The Good and the Bad of Travel Pants

The Good and the Bad of Travel Pants
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Travel Pants. There is a zipper so you can remove the pant legs
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hmmm. Yes they are everywhere.
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I can probably put my guidebook in these pockets. So when I am looking for a hotel, I can walk.
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Machu Picchu.... Have pants, will travel.
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
There is a piece of material that cover the zipper.
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
Not all legs look good....
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
No Back Pockets. But I would not carry a billfold or wallet anyway. Dangerous. But I still like back
pockets for notes.
MVC-002F.JPG (58472 bytes)
I think the belt weighs more than the pants.
MVC-005F.JPG (41030 bytes)
A Button, A Flap, and A Zipper. Pretty secure. But I can still cut the side with a razor, and get access.
MVC-007F.JPG (56613 bytes)
MVC-008F.JPG (76395 bytes)
Velcro, I like this, when a zipper is underneath.
MVC-009F.JPG (83480 bytes)
MVC-011F.JPG (71911 bytes)
I can still cut through the side of this pocket and get to you money. Or stick my hand in easily.
MVC-012F.JPG (64898 bytes)
This is GREAT.  A pocket inside, to store you money. Hard for them pickpockets to get here.
MVC-013F.JPG (88128 bytes)
Elastic around the waist. A good touch. If you are thin enough, and you pants do not fall down. You
can loose the belt, and save on weight.

Thanks from a hobo...


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