Pictures of Churros in Arequipa Peru, A sweet food sold in the streets Photographs
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These nice girls sit at these glass enclosed cases all day. When you walk by they say something like "Chuuurrrrros"  Notice the electrical cord. These little stands are totally mobile.
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50 Centavos. or about 6 cents USA. I believe they are deep fried. They are full of manjar. It is a cream made from sweetened condensed milk. They cook the milk over a warm fire until it turns into carmel. The cream is about the same color as the Churros or a little more brown. Manjar is in everything. One traveller wrote: Everywhere I go I ask what different pasteries are, then I say "What's in it?" The common answer is "Manjar". Now I just assume everything has manjar in it and that's fine if you like the taste of carmel.
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