Scanning your passport, credit cards, traveler checks

How to Scan the important travel documents and why?

Save scan as:  JPG  or GIF file ONLY!!!!!!

You can scan your travel documents, and send to yourself.


  • Passport
  • Traveler Check numbers
  • Credit Cards
  • Student Cards
  • Important telephone number's

If you read this, and do not scan you travel documents.
Remember: I told you so....

Everyone says, or thinks it cannot happen to them.
But it happens, and no amount of caution can stop a robbery.

Why Scan you documents:

  • If everything gets robbed.
    They rob a bus, and take everything
    The rob you walking from the bus, to the hostel
    etc. etc.
  • The robbers know where you keep your money belt.
  • The robbers can take the whole backpack, and search it later.
  • Without the traveler check number, it will take longer

What to do:

  • Find a scanner
    a. Internet Cafe
    b. Friend
    c. Computer store
    d. Printing shop
  • Scan them in. SAVE AS JPG OR GIF ONLY
    a. You can open this type of file on any computer
    b. It is small, and will NOT use up all of your email box.
    c. If you want to be double safe, open up another email box. i.e. hotmail, yahoo.

    Ask them, and pay them....

  • Save on a 3.5 disk.
  • Load into a computer with internet access
  • Go to you account
  • Write and email to yourself. Put in the subject line. Clear words.
  • If you want to type passport, or credit card.   Spell them like passssssssporrrrrt, creeddddiiiiiit
  • ATTACH the file to the email.
  • Make a folder
  • Place, or save to a folder with a good name.
  • Log out of your email box.
  • Open you email box.
  • Got to the folder
  • Double Click on the attachment
  • Look at your document.  YEA!!!

If this does not work:

Ask them, and pay them....

Save scan as:  JPG  or GIF file ONLY!!!!!!

What not to do:

  • Type all these numbers into the computer, and send to yourself. Because some hackers can
    spider the words. They would have to open up every picture, to find you number. Almost impossible, but, realize it is almost impossible to have them read you number. Note: If you are a millionaire, you are more likely to have hackers go after you.
  • Do not send this to an account, that is not easily accessible.
    Send to a FREE one. i.e. Hotmail. Yahoo. I recommend
  • POP accounts are not easy to access. If you want try
  • Paid accounts are not good. Example: AOL, Your local provider. If you stop paying they close them, plus they are more difficult to access while traveling.

    Save scan as:  JPG  or GIF file ONLY!!!!!
MVC-002F.JPG (61987 bytes)
Who I asked for help... Rough job


MVC-004F.JPG (38705 bytes)
This is what a scanner looks like.
Cost in Cuzco is 50 centimos or about 10 cents USA
MVC-008F.JPG (60479 bytes)
A picture of the Plaza de Armas. Cuzco, Peru

Have fun!
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