Spiritair.com is Too Tricky to be Trusted so Taca.com is My Choice

I purchased a ticket for 335 USD with Taca.com from Guatemala to Chicago, while maybe 100 dollars cheaper, Spiritair.com was too risky.

Spirit Air

I will fly from Guatemala to Chicago, Illinois on October 11, 2011.  Taca.com has a direct flight for 335 USD, and there is nothing but confusion served up by SpiritAir.com.

Spirit Air Baggage Fees

I went to the SpiritAir.com baggage page, on the first page it says I can bring a backpack, but onerously does not say Computer. I then clicked on the page that lead to fees: Click Here

Wow, they say that confusion is the devils only friend, and for that describes SpiritAir.com's baggage fee page.

I think I would translate SpiritAir.com marketing program as,
"We believe you are stupid, you continue to buy tickets, therefore we will continue until we are forced to stop."

Obvious Good Deal: I make decision by searching for the obvious, when a product or service is obviously good, then I say yes.


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