Computer headaches while traveling
My transformer that converts both 110, and 220 to 19 volts burned up, or melted down a little. I have a Compaq Presario 1215 and it works good. I have been carrying it in backpack, for 2 years.

This guy at the market for about 3 dollars USA, cut it open. Rewound the transformer part, with new copper wire, resoldered the connection, and made it work.


Oh, if you know anyone at Compaq, tell them I am a good commercial. 2 years 5 months with a computer in a backpack.
Tell them to contact me, Please...

Flipside: After stopping at 7 computer stores, and getting no help, I go to a Sanford and Sons type junk dealer, behind the market, close to the Coca Leave shop, and he repairs. Dangerous location, dirty, and full of junky looking radios, TVs. etc.

The beautiful computer stores, could not even give me an idea what to do, just when you think that it is time choke a few, one comes to your rescue. I thought I would have to buy another.



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