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Eating Natural Fresh Raw Organic Vegetables Is Easy Living Abroad

Quite by accident, I have spent the last 15 years of my life eating natural foods, there are 200 countries where modern chemicals do not dominate life.

Thu, 19 Dec 2013 21:29:37

Eating Natural, Fresh, Raw, and Organic Vegetables is Easy for Travelers

I live abroad today in Kara, Togo, West Africa, and the “Cides” have not made it here, whether herbicides or insecticides. Not because the people wish to avoid these harmful chemicals and pollutants, only because the companies that sell processed foods cannot make enough money, so they do not ship them here.

Natural Bananas

How do you know when vegetables, or fruit are fresh?

The fruits and vegetables look rotten, smell rotten, and are rotten.

How do you know when the beef is fresh here in Kara, Togo?

They kill the steer right in front of you at the market.

There are foods that are in-season, and out of season, so when the mangos are read, I suppose I better buy. I not sure how they do it, but the bananas always seem to be in-season, but will I ever become accustomed to eating black, warm bananas?

My friend Romaric makes videos, he is Togolese, and he has an eye for waste, we all seem genetically hard-wired to stop wasting food. He was talking to me about rotten tomatoes at the market, and in a word where everything is natural, fresh, raw, maybe 30 percent is thrown in the dumpster, if there was a dumpster, really most food is thrown in the river, where the pigs, chickens, and goat munch on it, separating the raw from the trash.

I truly need my Grandmother

As we was talking in French, about raw, ripe, or rotten tomatoes, and how the local raw food vendors throw them everywhere, I asked the question,
“Why are you making a video about rotten tomatoes?”

Sort of lost in translation, but he want to raise the public consciousness. I will blame his Christian religion, and being a University graduate, and said,
“So you want all the people to feel guilty?”

This is a good way to lose friends, and influence people, he could be a preacher. Yes, preachers do this, they make me feel guilty, want to deprive me of all my sinful pleasure, and reward me when I am dead, they need to put a warning label here.

Make the people feel guilty, without a solution.

As best I can figure out, nobody in Kara, Togo has even the slightest notion how to can tomatoes. I saw my mother, and grandmother do something with mason jars when I was kid, and my grandmother made homemade catsup.

Well, I and Romaric have decided to learn how to can tomatoes naturally, like my grandmother did.

Watch this video below, and think about our real problem, it assumes we can buy jars, lids, etc. Where there is a will, there is a way, but it is with great reluctance that I wish to bring modern ideas into a place so natural, it is never easy to say that all ideas are solutions.

And, never forget, if there are no ants, bugs, spiders crawling on your food, then you are not eating natural, fresh, raw, organic vegetables.

Natural Bananas in Kara, Togo West Africa