Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets? is Too Tricky to be Trusted so is My Choice

I purchased a ticket for 335 USD with from Guatemala to Chicago, while maybe 100 dollars cheaper, was too risky.

Spirit Air

I will fly from Guatemala to Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 2011. has a direct flight for 335 USD, and there is nothing but confusion served up by

Spirit Air Baggage Fees

I went to the baggage page, on the first page it says I can bring a backpack, but onerously does not say Computer. I then clicked on the page that lead to fees: Click Here

Wow, they say that confusion is the devils only friend, and for that describes's baggage fee page.

I think I would translate marketing program as,
"We believe you are stupid, you continue to buy tickets, therefore we will continue until we are forced to stop."

Obvious Good Deal: I make decision by searching for the obvious, when a product or service is obviously good, then I say yes.


Phil J

At the Guatemala City international airport, Spirit Air charged me $75 per checked bag for two bags. They obviously ripped me off. And then the head stewardess got mad at me and treated me badly the whole flight. And no free muffin or bagel or anything on a 4 hour international flight. The entire experience is the worst I have ever had. And I have been flying commercial since September of 1969.
ps: TACCA was great

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Members Buy Plane Tickets Cheap, Join HoboTraveler Baggage Fees page is confusion. title= Too Tricky to be Trusted so is My Choice. I will fly from Guatemala to Chicago because I do not trust Spirit Air.