I Drink The Water In 100 Countries And It Does Not Kill Me

When you hear hoofbeats, look for horses, not zebras, which means look for the simplest, most common explanation first..

It is estimated for every cell in the body, there are 10-13 microorganism we generally called bacteria. It is estimated in the body there lives 500-1000 type of bacteria.


How many type of bacteria on the planet?
“10,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1019) or a ten quintillion bacterial species.”


Andy Lee Graham Drinks Water in 100 Countries

I drink the water, I have drunk the water in over 100 countries, and I am still alive and kicking. But why? It is my proposition that in reality, we go out and about getting small vaccinations of bacteria, which enter our body from water, food, air, skin, we are inundated with bacteria. On just our tongue there a few billion, by the time it makes is the gut, the flora inside is trillions. It is trendy to have pro-biotics, which is adding bacteria to the body.

So what is a travel? It s a probiotic, travel is the introduction of 1000’s of new bacteria into our bodies, and allowing the body to adapt. In reality, that which does not kill does indeed make us stronger.

Travel is the best probiotic on the planet.

Therefore go forth and drink the water, travel.

How to lose the fight against bacteria?

Poor hygiene, poor sanitation, poor nutrition, and a body that is so fat, unfit, and eating so many sugars, and carbohydrate poisons it cannot fight back. Generally the best way to fight bacteria is to stop eating, giving the body a break from fighting off new ones, so it can recoup, and destroy all the ones already on its plate.

It is not the bacteria, is the number of bacteria that enter the battle, too many and our body fails to adapt.

This is one of them fun Travel Blog post, food for thought, possible posing more questions than answer, we all will find our own paths, and none of us will get out this alive, go forth and live, drink the water.

Andy Lee Graham in Kara, Togo West Africa
June 14, 2015

Allowing my body to adapt to new bacteria in over 107 countries on the planet, and subjecting it to them for over 17 plus years.

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I don't drink local water in Thailand and neither do most Thai's. Many install water filters on their piped in water. Most Thai areas have septic systems, which flood during the monsoon season. Drinking local water is very dodgy anywhere subject to local flooding. The local Shrimp and Squid Farms also are inundated every year during the monsoon. So it is not a good idea to eat uncooked shrimp ... as Thai's love to do, when holidaying at the beach. I've seen extended family members get very sick, eating uncooked beach food.


I do not recommend anyone just drink the local tap water, but in reality, unless you seen the restaurant grab 100 percent dry dish for food, you have water bacteria. And, I laugh, the water in West Africa is about 50 times better than Thailand water, but Africa is perceived as dirty, while in reality is mostly crap. My room in Panajachel had shower water that look muddy, really bad, because they refused to pay, and had a pump in El Amigo, Pana, Guatemala.


I know from personal experience not to drink the tap water in Ao Nang, Krabi (I lived there for 18 mths). Washing the dishes and/or the salads was not a problem, it's the number of bacteria in one go that overwhwelm your guts defences when you drink the water that causes the grief.


Yes, it is the overwhelming, not just stray bacteria, and overwhelmed can be helped when you are in a new city on planet.


Andy, do you know if "Montezumas Revenge" is the same as or on the same level as "Bali Belly" or at least the Thai/SE Asian version?


I am not a good judge in many ways, I have not had pathogen, bacteria diarrhea. Yet, my opnion is Montezuma revenge is worst, or the problems of bacteria are worst in Mexico, the less as the move towards Argentina, Central American dirtier than South America, but Asia better than Latino countries, and India is just off the charts a mess for bacteria. Africa is cleaner than Latin America, and India, but dirtier normally than Asia, or close to same. Yet, Africa is HUGE, so I do not know South Africa, West and East are clean, and West is cleaner than East, but Senegai dirtier than Togo, it is always a comparison of countries.


Thanks, I wouldn't miss all the wonderful food I've had in Thailand etc just to avoid a few days discomfort in the first week or so, very minor. BUT, just the name "Montezumas Revenge" instills fear, I guess I'll find out but I'll be more cautious the further north I get :)

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