Puno, or Lake Titacaca, Peru

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Waiting for this type of Van to show up.
Mine never came, so I walked to the dock
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This is the guy that sold me the ticket.
Not very truthful. Do not buy from him...


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This was my boat the girl to the right is Maria. She spoke a little English.

I believe all the tour agencies sell for the SAME boats, So it really does not matter which one you choose.
They are all the same. The price is what is different. I paid 20 soles, or about 5.50 US Dollars.
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The name of the boat.


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This was a nice boat, because we could all fit inside. In the next photo they are sitting outside.
It is VERY cold sometimes, so this could be very bad. It take 3 hours to get to the second island.
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Picture of the other boat
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Maria explaining in English and Spanish the lake.
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The Agency, that did not pick me up.
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View of Puno as we go away from the shore.
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Some expensive hotel, straight off the shore of Puno.
I am not sure how they go to this place.
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Frank from Holland, a very good guy.
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A little house along side the shore of the lake.
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MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
Coming up on Uros the Floating Islands
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Just about to dock on the Floating Islands of Uros. Made out of reeds. Not that big.
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
Good Photo of one of the Islands.
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
Reed built sailboat.
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