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How To Check Airline Baggage Fees Before Buying

How To Check Airline Baggage Fees Before Buying - Travel Professionals write their opinions on how to avoid unexpected airline baggage fees.

How do the travel professionals manage baggage fees -- what is the best ways to avoid unexpected baggage fees? I have asked a few Travel Writers and Professionals to write a paragraph to help consumers make good decisions.

Thank you, Andy Graham of Travel Blog

Opinions of Travel Professionals has an ongoing breakdown of fees charged by U.S. airlines. It's pretty simple in the U.S. though: fly Southwest. Internationally, U.S. airlines generally let you check one bag for free, the better ones let you check two.
- Tim Leffel Cheapest Destinations Blog

As long as the airline refuse to reveal airline fees to travel agents and the airline reservation system world, consumers will be at the mercy of the airlines for the growing fees and when we can pay these fees. We need a new regulation that mandates that airlines file all their fee at the same time they file airfares. That way consumers can have a chance to compare the total cost of travel

Please go to and take our survey about annoying airline fees.

A new website,, is scraping airline sites to try and centralize all airline fees. Their efforts are impressive, but not official.

Charlie Leocha, Consumer Travel Alliance


Travel Professionals write in this area.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 15:48:04

How To Check Airline Baggage Fees Before Buying

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