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The Healthy Tropical Lifestyle of Sunshine Walks

Many people stop working and travel the world for one year. They experience a lifestyle of long walks in the sun, then return home and forget their walks.

Wed, 18 Sep 2013 00:53:12

Life is good, and I am grateful the good gods gave me this life, and it pains me to hear friends, family and reader says:

“I have obligations.”

“I am busy, and I have no time.”

White or Red Umbrllas

Each year of my world travels, listening to these words from friends becomes more painful; it is agonizing for me to listen to them. There is an ever-increasing chasm between us: we, the people who live a traveler’s lifestyle, and those people at home, our friends, who work diligently for what we know is free.

The USA and Europe are great places. There is no cleaner, safer, healthier place to live than in the USA; it is paradise. But in the USA, youth desperately fight to find a job, get married, buy a house, and live the good life. Then retired people desperately travel to the doctor’s office trying to keep from losing their lives, wondering where life went to, fully aware they are on the downhill path toward losing their lives.

My Personal Shame at Having the Good Life

My life is good, exceptionally good, so good that sometimes I feel shame speaking with other people about it. I know that just explaining my life makes people angry, but what can I do? It is agonizing to share your pain.

My mother taught me to keep my mouth shut when talking would make others feel small. Comparing our lives with others helps us to dream, and a few go live the dream and walk in the sunshine.

A Story in My Years Prior to Traveling the World

I went to a party in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with my friend, Michael. I was standing to the side, admiring a few girls and talking. I was around 40 at the time. In walked my younger friend, Jeff, who worked at Colombia Street West, a local bar where he was a bartender.

I knew Jeff because daily, in my rush to become a somebody, a something, in the city of Fort Wayne, Indiana, I stopped in to the restaurant bar, drank a coffee, and read five newspapers to become a person who understands, who knows what it is all about, to be at the edge of intelligence.

1. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
2. USA Today
3. Wall Street Journal
4. Chicago Tribune
5. New York Times

Jeff was envious of me. He stood behind the bar, working hard to pay for college and one day become the same as me, the business man who read five papers per day.

I never belittled him. I actually encouraged him, and I am quite sure he did well in life.

Well, standing at this party, he walked in - young, fit, with that youthful swagger that only a 24 year old man can do gracefully. He had on cowboy boots, a beer in his hand, and a broad smile, and he walked up to me, shook my hand, and we talked.

After 10 minutes, I joked and said, “Jeff, I am the old bull, you are the young bull. You need to walk over to the other side of the room. You are making me look old and stupid. How can I meet woman when you make me look small?”

These many years later, Jeff is working, and here I am on a tropical beach, walking daily in the sunshine, and he will grow old and never come visit me.

REd Umbrellas

It is agonizing to know that I can never share my freedom with anyone; their obligations are insurmountable. They believe in the deferred lifestyle, that shit our parents told us. Work hard and you will have the good life. No. The truth is: Avoid work as much as possible, and you can seize the good life.

Working hard is God’s penalty. He basically punished Adam and Eve, threw them out of the Garden of Eden, and said, “You will work by the sweat of your brow.”

Then along came Jesus, rewriting the thing, and said, “Ask for forgiveness, and bring evil into the light, and you will be forgiven and understand the truth.”

Jesus gave us freedom through grace. He said, “You are guilty, but you are forgiven. If you ask for forgiveness, then Jesus will indeed forgive, even though we are 100 percent guilt of sins.”

Fun shit! But the true fun comes when we realize that we can go walk in the sunlight, stay out of dark places, and that we do not need to carry the burden, working by the sweat of our brow.

I, Andy Lee Graham, am a world traveler, having left the USA over 15 years ago. I have wandered the planet and visited over 90 countries. I do not return home to live, although yearly I stop in the USA to see my mother, father, sisters, brother and over 20 nieces and nephews (and more on the way).


Each day of my life for the last 15 years, I have woken and gone for a 1-4 hour walk in my world. This I have done in 90 countries on the planet.

And yes, F33king yes, I too, have obligations; I am no different than you. I must work. Daily, I wake up, work from 5 a.m. until 8 a.m. on this ever-expanding website, and soon, I will finish my first book. I am now selling products on, using their Fullfillment by Amazon program, something anyone can do, and selling products to youth and the obligated to work inside the USA, the boys with the burden.

My tropical lifestyle in the sunshine, walking daily in health is good. Sunshine kills most bacteria, viruses and critters. Very few nasties can survive in direct sunshine. To kills bed bugs, you put the mattress out in direct sunshine until those bugs run away.

Well, if you can figure out how to have between 500 to 2,500 USD per month, you can also go for long walks daily in tropical sunshine and watch as the critters, those funky thoughts that burden you, which you are obliged to carry, leave you. Freedom is walking in the sunshine. Cleansing your mind is free, and the need to burden yourself fighting to buy a car or a house, was God’s punishment that kept you in the dark.

Whether there is a God or not is irrelevant, the good gods tell good stories. Come travel with me and share the sunshine the good gods gave to us freely, without obligations. I like to blame good on the gods and bad on the Devil. I personally made the choice to live the good life, and I am surrounded by people who want to argue about gods, as if that does not make the Devil very happy indeed.

Thank you,

Andy Lee Graham in Sosua, Dominican Republic

On October 14, I will fly to Togo, West Africa, to work on a malaria project to clean Kara, Togo, of this killer of small babies, never once working more than 2-4 hours in a day. I avoid work, and I am damn good at it.

Do not work hard to find a job; work hard to find a life. Everyone thinks that I have an agenda to sell them something. I want them to stop buying so they can stop working.

The Ultimate Question Here Is...

Do you like the photo with white umbrellas or red umbrellas better? When you walk in the sunshine, along warm tropical Caribbean beaches, we sometimes can stop thinking long enough to understand.

one umbrella on Caribbean Beach