk with anyone, ever, and need to be in a cell.

Whatever the case, I pay attention to the tracks of travelers, are there people staying 1-2 or 1-4 or 1-10 and then I remember.

I was explaining to Tito that the rooms in South America were not as nice as Africa, however the Africans cost 8-15 dollars and in South America easy for 3-5 you are very happy, because they are a good value, plus many 1-10 people in the Hotels.

1 to 2 Day or 1 to 4 or 1 to 10 Hotel

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