Chicha a drink made out of Corn in Arequipa Peru. or Maiz
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Cute little girl. She was more curious than mad. I bought a glass of Chicha at the market for 50 centavos or 1/2 sole. This is about 6 cents USA. I paid the lady a sole, and only took a picture.
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Morada means purple. This is (de puro Maiz) means "of pure corn"
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They were selling 2 types of Chicha. Or 2 different colors. I ask what the name of the red type was, but I could not understand. I did not stay around a long time. This area is safe, but as soon as you take out a camera, any area becomes a little dangerous.
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This girl works at the Pollo (Chicken) place across the street. She gave me a lot of French fries. I can buy chicken and French fries for 3 soles, plus salad. The drink is extra.



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