Annoyances to Travelers and Tourists

Travel Annoyances to World Travelers and Tourist

There are different annoyances for each country on the planet, seasoned travelers learn how to avoid them, accept them, or move onto another location.

Top 10 Travel Annoyances:
1. Taxi Beeps
2. Motorcycle muffler noise.
3. Beggars that Follow
4. Drunks returning home to Hotel
5. Not sharing the sidewalk.
6. No waste bins
7. No change
8. Lies or continuous lying
9. Loudspeakers in cars or trucks driving around screaming advertisements
10. Pissing, people pissing in many locations.

List of all traveler or tourist annoyances:

Beeping horns
Beggars allowed to be in the restaurants.
Beggars in Streets
Beggars that follow
Betel Spitting (India)
Bumping in street
Burning trash - Mexico
Buses arriving at hotel, unloading full of groups.
Cars not stopping for pedestrians.
Cars having the right away - World
Cats With Fleas
Cat urine smell
Change - Screaming change at you as you pass.
Checking out of Hotel - People noisy as they check out.
Chickens - Roosters crowing
Church Singing with Loud Speaker Systems (Guatemala)
Church bells
Confidence Games
Dogs barking
Dogs excrement - Guatemala
Dogs fighting - Guatemala
Drunks returning home to Hotel - Thailand
Drunks sitting at outiside table all night at Hotel making noise.
Ear Cleaners - India
Electricity goes off - Ghana, Domincan Republic, India 
Generator noise, the gas or diesel generator running all day.
Guides that are not gudes, that meet you at the bus, boat, train, plane etc.
Hotels forcing you to move because of reservations.
Jewelry Sales People Hanging in front of Hotel
Lies or continuous lying--- World problem
Loudspeakers in cars or trucks driving around screaming advertisements.
Missionaries entering Hotels like a convention and making noise - Christian
Mosquitoes in Hotels because there are no screens on windows.
Mosquito Nets used, because hotel too cheap to install screens.
Mosque Loudspeaker Noise
Motorcycle muffler noise
No - See Ums an insect
No change - World Problem
No cover on storm sewers
No waste bins
Nose blowing with one finger
Not sharing the sidewalk (Ecuador)
Open sewer holes in streets or as you cross street
Prostitution Hawking (Sosua Dominican Republic.)
Sand fleas
Saying "Hello sir, how are you?"
Saying, "Mister."
Scams (Philippines)
Shut electricity off at sundown
Speaker filled cars or trucks advertising.
Staring (India)
Standing rain water or other street puddles.
Talking Loud in Front of Hotel Room
Taxi horn beeping (Peru)
Throat clearing (Costa Rica)

Accepting Travel Annoyances or Changing Locations

Annoyances to Travelers and Tourists, and the need to accept some, tolerate a few, and move when needed.

Annoyances to Travelers and Tourists

List of Annoyances to Travelers and Tourists.

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Annoyances To Travelers And Tourists

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