Alcoholism explained

Alcoholics Are Super Intelligent

I think the 10 smartest people I know personally are alcoholics, highly dysfunctional people, but super smart. I am a recovering alcoholic, I have not drank for 34 years. In February it will be 35 years.

Alcoholics Are The Dumbest Geniuses On Planet - Alcoholism

People are fun, alcoholics are crazy fun, nothing I enjoy more than studying how an alcoholic thinks. Generally it is about people who want to drink all day, even when it causes them problems.


Alcoholism explained

Geographical Cures That Help - Alcoholism

An attempt to cure, or escape the disease of addiction by moving to a different geographical location in the hope that distance from "people, places, and things" associated with drinking or using will make abstinence easier (or unnecessary).

Life Is A Game And The Losers Are The Game - Alcoholism

An epiphany, I was in Midland, Michigan sitting at a table where people were insulting me I wrote on a piece of paper. Life is a game, and the losers are the game.

Living Sober Is Fun, I Get To See Your Eyes in Morning - Alcoholism

Friends are now sending the “Thought for the Day.” Hazelden Betty Ford's Thought for the Day offers daily meditations for people in recovery or affected by addiction. Wow, it is depressing to read where is the happy thought for the day, where is my Peter Pan happy tho

We’re As Sick As Our Secrets

People have secrets, often thinking they need to have secrets. Then they don’t understand why they have problems, divorces, estranged children, job problems, then cannot earn money. It's their secrets.

Your Brains Is The Average Of The 10 Youtube Channels You Watch

It’s a new world. Every person has a little voice in their head if we can control that voice we can change our world. It’s not willpower to stop drinking, or to exercise daily, or to start a YouTube channel. If I asked you the 10 YouTube channels you watch then I know you.

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