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Making a Fake Onward Ticket from Puerto Plato Dominican Republic to Miami Florida - Airline Tickets

One of the travelers rites of passage is to learn how to make a fake onward ticket, many airlines are in my opinion corrupt and this is needed.

I believe Airlines and Travel Agents are corrupt, they continuously say I cannot buy a one-way ticket into many countries.

"Never trust anyone who can make money by telling you bad advice."

5-10 years ago, it was one in ten countries, now I am afraid to enter any country without a fake ticket ready, because the airlines know this is a great way to coerce money from people, and make them pay 2-5 times more than they normally would for a ticket.

Fake Plane Ticket

Airline put you between a rock and a hard place.

I am going to fly from Chicago to Dominican Republic soon, and when I walk up to the check in, the person behind the desk can say,
"Show me you onward ticket?"

This is annoying in the first place, these are supposed to be e-tickets, and why do I need to make use of paper. However, I will not have Internet access at the checkin counter, and they can be pricks.

Therefore, I will first make a fake ticket, then download to my computer, I use a email client called Foxmail, and can show the ticket on the computer. Check in people can study a piece of paper, but to study m computer e-mail program confuses them, and this is just a bluff.

I am going to give them something very confusing, nothing easy.

How I made this ticket?

1. I chose a different airport to leave from, and for sure not the same airlines I came on.

2. I went to and search for a ticket for the date, and location where I wanted to leave. I left the trip plans open.

3. I went to my folder in Yahoo called "Reservations," I save every plane ticket in four locations.

A. Folder on Yahoo

B. Foxmail e-mail client, as a download.

C. PDF File in a folder on my Thumbdrive, backed up on hardrive.

D. Filed as a Frontpage file,

4. I choose one for an airline I already have used, now if you do not have that, you need to get really good with Microsoft Frontpage.

5. I opened the one in Yahoo, then highlighted the whole e-mail, then started a new e-mail to myself. I pasted the old e-mail in the window.

6. I edited the e-mail and changed all the information to the new trip I found on Travelocity.

7. Problem, it would not erase the old return date, so I copied the module, put in Frontpage, and change, then pasted it back.

8. I e-mailed it to myself.

9. Printed off using a printer from Yahoo.

10 Now, I download to Foxmail.

Maybe you can forward, cut up, and deface a little, to make it confusing.

Now, when the Airlines ask me for an onward ticket, I can say, it is in my computer and make the task onerous.

I want to be in a long and busy line, I want the person checking me into to have to delay a lot of people while I boot up my computer.

This is a game of poker.

I returned from Puerto Rico to the DR last year, I did not have a ticket ready, and had to sit in the airport and do so.

Do I feel back lying?

No, because this to me is just corruption, I have never had a country stop me from entering for not having an onward ticket. I think this is just one of them ways to shake travelers down.

I need to do the same thing to get Visa in Africa, they want a ticket.

Welcome to the digital age, where everything is easy to fake.

Travel Agent

If you have a travel agent, they should be able to send you a fake ticket.

Sat, 29 Oct 2011 12:20:14

Making a Fake Onward Ticket from Puerto Plato Dominican Republic to Miami Florida - Airline Tickets

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