Backpacker Jargon - Slang - Terms - Sayings

AFTER ARMY - Refers to the Israel traveler. They all are required to go to the army, So either before or after army they travel. Normally they travel after army.
Around the World Ticket - A plane ticket that normally is for one year. You will choose the places and the stop. Common with backpackers. Maybe 1- 5 percent.
Backpacker - Self Contained see newsletter
Beggen - They are begging to get robbed. Wearing jewelry or camera around neck.
Bible - The guidebook
Bible Bashing - To complain about the guidebook.
BLANKED THEM - To give a completely blank face and to know understand or acknowledge anything. Common among the natives or locals, but the backpacker can do it back.
Bongos - Men that carry bongos to pick up women.
British path - England - India - Thailand - Indonesia - Australia
Business Day - A day that you get visas, change money, buy a ticket, as opposed to seeing tourist attractions.
Buy Dollars.
Center of backpackers Universe.
Cigarette smoking Europeans.
Common wealth
culture clash
Dorm - see letter
Dredd Heads -
Druggies -
European tourer - Travelers that use the credit card, and should be called tourist.
Front pack - A normal small backpack, but worn on the front and you have your large backpack on your back.
FULL MOON PARTY - An excuse for people to party and locals earn money. This is being copied around the world. Most famous is Full Moon Party is probably on the Island of Koh Phan Ngan
Gap girls - Young travelers from England traveling in the gap between school.
Goa Thing - Reference to going to Goa
Hippie: a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person
Hostel - Has dorm beds
Internet Cafe - A place that sells internet access and the use of a computer. Normally they do not sell coffee, or drinks, although that is probably where the name initially started and has somehow been coined.
It's her last night.
Lagerhead Brit - Person that drink lager in his or her local, gets drunk and decides to travel, not the brightest of the bunch and tend to talk only futball, drugs, and has more tatoos than normal. Smokes cigarettes one after another, person to be avoided unless you have no sense.
Last screwing: The last time you get ripped, bullshitted, or cheated on the way out of a country. Normally this indicated you are between a rock and a hard place and they know they got you and you must pay. Example: The taxi from the train to the border. There is no way to know the fair price of the distance so you pay.
Locals or a Local - The people that were born and raised in the city or area you are visiting. People you meet in strange cities will behave differently when they are not locals.
Marequesh Express
Middle Class Guilt -
Must See
On a mission - People that have an inflexible itinerary and travel through a country very fast.
Out - How long are you out for?
OVERNIGHT - A train or bus that leaves in the evening and arrives in the morning saving the cost or a room and making the trip faster because you sleep all night. But you often do not see the country.
Party followers -
Pony Tails - Latinos that try to be Indians to get the women.
Queue - The line that forms for the market, toilet, immigration. This is what England does well. A topic for discussion and an annoyance because large numbers of countries you must push your way to the front of lines.
Rucksack - Small backpack or smallish backpack worn on front of back, the term used by most British people and is not really American English
Save the world -
Spot - The Spot - Hippies look for the spot where they can be hippies or drugs or bongos.
Stamped - To get the visa, tourist card, or whatever is necessary to enter a country. Normally this made with a rubber stamp with a pounding thud noise.
Student Card -
Taught English
Techno Crowd (The) - Groups of travelers that congregate in areas where they play techno music or trance music.
The Hellos - A comparison of where you are from? Who? Why? etc. Some traveler hate this.
The Invisible Leash
The Uniform - Backpacker clothing.
Tin Tin - Belgium or French Cartoon about a boy that travels the world, you will see the cartoon in various cities around the planet.
Too Much Country - A country where if there is something it is always too much. India. If it is dirty. It is too Dirty. If it is Beautiful It is too beautiful. Always too much.
Tourist Class Bus - No locals on the bus
Travel Talk Mistake: Common things an experienced traveler learns not to do like guess what country a person is from, or to not be aware of the typical stereotypes of travelers of specific countries and start talking about them.
Traveler - Person that goes to place to place with no plans, often changing directions.
Tree Huggers
Trust Fund Traveler - Person that travels because has rich family member that dies and gave them money.
Virgin - Person that is just entered the continent.
Yellow Bible - Lonely planet

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