Natural Baby Skin Care Pulled From Field

The girl walked out behind the house, pulled some plants out of the ground, returned and put them into a pot, nothing more natural than that.

Watch the video please.

 Natural Baby Care

I could take tons of these types of videos if I was National Geographic, however, the politial correct police in the USA annoy me so much, I do not.


Andy Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa


Hi Andy . A great video. I agree and understand totally your comments about the politically correct police , a sad state of affairs , but not a totally sad world , as you help to illustrate . Pulling some plants to use when bathing a child , perfectly natural .


Africa is not poor, they are not engineers, but they are not poor. Here is an example, we just had a huge rainstorm. What does Togo do when it rains? They all go home, or stop working. There is no way to travel in the rain other than to walk, so I carry an umbrella. There is no need, no business, nothing pressing, no great reason to move during a rainstorm. In a city of 100, they will close all the shops and go home for the day if the rain is one them all day affairs. They just do not need to work, they more or less work to stay busy.


100,000 people, closed for business because of rain.

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