How to get a hot shower?
Types of showers and toilets.
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Common shower head in Guatemala

This device heats the water.

The slower the water goes through the head, the a warmer the water.

San Francisco Hotel,
San Pedro, Guatemala on Lake Atilan

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  1. Make sure the head is connected to the electricity and the switch is in the on position..

  2. Make sure the breaker switch is on.

  3. The slower you turn the water on, the hotter. The faster the colder.

May17006.jpg (14491 bytes) See the electrical wires going to the water head. The electricity must be turned on, to have hot water.
MVC-001F.JPG (48964 bytes) This is a gas system, that works the same. This was taken at the Grand Hotel Quito, in Ecuador. It works the same as the electrical type. But is much hotter.
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Place picture of  HOT WATER TANK HERE If you are in a hotel, where they have a hot water tank, that holds about 30-60 gallons of water.


Turn on water
Wait 5 minutes for water to reach shower.

Left handle is usually the hot,

C is for caliente

PLACE PICTURE OF BLACK PLASTIC HOLDING TANK HERE If you are at the beach, in a tropical area, the only way maybe to get a hot shower is to wait till about 3 O:clock in the afternoon, when the tank is hot.

Do not take showers first thing in the morning.



Hot Water:

  1. In tropical areas, where they do not have hot water, if you take a shower in the afternoon AFTER the TANK on the roof warms up, it could be warm.

  2. If they have a hot water tank. i.e. Gas, or Electricity. It must be turned on, or the gas must be on. If it is a gas one, you can hear the flame.

  3. If there is a hot water tank, you may have to wait up to 10 minutes for the water to reach from the tank.

  4. If you take a shower first when there is only one tank to heat the water, you could get a shower before they run out of hot water.

  5. It usually takes about 20 minutes at least to reheat the water, after a tank has been depleted of water.

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