Things to carry with you for lights, when traveling
MVC-005F.JPG (68349 bytes)
This is an extension cord. Latino type. Note that I have wrapped it up with electrical tape. The back had some screws that could give you a shock.


MVC-007F.JPG (42610 bytes)
3 way plug. I had to get one in Peru, the other one I have is Polarized, or one of the prongs is bigger then the other, so you can only fit it in the new type sockets.
MVC-009F.JPG (38471 bytes)
I keep my lightbulb in this plastic cup for protection
MVC-010F.JPG (44468 bytes)
I put the plastic cup into my coffee pot, for extra protection. See how it is bent, that happened inside my bag.


MVC-011F.JPG (41598 bytes)
3 way plug.
The most valuable piece. The converter,that makes a light socket, into 2 plugs.
Electrical tape.
MVC-012F.JPG (40689 bytes)
See that middle piece, It is never long enough to reach the connection in the middle of the socket. I had to add a small piece of metal, so the connection would work easier.



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