Closer to Heaven, in Arequipa, Peru. Statue, Pigeons, hmmm
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I have stopped several time to read this. It is nice. I will try to translate.


Make me an instrument of Peace,
Where there is hate,
Let there be love,
Where there is offense,
let there be forgiveness,
Where there be disorder,
Let there be harmony"


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Them birds are trying to get to heaven faster. But I have read that is is not be deeds we get there. Someone, needs to tell them.

I hardly ever see this statue, when there are not a couple of birds perched on the outstretched arms.


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I am glad I am not a professional photographer. I would have climb up on the building to my right, and take a picture from the top. To get rid of the telephone pole, and the building to the left.

But if you look close, maybe you can feel them mountains to the left of the steeple.

Iglesia San Francisco


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