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I discovered leaving the cookies on the computer and continually searching made some bargain show up.

Cheap Flights to BKK 

I have been searching for planet tickets from LAX to BKK, Los Angeles to Bangkok --- note, you probably should continue to search until you know the three letter abbreviations.

Well, pricing and surfing around on sites for a long time allow the cookies to be inserted into your computer. These cookies say something like this to the airline,
"He surfed and did not buy."

Because I surfed, let the cookies survive, I am getting deals sent to me cheaper than the ones I found surfing.

I purchased a one-way ticket from to Santiago, Domincan Republic, I did not buy the return.

Five days later they sent me a 35 percent off code for a return flight, I would have been punished for buying the return to start, but now I have to make a fake return ticket to enter the country.

Note, when you know how to make face tickets, then think of that as a rights of passage to being a traveler.

Bottom line, surf daily for tickets, and wait a few weeks for the deal to roll in when they know you are not buying, but you must hit all the sites.

I also do Chicago, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Toledo airport. I also do hops with Southwest where I go to a closer hub, they fly, there is a reason for a good travel agent, not that I know any besides Jeroen in Thailand.

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