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The roundtrip plane ticket is a marketing conspiracy that makes airlines, employers and governments happy. They do not want freedom of travel.

Wed, 26 Jun 2013 05:28:17

Airlines want you to buy roundtrip tickets. Why?

– Double their profits.
– No problems with visas. If you screw up, you just use the second leg.

Employers want you to buy roundtrip tickets. Why?

– You return from your vacation.

Governments want you to buy roundtrip tickets. Why?

– They do not need to deport you.
– They can control where you travel inside the country.
– They do not need to share tourists dollars with other countries. 
– The USA wants you to buy American, spending money in the USA.

The goal of airlines and Internet air-ticket booking engines is allow users to buy a bad-value planet ticket quickly and easily. If you try to do anything else, they frustrate you until you follow the path they want.

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The 2 Major Travel Strategies:

1. Airport to airport, then leave from the same airport

Example: Take a trip from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, to Sosua, Dominican Republic, and stay for a month, then go on to Brussels, Belgium, and stay for another month, then go on to Banjul, Gambia, to start a "coast to coast" trip.

2. Coast to coast by land. 

Example: I will fly to Banjul, Gambia, than proceed on to other countries on the African continent.

Land Strategy

All travelers and tourists, whether aware or unaware, are using these two travel strategies. Yes, they are normally flying to one country, then making a land trip from across national boundaries. My trips are just larger, but in the end most, travelers are doing essentially the same thing. It’s just a question of scale.

There are two prevalent ways to sabotage our ability to travel the world:

– Buy a car
– Rent an apartment or buy real estate overseas

Websites With Good Ticket Deals is taking profits; they are not gouging loyal users is a good alternative to allows a person to fly from the Dominican Republic to Europe for as low as U.S. $200.

Members can now log in to watch a video by Paul Theroux, where he explains his strategy of "coast to coast" travel.

This is a land trip strategy.
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