Coca leaves or Hoja de coca Leave that you can chew, that can be made into cocaine
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She is weighing the leaves. I think she charges 1 sole per 100 grams. They sell cookies, potatoe chips, and all sorts of stuff in quantities of 100 grams. But I am not really sure. This amount on the scales cost 2 soles, or about 24 cents USA.
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She likes to tell me that the smaller leaves are better for chewing, and the bigger leaves are better for "mate te" or Tea made of the leaves. They have regular tea bags that you can buy of coca. They look like a normal tea bag.
But if you want coca tea, I recommend just buying some leaves. I think it taste terrible. But I do not like normal tea.
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I would love to sit around and chat with this lady, but the local people really stop and look, when you buy coca leaves.
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OK, this cost 20 centavos. Almost 3 cents USA. It is some type of volcanic stone. The coca is wrapped around the stone and put in the mouth (like chew). The volcanic stone acts as a catalyst to the coca. Thereby, keeping travellers from altitude sickness, and other infirmities.
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The 2 sole bag of coca leaves.
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Just a normal tienda, or shop where they sell coca, or any other type of products.
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The address above the building. It is difficult to tell you where I was at. I was going to write down the street names. But there were no normal signs. This place is down the hill from the Plaza de Armas, and to the left. You will walk to a large market. Go to the left side of the market.Go down about 2 blocks, and you will find it. If you decide to walk around taking pictures. "Be Careful"!! This is not the normal tourist place, although in my opinion a lot more interesting than places trying to sell me Pizza. There is a large indoor market up the hill from it.
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