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I Need More Idle Conversations With Germans And Less With Africans

My patience with Africa is ebbing, the level education, knowledge, and how to drive, walk and think are at the bottom, I need a German brain.

Fri, 7 Mar 2014 21:13:34

All humans deserve respect, reverance for life as Albert Schweitzer said, this is how gentleman negotiate the day. However, we are not all equal, some people are smarter, more educated, have enough money to buy toilet paper, etc.

Lamborghini Brains

Talking to poor, primitive cultures in African gives me a good baseline reading of humans, and it is never a pretty picture, rich, or poor. I love to learn human motivations without the buffer caused by modern cultures adaptations. However, I am bored with learning about the true animal we call humans, Africa is just a reality show version of Facebook with better photos.

My friend Mike in the USA would say,
"Andy, have patience, you are like a Lamborghini coming up to a Volkswagen bug."

West Africa is too difficult for normal travelers, and too easy for me, I am bored, I want to go to places like Somalia or Afghanistan, the Congo would be great, but just do not have the dollars, brain rich, and cash poor.

There is so little pride in workmanship here in Africa, in doing a good job, in striving to think, read, learn, understanding is at the bottom of the barrel.

Yet, they are normal humans, they too think they are the clever boy in class, they go to University, add a label, and believe that is an education. 

Americans think that a big house means they are smart, that is even more ignorant than Africans, more or less "Mine is Bigger than Yours," the comparing of penis size in America is the national pastime. Everyone lines up to buy a bigger Iphone, bigger, newer. They need to pay for their mental masturbation, quite humourous.

But, all in all, in America, I can find the 1 in 300 that has great pride in their work, their knowledge, in doing a good job. I can find the person who designed the Iphone, and avoid the users.

Finding a person that is better at something than me here in Africa is difficult, I need people who are more skilled than me at anything, I do not care, I just want someone in my world who does something better than me.

I need someone around me that make me feel a little dumb, so I will desire to listen, I am losing my desire to listen to Africans, I need an arrogant, but intellgient German in my life.


Travel has made me a rich man, I know longer have a pile of delusions to protect, I have left them far behind.

Andy Graham

There are Lamborghini brains, and Volkwagens.

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