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Anguilla Airport to Guesthouse

Anguilla Airport to Guesthouse

GPS Coordinates for Anguilla Airport
18 Degrees 12.410 North
063 Degrees 03,147 West
105 Feet Elevation
I walked to the airport again more or less by accident, just started walking and that is where I ended up. However, this time I had my Magellan Explorist 100 GPS or Global Positioning Satellite toy with me.

Now I am back trying to remember how to put these little degree marks into my website, I am able to type them in this page, however if I blog by email, or blog on I believe they appear as funny marks or characters.

The distance from HERE:

GPS Coordinates for Anguilla Airport

18 Degrees 12.410 North
063 Degrees 03,147 West
105 Feet Elevation

To here is 1.6 Miles

GPS Coordinates for Casa Nadines Guesthouse in Anguilla
18 Degrees 13.152 North
063 Degrees 03.720 West
83 Feet Elevation

I really enjoy figuring out this type of organization, I do not like entering or figuring out how to navigate from one point to another, as it seems insanely boring. However, I enjoy learning a way to capture data; I say capture, as data or information is an allusive type of information. There is no end to the ways of losing it, inaccurately logging it in, or the ability to be sloppy.

I believe I am very good, I know I am very good at entering data; checking, double-checking, quadruple checking my information. I used to layout with a transit 100,000 square foot building for large construction jobs, one mistake would cost thousands of dollars. I do not remember making any mistakes in two years or layout for concrete work.

This information above could be used in this way, a person gets off a plane, and they already have created a coordinate to the Casa Nadines Guesthouse. The person turns on the GPS and lets it warm up, track a few satellite, this takes about 5 minute or less, then they can get their bearings. With the GPS toy they can then figure out, it is close enough to walk, do I want to walk, which direction do I walk, and then make a choice. Now a good map would or could stop all this deliberation, however a map is many times missing what I want, has what you want, for sure it has a 5 Star Hotel on the map, however for the 20 Dollars hotel, nobody seems to care, a few guidebooks, however, generally it appears the little people like me on the planet are going to have to capture this data and enter it for the cheapies hoboes to share.

It is very easy to find anything if you PAY your way there, one of the arts of travel is to figure it out. 1.6 Miles as I walk at about 2.4 miles per hour as I have learned with my GPS means it would take maybe around one-half hour for me to walk to the Casa Nadine Guesthouse. I am paying myself now about 16 U.S. Dollars and hour to walk. There are very good reasons not to walk and one is the risk of getting robbed with everything you own on your back, for me this is a lot of money, computer, cameras, hard drives, memorabilia, cash, etc. However, 90 percent of backpacker probably has less than 500 Dollars worth of hard to replace gear.

Anguilla Offshore Living

Anguilla Offshore Living

I am wondering if these people in the Caribbean know they can live in 80 percent of the planet, outside of the Caibbean and have five servants that cost 10 dollars per day per servant.

1. Cleaning
2. Gardener
3. Nanny
4. Cook
5. Gopher

Anguilla Offshore Living

I believe there is always a desire to create a colony of the same culture, within another culture. This is normal development of culture, however to leave the USA and to not capitalize on the disparity between wages seems to me ludicrous, leave the womb, then pay double, I do not see the point.

Travel Newsletter Sent from Anguilla and Pictures

I am sending, hopeing it goes, my newsletter from Anguilla, mostly though pictures from Bequia and Babados

Counting my Transportation

Counting my Transportation

I have been trying to create a way to log in my transportation from place to place, or from hotel to hotel. I have or less learned or figured out there is always a beginning, and a few middles and then the end trip.

This may seem mundane, however it is easy to say,
- Go to this hotel.-

However to explain how you got from the airport to the hotel, or from the bus, taxi, train, bus and all the transfers is not as easy as it seems. I am trying to create a log in sheet with all the questions needed, they I could make copies of this sheet. Carry it, log in the types of transportations, prices, names of companies as I go, therefore I would not forget. Remembering the exact cost is difficult, I more or less remember in dollars, however I have trouble remembering the price in local currencies. Then I sometime do not remember the dollar price. I have been doing this or trying to create this maze of questions from my start in Bogota, Colombia on January 19, 2006, aagh, I have only been in the Caribbean about 40 days, it feels like many months.

Well, the goal is this, give the evaluation sheets for

1. Transportation.
2. Hotels
3. Tourist Attractions
4. Airports
5. Airlines

Etc and so forth to a person, I will be the test person. I will take them, fill them out, then log them into a form on a page, it will then blog the results. This may seem annoyingly complicated, however when you are not on a tour, the transportation is not figured out. I am constantly moaning to myself on why does the guidebook leave out the best way to travel from the airport to the hotels. I know always there is a taxi, almost always, however without someone telling me the price, I feel like I have to work hard to learn. Airport taxis can cost more than the hotel. I paid 12 dollar U.S. for a taxi from the Anguilla Airport to the Casa Nadines, and now pay 20 dollars per night for the room. This makes zero value sense, the cost of the taxi would be fair at 4 dollars. I could have walked easily if I would have had a super light backpack. BUT, being I had no idea how to get there, I 95 percent of the time let the taxi figure out my first hop in a country or city. This first hop is the most difficult, after that I have time, no backpack, and can walk around asking questions easier. Nobody, including the information counter will tell a person normally a cheap way to get out of the airport. I need to ask about 5 people on the plane until one will tell me the cheap way, they normally think, let him pay tourist rates and tell you the expensive way, or they have a car and have never taken a taxi in their home city.

Nonetheless, I am creating and filling in a database of stop, starts, middles, ends to transport, I have a spot for the GPS coordinates and have tracked most of them. If I would have had the GPS coordinates for the Casa Nadines, I think it would have told me the distance. Hmmmm. I think I can calculate now and play the opposite way. I have the airport coordinates.

I was wrong, I do not have the coordinates of the airport, I walked out and instantly got in a taxi, no time to wander around. This is the part that is difficult, I have to fight, try to slow the taxi people down, they are grabbing my bags, trying to push me in a taxi, hard to slow myself down and keep on the right perspective when people are trying hard to help, too hard. However normal anywhere on the planet.

Directions: This is about asking for directions, as anyone that travel knows, directions can be extremely bad. A map is best,hard to have with you, however when there is no map, a well explained set of directions is good. However I find people leave out things like - I started at the bus stop down the street, or one leg of the trip. This one transit missing breaks the chain, therefore a person is standing around trying to figure out the next leg of the trip.

Anguilla Hawks Win Baseball

Anguilla Hawks Win
February 26, 2006 Baseball Tournament

I am not sure, it is hearsay, I asked some tourist, local, Westernized man, who seems to have a child playing the baseball game. He rather indicated the Hawks Won the baseball tournament on Sunday the 26 of February 2006 on a baseball field near Crocus Bay in the country Island of Anguilla.

There was a bike race the same day, plus I spied some great bikini talent in the beach area of Crocus bay, all in that page or link.

Deja Vu

I was walking by this baseball field earlier in the day, stopped and took the photos below, then arrived back later in my accidental walk to the Valley Village or the Airport, and a view of the Bike race, all in a search for an internet caf?, which I did not find. Travel really does answer questions you did not know enough to ask.

The batter prior was a dreamer I believe, I noticed one of them Major League, USA like American Flags on the shoulder of the batter prior to this one, I pulled out my trusty 12X zoom Sony camera and was going to capture the moment. Missed the photo however had a great nostalgic moment. I played Little League Baseball, not may favorite sport, however for sure my fathers. I remember and think about a life so easy and simple in a world where all we wanted to do was chatter, listen to the ump say, batter up, and we wanted to hit it over the left field fence. In the end, mostly we just grounded out.

I am thinking whether these children will ground out in life or they will as their families are pushing presently make a home run. Not important really the home run or a ground out in life, however it is important they keep their lives as simple as a baseball tournament. I am hoping they follow all the great baseball heroes and not the gonga smoking hero of Bob Marley. I was viewing Monday the Black History people on the board in the Anguilla Library where I found I could use the internet. Many famous people from Martin Luther King to Sidney Portier and that girl in Cat Woman, Hale or something. I am amiss, I think one of the worst influences on the African origin person is Bob Marley, he in his wake is causing many a headache for parents as their children become Pot Smoking, sit around person and not men of - I have a dream -.

I have a dream about and am working on one to help the Malnutrition problem in Niger, I think, hope, can I get people like Oprah Winfrey involved, can I get the good of the cultures to help the less fortunate of the cultures. Can I learn how to spell Oprah without looking it up in my Encyclopedia Encarta?

These boys are serious, moving at a fast pace, they had a motorcycle and jeep following somehow as support. I walked by this area, I was culturally alone, my western culture was not in view here, big party going on maybe sponsored by the Cable and Wireless Cell Phone or telephone company. They seem to do lots of good for the Caribbean Islands. Western Culture - This is a way of hiding the fact I was the only white person in the middle of many black people, maybe I should say African origin. They were all cheering on the riders, I was lost, only being on the Island for a short while, and I was clueless where I was walking. Only going on a path, hoping I did not have to pay 10 Dollars U.S. for a taxi fare back.

Walked to the mostly deserted beach, while I was waiting for my room to be made available. The Casa Nadine is full, one girl was leaving at 2:00 and I needed to walk around until she left. I went to the beach in my long pant, shirt, luckily I had my Clive Cussler book in my cargo pants pocket, ready for boredom in the airports. However, it was great, laid under a dilapidated palm umbrella and read my book. Spied some good scenery on the beach, tried to take photos, it was a great day.

I think or feel the noise and traffic level going down has improved my mood. Bequia had too much of the Bob Marley syndrome, while Barbados was too Brit and way too much tourist and traffic for me, I am not found of the Brit Bar or make a pool area English Bar or Local on the other side of the plane mentality. Enough Lager Lots on the planet, this couple with the Canadian Flag wavers does not help.

Anguilla is a cultural paradise for me; I am surrounded in the Casa Nadine by other countries that have come here to work on the island of Anguilla. People from Trinidad, Dominica, various others I suppose, however I am living in a not-in-tourist bubble community however I can walk, hitchhike or hope to find a way to go to Shoal Beach where it is U.S. Dollars only and completely inside a tourist bubble. A great combination as I am in a place like my hometown where everyone waves and says hello, but I can go to a tourist bubble where everyone wants dollars.

Two U.S. Dollars for a Coca Cola in the tourist bubble.

Two East Caribbean Dollars for a Coca Cola in the Crocus Bay area.

There is always hope, life is good. This girl was wandering in and out of the water, I could not see here close enough on my screen to know if this picture would be close or far. I suppose I should look in the viewfinder and not the screen, maybe it will work as a telescope.

The hope is this, here is some rich, beautiful girl in a Bikini, there is this big Yacht in the bay, I am hoping she comes down rescues me from my poverty, makes me happy, rich for a day, puts me on this big yacht, takes me to a place far away. Later in the day she can drop me off on the beach, I can walk into the sunset knowing.

Life is good and the Hawks won!

I think I can use Anguilla as a base and take day trips by Ferry to other Islands, and not give up my home.

Caribbean Tour

Caribbean Tour

I am still in Geography 101, and I am positive I know Geography better than 99 percents of the planet. I had a lesson, I am still having a lesson, I will continue to have a lesson, I do not think I will ever stop.

Anguilla has a Spanish name maybe, however it mean an Eel, the big slippery long type, is part of an area divided up by the French, Spanish, British, USA, and Netherlands. It is a cluster of cultures, extremely abnormal on the planet. Ooops, I should say African also, this makes me frustrated and angry at myself. This area is 70 to 90 percent African, it is not correct in my sensibilities to ignore this fact, not an opinion.

I had a conversation with a man and women from Minneapolis yesterday, she was giving me a lesson in where to go and where not to go in St Maarten or Saint Maarten or Sint Maarten or Saint Maarten it goes on and on, however this is more or less the gist.

You have a Netherlands, Dutch or Holland side.

You have a French Side of this SAME Island.

I can take a ferry from Anguilla to this Island place with many name for 12 U.S. Dollars I believe, however not sure yet, the taxi to get to the Ferry would cost more than the Ferry.

This area of the world is convoluted, mixed, very small islands, however each has a specific nature, culture, maybe a race involved. What becomes even more confusing is the tourism reasons that have evolved. I am not clear, there seems to be a couple of groups.

Casinos allowed on Island versus Casinos not allowed Islands.
French full of rules Islands, versus the not full of rules (Maybe Dutch)
Cost of Hotels is very High versus maybe Mass Tourism Package Deals.

I am on Anguilla, this is an Island that would fit into the cost of the Hotels is very high, maybe to stop, no, the correct idea is to maybe create a sense of luxury. St Barts or Barths is I feel at this moment the same, they have very high prices to create that sense of exclusivity.

I am trying to learn how to travel to many locations. St Maarten French and Dutch side, this is easy. Then I have Saba, Saint Eustatius maybe Stat or Statia in common words, I am still trying to figure this out.

What is here is a cluster of maybe countries, elongated, arm length, however maybe a protectorate, autonomous region, Island country, something along them names or words that defines a location on the planet. The Sailors have a name, the Tourism industry has names, the locals have a name, the county that protects or administer has a name, and of course you have the Francophone - Anglophone problem. The Frenchie versus the English thingy, it is trying to my organizational skills to categorized or sub-categorize, there is no obvious pattern. It is the view you take, from a tour package point of view, from a Yacht point of view, or from a Language point of view.

I am 90 percent sure I should stay away from this subject when talking with anyone that has ever come here and traveled. Unless of course I want to get into a belittling conversation where the person I am talking with assumes they understand the area very well and talks down to me as if I do not understand. They will know maybe their viewpoint very well and will be talking very clearly from the Tourist point of view, and the travel agent sold me point of view. If I bleed over into the Sailor point of View, or the Columbus point of view, or maybe the Netherlands point of view I could annoy them as they could not see that this has something to do with it maybe.

I am not even close to understanding all the possible snapshots I could take of this area, however for sure the conversations have completely left out the blacks at this juncture. I am in a 100 percent black area of Anguilla, this is great for me, plus the room is only 20 U.S.A. dollars per night.

Yes, I am in a Eastern Caribbean Money area or a 50/50 area, the prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollars, however they will take U.S. Dollar easily. This is another viewpoint, are you in an take U.S. money point of view or in a price the items in Eastern Caribbean point of view.

I did my research, found that Anguilla was an Eastern Caribbean money country and I could hold on to my money I received from the Bank Machine in St Vincent or Kingstown Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Yes, there is also the City versus the Country point of view, this map below shows all the cities, however when I blow up the one area the Island Countries start to take value as opposed to only the countries. It has to also do with Ferry or boats travel or they maybe newer form of Airplane Travel, as you like, maybe Ferry Terminals versus Airports.


This is pointing out a specific area or the area of Islands where I am located. Convoluted to understand, takes a lot of study to figure out, and maybe a nut to care. In the next view below as it get larger the city versus country perspective is change. It will be hard to find the city, however easier to see the country.


There are may words in this map, what to call the places becomes a lottery.


St Martin
Sint Maartin

Leeward Islands Netherlands (Saba St. Eustatius St. Maarten)
St. Maarten
Sint Maarten
Antigua and Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Caribbean islands
Caribbean Sea
Guadeloupe & Deps.(Marie Galante)
Leeward Islands French (St. Martin St. Barts)
Leeward Islands Netherlands (Saba St. Eustatius St. Maarten)
Navassa Island (What is this?)
Netherlands Antilles
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis
St. Barths
St. Eustatius
St. Kitts
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Maarten
St. Martin
Virgin Islands British (Tortola etc.)
Virgin Islands U.S. (St. John St. Thomas)
Virgin Islands UK
Virgin Islands USA
St Johns City
Saint Johns City
Sint Maarten

Caribbean Tour

I am having fun trying to learn where I am, it really does not matter, unless you are crazy enough to buy land or build a home in these areas. I would call it a throw away investment or a who cares I will blow the money to say I have a home here situation. I got picked up by a car yesterday here on Anguilla, if you walk they seem to stop and pick you up, the person lived on Shoal Bay, you have east and west, I think they was on Shoal Bay West, they must have went to Shoal Bay East to lay in the sun or to visit some bar or person. Nonetheless they picked me up and said they had came to Anguilla numerous times. Everyone is friendly, I think I am into the range of making money where the person no longer cares they have money, they are positive and tries to hide instead of the middle management put it in your face style.

These people have a home, come here like a snowbird in Indiana would go to Florida, however they landed in Anguilla. Hard to figure out, hard to understand, however they come here regularly. I personally believe is just a chance or happen to happen sort of thing. They started on one trip, then repeat and repeat, maybe start to visit a few more island however just stick to coming back to the same place because they enjoyed the place. Then because they are American they HAVE to buy, they cannot stop themselves, they feel this I need to BUY IT mentality. I cannot just visit, I have to buy it.

Not to me a good idea, you can come here, change, live high on the hog and not get married to the island.

I want to melt them

I want to melt them

I like to turn on the charm, give a person a great big down home, Indiana shake your hand hello. I like to melt them; it makes me feel good to be personable and friendly.

I just woke up out of deep sleep, as normal, I felt as if I was on the top bunk, in some strange land, I was about to fall out of bed. It was too dark in my room to know any difference; there are no sounds outside my room. I laid here in my bed, looking at dark, trying to clear my head. I feel weak, however I also feel stronger.

The Hawks won yesterday I am told.

I feel that maybe this travel thing is hurting me more than it is helping me, I am worried. I am not the same love everyone person I was when I left Indiana, not that Indiana person are all love you, kiss you, hold you people. However, I know in Indiana I could melt the coldest of hearts, and eventually break them down, make a friend. I believe you can do that to anyone; however, I know that I am starting to not want to. It becomes more difficult each day to fight the good fight, to put my best foot forward.

I like Culture, I like to learn how a person says hello to each other in other cultures, whether is a - Que mas - in Colombia or a - Todo Bin - in Brazil, or - Sawasdee Kalp - in Thailand, there is normally a way.

I think they say - All right - here in the Caribbean many times, sometime - Hey - , I am not always sure, as the English is difficult to understand.

Maybe this is the problem, when I say Hello here, melting a person that cannot understand me, has no idea why I am saying hello, does not trust me, does not know me, however in the end has maybe never had many white people say hello is difficult.

Anguilla is easy, the people here are easier to melt, and I can get a smile on their face faster than the countries and cultures south of here. I do think in Barbados it was or could be a start of the change from the South of the Caribbean to the North of the Caribbean and how this bleeds into the Bahamas who knows. There are cultural lines, boundaries, where one culture tries to start and another tries to stop. Normally there are some natural boundaries like a river or a mountain range.


This is the physical features map from my Encyclopedia Encarta (2). You can see the Allegheny Mountains, Ohio River, Delaware.

I can hear John Denver singing that popular song, I think name - Country Roads-

- Almost Heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River, life is older, older than the hills, younger than the mountains, country roads, take me home, to a place I belong. -

There are rivers, roads, mountains, and some separation of culture, maybe the language will change, maybe this section was old German Farmers, maybe the French wanted to go south and create come - Villes, or who can figure out all of this clearly. The evolution of culture is not clean; it is a hodgepodge of mixes.

The north against the south, the - Gone with the Winds - This is about cultures, fighting, sometime forcing themselves to mix. To me as I understand, the book - Gone with the Wind - was about a culture, which was Gone with the wind. It ended, suddenly, like the stopping of the wind.

How wonderfully distinct the cultures can or could be considered in the Caribbean, as we have African, Spanish, Portuguese, French, British, Dutch all snapping at their heels trying to carve out a piece of the rock. Just like the USA it is a melting pot, you can see it simmering and stirring around, language changes, good and false claims. One country saying it is this, one island saying it is that.

I have been muddling around in my Encyclopedia trying to understand these countries. It is interesting as I talk with tourist in the Caribbean. The guidebook put or overlays a heavy religious culture or conservative nature of the Caribbean. The people read this and then they repeat this.


Then it become true, this is an annoying thing to me about reading and learning, it like anything in writing is the truth, while not anything I am seeing is the truth. It is the same with the CNN or BBC effect, as if anything the reporters say is true while the reality and be very different.

The Caribbean is very religious, I see and feel the religious nature in signs, posters, and many churches everywhere. I would not say it is conservative, as the guidebook would lead you to believe. Cultures can and do change very rapidly, and now with the television, the culture of music videos, in the last 10 years or 20, I am not sure when.

MTV Music TeleVision - network was founded in 1981- (2)

Ok for about 25 years the dominant cultural influence, world changing cultural movement is the Music Video.

I guess this is somewhere over the rainbow, I am trying to figure out how to melt the cultures I meet, how to become part of the area, how to melt myself into their cultures. I like to live with the cultures, not be the visitor. I can adjust and come in close with the Christian Cultures very fast, the Islamic ones are very friendly however I am not Islamic therefore not part of whatever.

Anguilla was like a breath of Fresh Air yesterday after many of the other countries I have visited. I am in Crocus Bay area of Anguilla, I am not able yet to find the rich areas of Anguilla, this is ok, I am not that excited to re-enter the tourist bubble. I am happy to be out of the tourist bubble.


Caribbean is about 90 percent African

It appears to me that inside the tourist bubble areas Bob Marley and MTV is the religion and in the area I am located presently it is about 90 percent for normal religion culture and 10 percent for the Bob Marley - MTV culture.

What this means is the balance is better, I know or feel that MTV is not a good influence on the children of the planet. It is meant to be fun, entertaining and everyone can say what he or she will, believing music is harmless.

Words can hurt, I know the words I put in my brain, the words I allow to enter my brain is the person I become. I can feel the changes happening to me slowly as I become a man of the world and not a man from Indiana. It is not what I want; I want to be a man from Indiana, a place where everyone knows you name. However, I will become the person you expect me to be, I will become the people around me, I will become slowly the local culture. I have no choice, I am what is I am around.

I have a person that wants me to talk more about my alcoholism, not the best subject to talk about, for many reasons. However, the way a person stops drinking is by changing their playmates and playpens. Not by just making a choice. It is a decision to change people around you, not a decision to stop. It is to change completely what a person allows in their life. I do not allow many of the words I hear or many of the lyrics I hear on MTV to enter my world. I will not pretend, try to be macho, try to say, it does not mean anything, all words you say to me, mean something.

Hard hearts are difficult to melt, tourist can be very hard, travelers sometimes can be harder.

Primitive cultures are softer than the modern cultures; I like the more primitive cultures because they have nicer hearts. Many people will make fun of President Bush for talking about Religion, or God, or saying things about God. This is difficult, I can see their point, however would you rather have a person up there professing to say or believe that I am the King of Atheist, I do not believe in GOOD, or GOD.

Not that simple, however there is a light and a dark path.

I am trying to learn about the Caribbean, I have many people read or may not read, I really could care less. However when I type in my blog, and any person that would type a blog when they are traveling, I would speculate or hope they write into three areas of time they travel.

What they expect or think the will or could see.

This is the confusion stage, where you do not understand

The impressions after you see a culture.


There is an impression, ideas, decisions you make much later, maybe a year later, maybe a month later, however one my brain has tossed around what I have seen, put the experiences through the wash machine a few time, they will come out dried and ready to hang up, this is my thoughts on the country.

I am sad.

I see people writing what they believe they should write for other persons; this to me destroys the value of a journal or diary. It to me is a great place to work through my thoughts and views, a sounding board of taking my abstract feeling and evolving them into words.

I read Blogs where the person is so positive what they seen, I read the guidebook, and it is as if they are making an opinion into a fact.

The Hawks won yesterday in Anguilla, maybe.

Anguilla Internet and Casa Nadines

I am in the country of Anguilla now, staying in a wonderful guesthouse called Casa Nadines, I have probably already met more Caribbean people in the last  24 hours than I had met in the last months travel
The place is quiet, 20 Dollars per night U.S. and has a kitchen. The world of the Caribbean closes on Sunday, I have found an Internet cafe in the Library for 4 Dollars U.S. per hour, however it is presently stopping my USB thumbdrive.
I am hoping tomorrow to bring in my computer and connect, they seem willing to allow or help me, there is a wireless connection they say, however I must turn it on, hope it works.
The Anguilla Hawks Won Yesterday

Thanks "Life is good"
Andy the
Travel Journal

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