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I discovered leaving the cookies on the computer and continually searching made some bargain show up.

Cheap Flights to BKK 

I have been searching for planet tickets from LAX to BKK, Los Angeles to Bangkok --- note, you probably should continue to search until you know the three letter abbreviations.

Well, pricing and surfing around on sites for a long time allow the cookies to be inserted into your computer. These cookies say something like this to the airline,
"He surfed and did not buy."

Because I surfed, let the cookies survive, I am getting deals sent to me cheaper than the ones I found surfing.

I purchased a one-way ticket from to Santiago, Domincan Republic, I did not buy the return.

Five days later they sent me a 35 percent off code for a return flight, I would have been punished for buying the return to start, but now I have to make a fake return ticket to enter the country.

Note, when you know how to make face tickets, then think of that as a rights of passage to being a traveler.

Bottom line, surf daily for tickets, and wait a few weeks for the deal to roll in when they know you are not buying, but you must hit all the sites.

I also do Chicago, South Bend, Fort Wayne, Detroit, Indianapolis, and Toledo airport. I also do hops with Southwest where I go to a closer hub, they fly, there is a reason for a good travel agent, not that I know any besides Jeroen in Thailand.

Neil V

Why don't you share with us how to make a fake return ticket?


I have written about this many times, search (fake tickets on google and you can find more.
1. Save all e-tickets.
2. Get a travel agent who can send.
3. Learn how to put an e-mail into Frontpage a WYSWYG editor of Internet Pages.

I can also edit an e-mail in my Foxmail account.

You need to use an airline that is not the same as the one you fly, and then make sure it is as disorganized at normal.
I keep emails online, and often say, the e-mail is in my e-mail folders.

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