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Synergy Of Aggregation Of Random Chemicals Of Life

All the random chemicals we allow to touch, breath, or enter our bodies working in concert to magnify a problem. Alone they are safe, together a danger.

Fri, 18 Mar 2016 05:24:22

Too many chemicals

It is my belief, scientist search for the silver bullet, the one chemical that caused the problem, then ban it. In reality, it is the sum accumulation of all these chemicals above working together, in unison to cause the problem.

Yes, eating organic is fine, however the chemicals we use to take a shower, then after a shower is extreme.


When you see any chemical, or concentration of a plant, try to say no.

Cancer appears to be a locations where these chemicals leave the body:

1. Colon

2. Prostate

3. Breast

Or organs made to process intakes:

1. Lungs

2. Pancreas

3. Liver

These chemicals annoy the cells, and cause cancer.

Thanks, Andy Lee Graham