Making a Fake Onward Ticket from Puerto Plato Dominican Republic to Miami Florida - Airline Tickets

One of the travelers rites of passage is to learn how to make a fake onward ticket, many airlines are in my opinion corrupt and this is needed.

I believe Airlines and Travel Agents are corrupt, they continuously say I cannot buy a one-way ticket into many countries.

"Never trust anyone who can make money by telling you bad advice."

5-10 years ago, it was one in ten countries, now I am afraid to enter any country without a fake ticket ready, because the airlines know this is a great way to coerce money from people, and make them pay 2-5 times more than they normally would for a ticket.

Fake Plane Ticket

Airline put you between a rock and a hard place.

I am going to fly from Chicago to Dominican Republic soon, and when I walk up to the check in, the person behind the desk can say,
"Show me you onward ticket?"

This is annoying in the first place, these are supposed to be e-tickets, and why do I need to make use of paper. However, I will not have Internet access at the checkin counter, and they can be pricks.

Therefore, I will first make a fake ticket, then download to my computer, I use a email client called Foxmail, and can show the ticket on the computer. Check in people can study a piece of paper, but to study m computer e-mail program confuses them, and this is just a bluff.

I am going to give them something very confusing, nothing easy.

How I made this ticket?

1. I chose a different airport to leave from, and for sure not the same airlines I came on.

2. I went to and search for a ticket for the date, and location where I wanted to leave. I left the trip plans open.

3. I went to my folder in Yahoo called "Reservations," I save every plane ticket in four locations.

A. Folder on Yahoo

B. Foxmail e-mail client, as a download.

C. PDF File in a folder on my Thumbdrive, backed up on hardrive.

D. Filed as a Frontpage file,

4. I choose one for an airline I already have used, now if you do not have that, you need to get really good with Microsoft Frontpage.

5. I opened the one in Yahoo, then highlighted the whole e-mail, then started a new e-mail to myself. I pasted the old e-mail in the window.

6. I edited the e-mail and changed all the information to the new trip I found on Travelocity.

7. Problem, it would not erase the old return date, so I copied the module, put in Frontpage, and change, then pasted it back.

8. I e-mailed it to myself.

9. Printed off using a printer from Yahoo.

10 Now, I download to Foxmail.

Maybe you can forward, cut up, and deface a little, to make it confusing.

Now, when the Airlines ask me for an onward ticket, I can say, it is in my computer and make the task onerous.

I want to be in a long and busy line, I want the person checking me into to have to delay a lot of people while I boot up my computer.

This is a game of poker.

I returned from Puerto Rico to the DR last year, I did not have a ticket ready, and had to sit in the airport and do so.

Do I feel back lying?

No, because this to me is just corruption, I have never had a country stop me from entering for not having an onward ticket. I think this is just one of them ways to shake travelers down.

I need to do the same thing to get Visa in Africa, they want a ticket.

Welcome to the digital age, where everything is easy to fake.

Travel Agent

If you have a travel agent, they should be able to send you a fake ticket.


I sympathise with you on this Andy.
Though i don't go through all the hassle of making fake tickets when i don't need to!

I simply tell the airline check in clerk the facts - that i don't need a return or onward ticket ( if i don't).
If needed i just take a copy of the consulate page which proves that you either need an onward flight ticket or proof of sufficiant funds. Sometimes even that is not needed - just a simple sharp verbal statement of the facts is usually all that is needed. These desk clerks don't know their rules for each country.

One time this happened to me when flyng from Brazil to Spain.
The desk clerk said that i needed to show an onward flight.
"I don't, i'm European". i told her.
"You do" she said.
"I don't, i frigging live there" i told her.
"If you were brazilian you would" she said.
"No, i wouldn't" i told her.

She then checked with her supervisor on both counts (by telephone) and promptly apologised.

To add balance: there's nothing wrong with Ryan Air!

Neil V

Thank you for answering my question about how to make a fake onward ticket. Question? Andy, have any airline personnel recognized your fake onward ticket as a fake? If so, what happened next?


I have never been caught, I think they would just make me pay for a new one. I was flying from Singapore to the Philippines and I think Tiger Air forced me to buy one on the spot. Note, 99 percent of the places I do this, really require an onward ticket, I went through the Caribbean and made about eight.


Hi Andy,

Thanks for this great article which is dear to my heart.

Your fake ticket purchase will help me.

When flying from Australia into Asia with the intent of a one way ticket I usually onward book the cheapest air flight to anywhere usually with Jetstar so I only have to drop around $40.00.

I have often thought of online booking a Bus ticket to a country adjoining my destination ... do you know if this would satisfy the Airline mongrels ?

Once in Asia no country has ever asked me for an onward ticket ...


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