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Bought New Backpack SIZE for Andy Lee Graham - Backpacks

Backpack - Today, August 25, 2012 I purchased a new backpack on to attempt to use for my perpetual travels, wroking on year 15.


"The Airlines have forced my Hand,
--- I need to use a bigger backpack."
- Andy Lee Graham

I either carry one bag, or pay 20-40 USD extra per plane trip.

I am about to fly these routes:
Guatemala to Detroit, Michigan
Fort Wayne to Austin, Texas
Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California to Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand to Mumbai, India
Mumbai, India to Goa, India
Goa, India to Delhi, India
Delhi, India to Accra, Ghana

Add 25 USD to each trip, and you can see there is 200 USD extra to pay for two checked bags; or I need pack so tight that travel is painful.

Ranger Field Bag

Ranger Field Bag - This is a Ranger Field Bag---I hope, maybe, who knows, or something similar, it will serve my purpose until I do some in the field modifications.

Airlines Abusing Users with TRICKY Luggage Fees
The majority of airlines are charging baggage fees from 20-45 dollars PER CHECKED BAG. This means, one bigger bag is a good idea, and more than two bag with you, ooops, you are asking to pay more money to the airlines.

Andy Graham

For maybe 4-8 years, this was my system, I put my computer bag in one of the bags, and carried two checked bags, the balance was perfect.

I do not carry bags farther than about 100 yards, to carry further is silly, that is what taxis and two wheel carts are for, if you go to Europe, you will be tortured, it by far is the most uncomfortable place to carry around luggage on the planet.

Backpack System

This is my present system, it was used between 2009-2012, I was using a MEI Voyager Backpack, very durable, however too small now for long-term travelers.

Arrival in Backpack Country

When I arrived "In Country," I would make it easier to pack, and tie the clothing onto the back of the pack. I truly despise pushing things into a backpack, it makes travel onerous.

This here is the problem, I do not want to tie clothing on the outside of my backpack, I want to store all my things inside the backpack when I am traveling. I need a backpack that is extra big, not extra small.

I am Tired of Explaining about Backpacks

I can explain the best travel tip on the planet, and only 1 in 1000 thinks it applies to them. This Travel Tip above utilizing travel principles applies to 100 percent of all travelers.

Note, I do not like the color, but drab green was not available, and black is always the wrong color for luggage. I purchase 90 percent of the things I purchase online with, the other systems do not feel safe.

Carry-On-Travelers are Annoying

99 percent of people buy things on vacation, unless you can say, you have never purchased any souvenirs, never purchased a thing abroad, a carry-on is mainly for business travelers, not tourists or travelers. Yes, I had two close to carry one sized for the MEI Voyager backpacks, but truly these MEI backpack are too big for carry on, but it worked when nobody was cared. The two wheel carts lugage can be twice the size of backpack, but still be allowed.

The bottom line, pushing the rules of Airlines is expensive, and many people that buy 1000 dollar trips across the USA do not have a problem, but go figure, they paid 4-times more money than me, the airline likes them to do this.

22 Kilos is the maximum weight I can safely try to carry, and there is problem with this new bag, it would be easy to make too heavy. However, I carry a hunting vest with me, with 7 extra pockets, and cargo pants, if I was using, ( the trickiest, of the tricky airlines, I would fill up all my clothing pockets with heavy things, the hunting vest can carry 10-15 kilos, and my computer bag is another. If the airline was truly a jerk, I would go to the duty-free store, buy something small, and beg for a big bag, and use that as additional weight.


Andy Lee Graham August 25, 2012


Neil V

About carry-on not fitting the needs of the traveler. What happens when your checked back gets lost or arrives late. How do you brush your teeth, find a change of clothes etc. in the mean time?

Maybe a small carry-on with basic necessities makes sense, and if you want just one bag for the moment, fill the small pack and then drop it into the big backpack. This is what I do. Going out for a few days, no problem, just take the small backpack and leave the big backpack in a locker at the Hostel or main hub for your travel wihtin a country.


I've traveled with a backpack for many years. I also learned a long time ago how to travel light and live with very few change
of clothes. Wash and wear are the best clothes to take.
Now with tablets it is even easier as I don't need a laptop computer and bag to carry on. I am a part time writer so I also
keep a flash drive with me and as neccessary I can always find someone to lend me a laptop if I want to write up anything
and send it wherever via email.
I find it amusing when I see people with humongous packs and shoulder bags, etc walking bent over. I seldom buy souveniers
or anything else but if I do I mail them not carry them around
I figure if there is something I must have that I didn't pack then I can always buy it but that seldom happens. Plan ahead,
pack light and you will enjoy your trip a lot more.

I usually go on trips lasting from 1 to 3 months at a time.

Neil V

Sorry Nabshalam. You have lost my trust as a creditable source for information for the next month or two after that rediculous Michael Moore/Oliver Stone Rant.

Neil V

Sorry to disappoint you Nabashalam I do not own a gun of any sort. I do not hunt, and I am deafly afraid of ever shooting someone even if being attacked (i.e. self defense) because the result is always a vicious racially charged attack on the victim if he is white. Next comes the draining of the victim's life savings to pay the lawyer(s) that will be defending the poor soul. Even in Colombia, it is this way according to my wife. Defend one's self from the scum of this world and the consequences are so much greater than just allowing the crime to take place. Life, Liberty and Freedom to rob someone for criminals and absolutely none of the same for the victims. After all, this is the Liberal Way. God Bless the Liberals!

Phil J

Remember guys. This is a travel blog. No dissing other people and no politics. Keep it about travel. Places to go and things to do. This post was about back packs not guns.
Phillip J

Phil J

I need a new bag to put on top of my check bag with wheels. It needs to look like the ranger field bag and will need some velcro straps to hold it to the check bag so it will not fall off when I am in the airports. Also it will have to be small enough to be a carry on but still function as a check bag if I have to travel extremely light due to baggage restrictions on some military aircraft. Then I can just take me helmet bag out of the carry on, check the carry on and use my helmet bag as a littler carry on.

Phil J

I agree. You do need some basic survival items just in case your checked bag ends up in Lisbon when you land in Nadi, Fiji. I make sure I have all my meds in my carry on and tooth brush etc. A couple pairs of underpants and socks and a few snacks for long flights and layovers. I also carry a small note pad and pens. And my laptop bag has room for a lot of various goodies.
I never check bank book, car keys, or my camera. I also travel with a stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, and blood pressure wrist cuff. And my little glucometer. And sometimes I also carry two of my favorite cup of noodle snacks just in case I get a connecting flight delay in an airport that doesn't really have any food that I like.

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This no longer works with two checked bags, the airlines not charge too much money. title=
I will replace this MEI Voyageur Backpack with a new UTG Ranger Field bag.
The back Andy Lee Graham used before: MEI Voyageur Backpacks
Andy Lee Graham purchased a UTG Ranger Field Bag on today.