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Information about Talon Zipper company.

Information about Talon Zipper company.Talon Zipper was a company founded in 1893, originally as the Universal Fastener Company, in Chicago. They later moved to Hoboken, New Jersey and finally to Meadville, Pennsylvania. Here, the zipper was mass produced beginning in the 1920s. The high demand for zippers created favorable conditions for the Talon Company, and so became Meadville's most crucial industry. The company encountered significant difficulties after it was sold to a different owner in the 1970's, eventually ending up bankrupt. Many locals believe YKK Group played behind the scenes roles to ruin the company so they could recoup the business to Japan.[citation needed] That rumor has never been proven but none the less many people's lives were ruined by the downfall of Talon in Meadville. Sadly, today, nothing remains of Talon in Meadville except for a few run down buildings. Other early names included the Automatic Hook and Eye Company, and the Hookless Fastener Company. They were the first zipper manufacturing company. The brand is now part of TagitPacific.