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The Secret to Dying at Home or Abroad

The famous last words before we are involuntary committed to a nursing home are, “I've fallen and I can't get up!” Here's how to install grab b

We can retire abroad in more than 200 countries and never worry about falling down by having 2-3 live-in helpers for U.S. $10-30 per day.

Inside the USA, when children fall down, we know to watch them, or some social worker might arrive at the home and take our children away.

When our parents fall down too often, we children have no choice: Our parents get put in a nursing home for their own protection and to relieve us of guilt. ... And then, the state tries to take everything our parents own as they gaze at the old lady across the hall, hoping she stops talking to herself.

Dying at home

“I've fallen and I can't get up!”

What do these words mean? What is the impact of that statement?

You are going to call 911 for a "Lift Assist.”

How many times can you call the EMS to come before you are involuntarily committed to a nursing home?

What is the secret to dying at home? You never fall down.

This cannot be achieved by due diligence and will power, but installing grab bars throughout your home gets the job done. 

But how does one retire abroad and avoid a nursing home altogether? Log into the members-only area for three candid suggestions.


Well I have done one of these suggestions and it's the 2nd time. I have a wife 20 years younger than me and it does keep one younger.
I was trying for one about 30 yrs younger but they generally want the money up front
so I found the right one.


The medicare, blue cross, blue shield, and medicaid gives me an uneasy feeling, there is just to much money to be milked, and the age of the people makes this easy.


The medical care system is constantly being ripped off by HMOs, doctors, scam artists and individuals. The government has tried to stop it and every now and then you read where they catch a few but there are to many of them vs the gov.
I look at one of the worst problems we have is no matter how often the government tries to get a decent plan set up it never really works due to big business, their lobbies and the congress people that always put a stop to it.
Really great how the congress represent us.

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