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I Am Angry in Sosua, Dominican Republic, Listening to Stupid Be Stupid

Savvy world travelers will understand why we travel to stupid places like Sosua, Dominican Republic, a rather fun but stupid paradise. Others will not.

Tue, 17 Sep 2013 03:20:58

Today, September 17, 2013, I am in Sosua, Dominican Republic, and  I want to explain something to a few readers ... not all readers, but a few special readers who already know people and understand what motivates humans on planet Earth. 

(Chuck, wow, take care. I feel no remorse in deleting you again.)

Let me start at the beginning. When I was a boy, I felt young, stupid and naïve, but there was hope, there was the dream; we as children aspire to become adults, the big people with knowledge who make good decisions. Well, I am now a big people now, age 47, and I am still trying to find the adults who are smarter than children, more or less. I want them to NOT be STUPID, you know, act like my vision of adults.

I accept that I am powerless over stupid and that stupid is unmanageable.

DR is Stupid

(My house was so stupidly built here in Sosua that there is no way to stop mosquitos. I need to set up my mosquito net inside the house. No self-respecting hotel managers would ever require guests to live under a hot mosquito net; they would put screens on windows.)

I Planned to Visit Stupid in Sosua

But I came to Sosua with plans, wants and desires to visit stupid, and I found it. This is by far the "best of the best" being-stupid place on planet Earth, the Dominican Republic. This country can take stupid to highest levels possible. What a great place to visit … until the camel is one straw overloaded.

Now consider that me saying this city is stupid is something special. I have visited 90 countries in 15 years of perpetual travel, and this is me saying that the DR is at the top of stupid. What a great place to visit. This place is a dream come true!

Read this GRAPHIC below. I cannot type these words into my website because censors me.

Cuba Dave

I guess it got a little too stupid for me. Yesterday, some vendor on the beach said, "You are friend of Cuba Dave."

That was the last straw! I am one day too many in Sosua!!!

Hehehe, I started laugh, to myself. No, I interviewed Dave; he is not my friend, only a person I met in the New Garden hotel with all the other boys showing photos of the night before's girls. I wanted to help people find what they want in life, so that like-minded people can find each other. He is not my friend. Dave is a hilariously narcissistic man, who is entertaining to no end. He just never stops being what he is, the best of what Sosua has to offer up on any street corner. He can explain self-gratification forever; Dave never stops wanting to explain how these boys pay for women to make them feel special. What good fun.

First and always, please understand, that if I wanted safe, smart, clean, I would never travel the planet.

Traveling the planet is uncomfortably stupid living.

TRAVEL IS THE BEST OF LIFE, THE GREATEST OF LIFE. WORLD TRAVEL IS REAL, UNEDITED, THE GOOD AND THE DUMB ON STEROIDS. Nobody can return home after 10 years of travel and complain. By experience, through the stupid served on a silver platter abroad, we learn gratitude.

One cannot appreciate truly genius or beauty until we visit total ignorance and squalor. World travel is how we become globally aware, become world citizens.

Europeans are used to tolerating shit in their lives. Americans are annoyingly babied and kept free from dirty, messy, real-world things. We watch stupid on TV, yet we can easily live without the normal stupid world.

What is the bottom line, what is the primary motivation of humans?

We want to prove we are special.

Everyone that leaves Sosua, Dominican Republic, knows for certain that they are special. When you experience stupid on steroids once in your life, you know with 100 percent stupid on leaving that you are special.

We want our peers, friends, family, the whole Facebook world (LOL!) to believe that we are more special. We want to crab our way to the top of the pail.

Well, here’s the long and the short: Girls working in Sosua are experts at making men feel special in return for money. Then the fun part is that the men believe they are special because someone they paid treated them as special.

The video below is the human condition in a nutshell. When a man buys a fast car, when a woman puts on fancy clothing, when we strive to appear as someone, something special, we are human, just fragile egos trying to crab-climb our way out of the bucket of life.


Travel is an unedited trip into the minds of men, real life without the blinders, so that we feel alive. We are never more alive than when see the bad of the human condition, and we are never more grateful to leave.

But I get angry when I spend one more day than necessary learning just how stupid men can be in the city of Sosua. Yet without the expats here to observe, there is zero reason to come to Sosua. Unless you feel small and need the big-fish fix.

I am angry in domnican republic listening to stupid be stupid.