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How to Manage Your Frequent Flyer Miles: What's in Your AwardWallet?

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Many media outlets have discussed passenger difficulties redeeming frequent flyer miles due to limited award ticket availability and constant airline policy changes; however, few news reports have addressed a solution to this common consumer headache.

Presently there are nearly 300 million airline frequent flyer members worldwide that have a combined total of approximately 10 trillion outstanding miles. These outstanding miles are valued at 570 billion dollars respectively, comparable to the GDP of Switzerland. The majority of these miles go unredeemed and expire each year due to members’ inability to juggle the numerous programs they are enrolled in.

Most airline passengers with frequent flyer accounts are unaware that there are several websites designed specifically to address this problem. AwardWallet, a free frequent flyer mile management website tracks members reward balances and when program miles are about to expire, notification emails are delivered. currently tracks around 270 loyalty programs including hotels, airlines, credit cards, cashback services, e-polls, car rentals, retail and other rewards programs.

So the next time you're deciding which reward to cash in on, you'll know exactly what is in your award wallet.


Sat, 22 Jan 2011 03:11:35 allows users to track their frequent flyer miles and loyalty programs with ease! allows users to track their frequent flyer miles and loyalty programs with ease!

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