Types of bottles that will leak in you backpack, and types that will not


Types of bottles that will leak in your backpack,
and types that will not
finethread.JPG (166081 bytes)
This is a good bottle. It has a thin entrance, and the there are lot of threads. It will not normally leak easily.

wideshampoo.JPG (186158 bytes)
This is a bad bottle. It has a wide entrance. If you squeeze the entrance to the bottle it will allow you to squeeze it. When the bottle entrance squeezes the lid leaks. Take the contents and pour into another bottle.


leakshampoo.JPG (194194 bytes)

These pop open bottles are convenient, but they pop open easily. I have used electrical tape to keep them closed. I also will keep in a plastic bag. I usually just pour the contents into another bottle. I buy the cheaper shampoo, and pour into my good bottles.

leaktoothpaste.JPG (197432 bytes)

This baby leaked all over my backpack. Toothpaste is hard to clean up. I was thinking about shampoo and not toothpaste. Just buy the simple toothpaste with the screw on tops.

thintops.JPG (140337 bytes)

Examples of good bottles. The larger ones are a little better. Because I can pour the contents from small bottles into them.

widemouthshampoo.JPG (173763 bytes)

Example of bottle that could leak. Just because you carry a bottle, and it does not leak, does not mean in will not leak in the future.

I have problems:

On airplanes with the change of pressure.
When I sit on my backpack, because I have no where else to sit.
When people throw my backpack.

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